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No peeping [Mission | Chelvaric]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:08 am


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She didn't have that much to do in Marigold, but once she got to Magnolia, things changed: A city bustling with activity, yet not nearly enough to annoy Alisa with constant crowds anywhere she turned. She also found there were a few other Blue Pegasus members in the city, such as Chelvaric, which together with Snowflake - who would also be arriving shortly - quickly allowed them to put a three mage team together. Enough to take on a higher rank task. Of course, in this case higher rank just meant 'not all about collecting fish or cabbages'.

It wouldn't be particularly hard for Alisa or any of her teammates, but even then doing such menial work by yourself gets dreadfully boring rather quickly. After all, what she found fun wasn't the tasks themselves, but observing how her friends dealt with them... And on some level she imagined they too might feel the same about each other and the sculptress in turn.

"What surprises await us today, I wonder?"

One of her teammates defenitely fell in that category.

She worked with Chelvaric once but knew even less about him than she knew about Snow, which was saying something. Truly whatever he did would almost certainly surprise her. Snow herself also still had her fair share of mystery: for one the curious artist had yet to understand how the girl viewed her own transformation into a cyborg.

But that was a question to be answered later. First off she needed clothes. Having spent her morning swimming at a pool, this afternoon mission would be her first outing since arriving in Magnolia... And since this choice of mission could very involve fighting, that naturally conditioned her choice of wardrobe. Alisa had a favorite outfit she wore for action related guild missions (especially those involving guild mates at her side), but not today. It was hot... Too hot to wear so much clothing...

So she replaced it.

Keeping the white and blue theme while doing away with tights and jackets, and instead picking a short, white dress with a pelvic curtain instead of a skirt proper; the end result was something that looked like a cross between a minidress and a swimsuit. And the blue was still there, as highlights. It showed a lot more thigh than she'd like, sure. But Alisa's confidence was unshakable, and if she believed she could pull this off without being sleazy, pull it off she would.

Fortunately, with the weather so hot some people actually went around in swimwear, she'd have no trouble looking elegant and turning heads like she always did. Unfortunately even with this outfit it was still hot as hell, leaving the girl fanning herself as she headed towards the hot springs. Who would even visit hot spings at this hour?! Only pervert according to the request, but before the client closed off the springs people were actually still coming in for a little bath. And she expected to have clients again once the pervert was dealt with!

As she pondered on that impossibility, Alisa sat down on a nearby shaded bench, crossed her legs, and waited patiently...

Hentai Hunters

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:27 pm

The morning sun was already burning trough out Mangolia. Lots of people were trying to find the shade and weren’t wearing thick clothes at all. Chelvaric was sweating as he was still asleep. He wasn’t used yet to be in the heat with these furry cat ears. He didn’t want to get up as he was still so tired from the trip. He turned around and crawled closer to the shadow of the roof. He felt a foot into his back and then a small sound talking, “Get up you lazy bump we need to go to a job and I am not tired today I don’t want to sleep.”, Scraggy said to Chelvaric. He made a hissing sound and looked glaringly at Scraggy. “why do you have to wake me up so early Scraggy. Oh a job fine ill get up throw me my jeans.”, He grunted to Scraggy. He was stretching his body as he was still a bit stiff from his sleep. He needed a good old rest for a few hours. But no more as he had to go. He pulled his pants on and just let his upper body naked. Chelvaric jumped down the roof and slide against the wall till he was down.

He had a job and by the looks of it it would be with a fellow guild member. A member he hadn’t seen in ages nor did he realy know them that much. She was called alias to bad tough that it wasn’t snow. But I guess its not that easy to find her. He didn’t realy knew what the job entailed so he just started to walk to the destination. The job was located near a alchemy shop. It was probably a shop filled with potions and the like. He wondered what he had to do this time. It would be a bit more difficult task ahead as it was a C rank job but he already did one with snow. it was a difficult fight he had back then but it should be fine this time.

He arrived infront of the shop and was looking if he could see his partner. At first he couldn’t find her but not much later he saw her sitting on a bench underneath a tree. The girl had long dark hair and she was wearing a dress that looked a bit like a swimsuit showing off a lot of skin. It wasn’t uncommon to wear something like that here as lots of people were walking in swinging gear. His ears wiggled a bit at the sight. He walked closer and put his hand up. “Hai Alisa nice to meet you again it’s been a while”, he said to her in an energetic way. ”Hello human, hope you serve me well on this job”, Scraggy said to her. Chelvaric pulled Scraggy behind him and shook his head. “sorry for him he is still desn’t have any manners.”, Chelvaric said sighing. “well let's start this job then the sooner we finish the more we can enjoy the nice weather”, he told her.


#3Alisa Vollan 

Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:04 pm


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She didn't have to wait long. Chelvaric arrived soon enough, dressed for the heat just as she was. Alisa flashed him that graceful faint smile she was so known for. Truly he was handsome enough to fit in with the Pegasus crowd, yet as she eyed his bare chested form, the sculptress had a different hint in her admiring eyes: Envy. Lucky Chel, men get to topless all they want without being indecent... The outfit she had on was refreshing enough, yet his looked much fresher.

"Good afternoon, Chelvaric, long time no see~", she smiled, waved, and finally stood up, running her hands down her body to iron out the kinks in her dress. Yet when the man's partner, Alisa's look changed entirely, an adoring look appearing on her face as she brought her hands over her chest and leaned down towards the Scraggy, completely oblivious to the effect that had on her cleavage... Oddly enough since they were supposed to be hunting perverts... "Ara, so cuuute~!", she'd praise the creature with a chuckle, elegantly covering her mouth.

