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Tyrant Tea Time [Selindra]

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Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:52 am

When Selindra had been given this latest contract, she found herself so low on expectations that she was almost inclined to not even believe that it was going to be worth the effort, certainly nothing to which would cause her to feel any level of excitement for what she was going to have been doing. The task, as she was told, was one that had been given by a woman who apparently was one of the nobles within Oak Town, the same nobles for which she had done a task for in the past, though it turned out that even that one had been far below the expectations and excitement levels to which she had thought about, the excitement thus as a result of her going to do this one being one that was rather lackluster in itself. However, all the same she decided that the only course of action, especially given the fact that this was a job that had been contracted to her, it was one in which she had to complete all the same. There was no deterring her from this fact, as her code demanded it, but it was not one in which she was expecting to go into with any reasonable degree than to think that this was simply going to be another task in which put her to carry out some unexciting task that she knew in the end would not hold any serious weight or value.

To her slight surprise, it turned out that she had actually been given a time in which she was supposed to have arrive, which was different. In the past, they had simply been just arrive and meet with the individual who had put out the contract, in most cases allowing for so much leeway that Selindra could have been able to simply walk around and do what ever tasks she might have wanted to do, or even wait extended periods simply doing nothing before she set out to meet with the person or persons involved in the task. There may have been some cases in which she may have been met by some body who would have reached out to her and put her on a slightly more rigid schedule, but never had any of the tasks explicitly state that she were to arrive in a particular location at a set time. Just in this respect, she wondered if this was going to be something different, if even something that may have been something that was a bit more worth her time. She reserved her judgement as even though this was a bit of a new twist than compared to what she had dealt with before, she was not ready yet to say that this was going to be something that otherwise improve her position or make her think that this was going to be any better. How ever though, there was also some thing about it which made it a little different, and as she made her way to the castle, she hoped that this was actually going to be some thing that was worth her time.

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Once she had arrived at the actual castle, there was a much more serious tone, and compared to the past job in which she had just arrived in the castle, where her arrival – although one that was expected and hardly a surprise to anyone who was relevant to the contract that she had been given – had to be delayed by a number of protocol and matters that only managed to further and further infuriate Selindra and was at least part of the reason why she was upset about having to go about this job in the first place, and once that was done she was paid all the same so it did not matter in the end. Here though, as soon as she arrived, she was met at the door and escorted inside the castle, not having to have dealt with the same affair in which she had been forced to suffer through the first time around. It was a nice change, and as every second and moment passed along, she began to think more and more that she was making the right decision in carrying out these tasks.

To her shock, it was not the same people of whom she had met with in the past, figuring that it would have been one of the brothers or even those who were the patriarch of the family, but rather instead it was a young girl, of whom had introduced herself as one of the younger daughters, if not the youngest child even of the noble family. Selindra could not help but take pleasure and amusement at the entire thing up to this point, that it was the woman who had demonstrated more decorum and elegant measure to ensure that Selindra was not disappointed as she had been in the past. Who ever this girl was, she recognized the value and reasoning behind hiring Selindra and that she had shown so much elegance and intelligence in these moments as opposed to what had taken so much time for the other members of family to realize was some thing that further told her that that she was sure that this was going to be some thing that she was going to enjoy, if for no other than that there was at least a bit of difference between every thing else that she had done before. That suspicion was confirmed once it was that she would be dealing with some thing that she had typically not had the chance to do outside of a few scarce occasssions while she was in Oak Town. She was to engage in a torturing session, something which she had managed to achieve well in the past and without there being much challenge or issues behind them. Her success was always high and information she extracted was generally always accurate, so for her to be hired was a brilliant move on behalf of this girl. That she was able to do something like this, knowing that this would be how about that she was going to deal with a mission of this degree, it left Selindra impressed.

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She came to find out that the reason she was being hired was to deal with several merchants who were to meet with the young girl to work out some terms of a contract, causing Selindra to recall back to a job in the past where she had been forced into a very similar situation, though ultimately that even turned out to become one in which she was left to her own devices to carry it out. As the meeting took place, Selindra waited in patience as the man finally arrived, at which point she had moved out, knocking the man out with a single strike which led her to believe that was going to be a very easy task that she would not have had to worry about as much as she might have thought that it was going to have been than it would have actually turned out to have been. Having brought the man to a chamber in which was prepared for the man specifically while at the same time providing Selindra with the weapons and tools that would be needed for her to extract any sort of information or tasks for the man to agree to. It did not take much for this to be achieved honestly, as his threshold, having already been determined by how easy it was for her to knock the man out, it would only be a matter of using only a few tools, causing mostly damage that would be easily healed and then threatening with areas that were more visible as opposed to those that coul be hidden such as when scarring and cutting the face than cutting the chest or arms which could be covered by a sleeve or a shirt. The man, knowing this himself was not about ready to allow it and as soon as Selindra carried the sword and began to gently stroke the blade’s tip against the man’s cheeks, just enough such that he would feel it but should she have put even the slightest bit of added pressure it would have been enough to cut the skin. It was this which seemed to have broken the man, causing him to concede and give in to the young woman’s request, agreeing to the outrageous terms in which she was demanding of him, even ones that had Selindra a bit surprised, not only at how easily he would have been wiling to accept them, but also that they were even far more outrageous against the contract that she ha been tasked to carry out in a past job. In that case, both sides seemed to benefit, tough in this one it was the woman alone who seemed to have benefited from everything, and once they had agreed to everything and after a short time in which the man had agreed and signed a contract which cemented everything that had been discussed, the young woman thanked Selindra for her service and then dismissed her, allowing her on her way as she began to further work out this deal.

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