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Cupcake Courier [Quest: Kerii | Videns]

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Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:55 pm

Videns responded to Kerii, proposing that they could possibly do some more quests together, especially since the one they just did went so well. Kerii considered it. It would make questing more entertaining and they could possibly finish the requests sooner. This one definitely went faster then it would have if it was just her. Kerii smiled and said, "Sure. You know, there's still lots of time left in the day. We could go back to the board and take another one." This was actually something she was looking forward to. They would be helping even more people out today and also getting more money. Kerii did need the jewels to pay her rent at the guild after all, along with possibly picking up some new items. She really wanted a bow to continue her training. The one she had at home wasn't good enough for her new life as a mage and even though she left two years ago, she had yet to get enough money to buy a decent one. She could always go for a sword too. She would probably have better luck finding one of those. It would help her for the time being, especially since she couldn't fight with her magic. But then again, she really wanted a bow and buying a temporary sword would just lessen the amount of money she has to buy a bow.

Assuming Videns agreed to go on another request with her, Kerii would then suggest to go back to the request board to start looking for another one to take.

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Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:57 pm

"Back to the board then." Videns said after Kerii had asked if they should go back there to find another request to do. As they walked the trip back took a little longer than expected so to pass the time Videns decided it would be best to try and start some small talk. Even though he'd rather not, by the way they did their jobs and how fast they did them it would be rude not to make some sort of effort to get to know her. "Lovely day - sorry no that's not the greatest conversation starter." Videns said cutting himself off. He wasn't good at socializing at all but he knew when he was being boring and talking about the weather was surely boring especially how he phrased the question. Weather or not depending on if Kerii replied to his attempt at conversation Videns would point the board out and walk a little more briskly to it. He looked the board up and down to see if any particular job would be as beneficial to them as the last one was. Videns couldnt speak for Kerii but he felt as though he could endure a little more, weather it be from all the running around after patients or just the fact that he was with them for so long and didnt contract any sickness from them he could not say. Videns also felt he made some sort of impact on the priest, so it at the very least went towards Videns' goals. Videns picked out a job listing cupcakes and handed it to kerii. "Shall we do this one?" He asked. Wc 272


Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:59 pm

Videns tried to strike up a conversation with Kerii, starting with the all too famous (not to mention cliché) line: "lovely day." Videns however quickly realized that, that was a horrible way to start a conversation, which put a smile on Kerii's face. She laughed and said, "It's fine. To be honest, I'm not that great at starting conversations either." It was true. She wasn't and she didn't think she'd ever be as good and classy as those extroverts and social butterflies, but she could try. She could continue a conversation relatively easily, but she couldn't start one (or a good one at least) to save her life.

After arriving at the request board, Videns went on ahead and took the liberty of picking out the request. This one appealed to Kerii rather nicely as it had to deal with sweets. She really liked cupcakes even more than she did cake. Videns asked her what she thought and Kerii replied saying, "Sure, let's do that one." After looking at that quest some more she said out loud, "I think I passed Olly's Cake Shop on my way to the request board earlier." She turned to the left of the board and said, "I think it's this way."

Taking the lead, Kerii made her way towards where she thought the cake shop was. Admittedly, she wasn't completely sure that she was going in the right direction, but was relieved when they approached Olly's Cake Shop. She went inside and asked where she could find Olly. The cashier said that he would be in the kitchen, and so that's where she went.

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Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:59 pm

Videns thought Kerii was a little rude laughing at his failed attempt at starting a conversation, she could of at least not answered that would have been better. Videns' spirits were lifted however as she explained that she wasn't good at conversations either and that she only laughed cause she found it relateable.

Once Videns handed Kerii the request slip to her he noticed a visible smile on her face. Weather the quest had excited her or weather she was still laughing over the fact that they both couldn't start a conversation, Videns guessed that it was the afore mentioned rather than the latter. Luckily Kerii said she had passed the cake shop on her way here and knew where it was. "Oh good, I don't think I could spot any sign of a cake shop from here." Videns said half joking, referring to the bell tower and half serious as if they had not known how to get there it would have been an awkward walk around the city to find it. Kerii led the way to the cake shop and Videns followed. Much like the trip to the church neither spoke and just enjoyed each other's company. They two arrived rather quickly and Kerii entered first asking where they could go to meet their client and unsurprisingly it was the kitchen. As they entered they noticed a man running around the modern kitchen in a bit of a frenzy. "Oh you're the help? Great, here are the cakes and the address are with them now go!" He said practically throwing the cakes into their hands and pushing them out, 271+272=543


Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:00 pm

Almost as soon as they went into the kitchen, they were sent out carrying boxes of cupcakes and addresses. Once they were out of the kitchen Kerii would comment, "Well he's in a hurry." Olly barely spent any time handing them the cupcakes. He barely stopped baking. He was so obsessed with baking, it was as if he was cursed to do nothing but bake. Kerii didn't think she would ever have that much passion about something. In fact, she didn't think most people were that passionate about anything. Olly was so over the top she didn't even think he had a passion. She thought he had an obsession. Yes, obsession fit the description more than passion.

Once they were outside the shop, Kerii looked at the first box of cupcakes which was teamed with an address. Obviously, she had no idea where to go. "What were we thinking? I don't even recognize these addresses," she said out loud. What they needed was a map. Either that, or they could just wander around Magnolia until they came acrosd the right street. Or, they could ask directions, but Kerii didn't really like the idea of asking someone where to go each and every time they got a new address. That would get old real fast and Kerii didn't like relying on people so often. She was used to helping others. She was definitely not used to being help, regardless of the situation. That's just how she as a healer felt and she was fairly certain other healers would feel the same way.

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Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:01 pm

Videns nodded in agreement with Kerii. It was indeed rude and very very rushed. Videns too had some thoughts on the matter but didn't want to dwell on them for no reason. He now had a job to do, although this one did not want to dwell on them for too long. He was already feeling fairly mediocre about the mission. It just did not really feel as fulfilling as the other quests did. Even if they were the best couriers ever Videns doubted their client would care. Regardless he left with Kerii, cupcakes in hand and looked at the addresses.

Kerii was the first to realize that they were in way over there heads. "Sorry this is my fault I just took the quest without thinking." Videns said bowing slightly to Kerii. "You don't have to do this if you dont want to, go find another quest if ya want and I'll do this one, I'll even go and give you the reward afterwards for wasting your times." He said more so stating what he was going to do rather than asking Kerii if she was okay with it. Videns looked down at the address and sighed. But as he scanned through them he was hit with a sudden brain wave. Videns looked for the nearest sign post to prove his hypothesis and beamed when he figured it out. "These area's are named after shapes! And depending on how many sides each shape has thats the direction we have to go. Since this is the square district, we need to head north to the other shapes essentially. Since we only came west from the town square this is still in the square district. Makes some sense right?" wc 288+543=831


Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:02 pm

Videns apologized for picking the request and offered her an out. Kerii looked at him with an incredulous look on her face. She agreed to being a cupcake courier with him. How did he think that it was his fault? Athough it was nice of him to offer giving her part of the reward too, it was completely unnecessary because she would be completing this request with him even if it took them all day to figure out which houses to deliver the cupcakes to. In short, she was definitely not taking the out. "That's nice of you, but no. I'm not gonna just leave and make you do the rest of the work. I agreed to do this quest too. Remember?"

After she said that, they both kind of stood in silence while they tried to figure out what to do. At least, Kerii tried to figure it out. She hoped Videns was doing that too, but she wasn't a mind reader. That would be a cool ability though. She read that Archive Magic could do that, but she hasn't met anyone with it and she didn't plan on getting it herself. She was just fine with her Celestial Sky Magic. She wondered what kind of magic Videns had - or if he had any magic for that matter. She just assumed that he was a mage because he was questing. He could be interested in weapons rather than magic for all she knew.

After hearing Videns' theory about how to go about delivering the cupcakes by the shape districts, Kerii lit up, glad that Videns found a solution, and proceeded to deliver the cupcakes with his solution. After they were done, she returned to the shop and got rewarded by the cashier instead of Olly himself. "Do you think we could squeeze another one in today?" Kerii asked Videns, hoping to do yet another quest.

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Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:24 pm

Videns was glad to hear that Kerii wouldn't just up and leave on him despite the fact he had more or less told her to. Still, Videns couldn't help but feel like Kerii wasn't your typical mage who was doing missions for the money or fame and actually did them because she either liked helping people or she was the kind of person to see a job through until the very end. Either way Kerii had gotten a lot of respect from Videns just now.

As Videns figured out the whole Shape equals district thing Kerii seemed to light up at his solution. She must not of had any ideas at all, which was understandable because it was a rather odd way of naming streets and districts in Videns' opinion, however it would make things easier in the long run. SInce Videns didn't see any noticeable pattern when in Crocus this pattern would make traveling around somewhat simpler, albeit only very slightly. Still they'd take what they could get. Videns and Kerii then proceeded to go from street to street, going as far as decagon street, but the eventually found themselves back near the square again as hey finished so they did not have too far to go to get their reward. Videns had thought they were fairly efficient all things considering but as he had guessed Olly had not really cared and just payed them while still baking away.

"Sure, I think we could squeeze in a few more honestly." Videns said in response to Kerii as they went back to the board. 264+831=1095

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