Her own partner was cleverly hiding inside her purse, shielding his waxy form from the sun's heat, yet once Litwick. sensed something was up he'd curiously peek out from his (or her) hiding place. That said, the crystal mage imagined they'd have a lot of time to talk once their search was underway, so without further ado she'd step inside the hot springs.

...And found them predictably deserted...

...Yet not for the reason Alisa thought, after all who would visit hot springs with the weather like this? Not anybody in their right mind she imagined, but you can't argue with taste.

"Oh, so you're the mages? Finally somebody to come take care of this.", she crossed her arms under her hefty bust, "Assuming you paid attention to the request, you already know what you're supposed to do?", she gritted her teeth in a poorly concealed display of anger, "Tch...! To think someone would do something so unsightly as to camp out in the women's bath..."

The sculptress just smiled and nodded, matching the woman's grave look and avoiding any mentions of how such things are actually common: She had kick

people for such indescretions on more than one occasion. Bella went on about how this pervert had been at this for long enough that girls noticed his presence over the course of several days, but never being caught had emboldened him. He also usually appeared late in the afternoon or night, so to catch him they'd have to stake the place out. Alisa for one didn't really mind people seeing her in skimpy outfits, or even towels - everyone can just

but see those on Sorcerer's magazine - but seeing her naked...

That's a different story...

A naked woman the beauty a properly picked outfit could have given her, and with that much of her mystery. Places she'd only show a lover aren't meant

for anybody else's eyes. She was too cool and collected to get angry (or so she told herself) but like most girls she'd react with violence quickly enough if she caught the peeping tom... Yet she betrayed none of those emotions as they slowly scouted around and inside the hot springs, finding nothing at first: "By the way, when did you become a neko?", she asked curiously, knowing how boring a stakeout could be without a partner to talk to in the meantime.

Their first hint of success wouldn't come until much later, once the sun was setting...

Hentai Hunters

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:27 pm

Chelvaric looked at alisa as she was pushing her hands over her body. it seemed her clothes were a bit out of shape. Wish was hard to imagine as she wasn’t wearing that much. Girls were always focused on their appearance. Alisa greeted him and said how cute Scraggy was. Scraggy was blushing a bit and pushed his pants in front of his face. “Hai Alisa yeah it has been a while! Nice to see you again. I guess we should get going inside the bath.”, Chelvaric said to her and walked in. A lady was waiting for them and she seemed to be expecting them greatly. As she let it know that she was waiting for someone for a long time. He noticed that her chest was a bit bigger in size than most girls. He wondered if she had a back strain from having to carry it around all day. The women went on for a while on how disgusting it is. Chelvaric must have gotten the wrong mission briefing as he thought it was something else entirely. Not that it mattered much. After she was done speaking they went into the bath and started searching for any clues.

They didn’t really find anything. But maybe he should ask Alisa to bathe while he staked the outside to see the man come. But before he could say that she asked when he became a neko. Ah so she did notice he changed. He wouldn’t have expected less, of course, it was quite obvious that he had a tail and ears now. “well I turned a little necromancer kid onto the good path and the next thing I know I wake up in a medicinal hut and I have cat ears and tail. I think it was a reward from my God Sekat. But I am not entirely sure. Well you go bathe ill go stake the outside I think he'll easier show up then”, Chelvaric said to her and parted ways to the outside of the bath where the peeping tom would be looking.

Chelvaric and scraggy were staking the outside out and they didn’t have to wait long when someone was crawling trough the bushes close to a hole in the wall. He heard him mumble that there weren’t many girls tonight. Chelvaric sneaked up on the man with his cat-like sneaking. Not hearable for him he showed up behind him. “HA what are you doing here looking at naked girls!”, Chelvaric shouted to make Alisa notice that he had caught the culprit. The man had an afro of blue hair and looked rather skimpy while holding his telescope in his hands. A normal look for a peeper he guessed. “wh- what! I am, I am not peeping how dare you accuse me! You wont get me.”, the man said a bit stumbeling and falling over his words as he jumped forward and tried to punch Chelvaric. Chelvaric was too agile for the man though and dodged his attack before it could hit.


#5Alisa Vollan 

Default on Wed Jun 28, 2017 2:30 am


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"There's a cat god huh? I wish I could meet him...", she thought to herself, wondering just how adorable a cat god might be, already imagining the sweetest purrs and meows when petted. Surely the god of all nekos also had to be the cutest? That said, it would have to wait until after the mission was done, and after staking the place out for hours, both Pegasus were starting to get bored. Soon enough, the neko suggested a different approach,  "Oho, using me as bait are you~?", teased Alisa with an accusing smile, crossing her arms and watching his reaction. Then and only then would she answer, "...That was my plan to begin with."

She really wasn't too fond of hot springs in the summer, but then again she had never mixed those two. Fortunately the sun was now setting, meaning it wasn't nearly as hot as it was earlier in the afternoon... Truly, if the pervert decided not to show his face due to not seeing any women in the baths, they'd just end up having to come here again. After spending so long staking the place out, Alisa was seriously not in the mood for round two. Leaving Litwick to help with the stakeout, she headed back inside the bathhouse and swapped her skimpy dress for a towel. Ordinarily one would bathe naked, but defenitely not a girl expecting to be spied on:

"Well... This actually feels nice...", she sighed as she dipped her feet in the hot springs, positively surprised not to feel her unpleasant overheating numbness she expected. The rest of her body soon followed and she was back to the good old waiting game.

Alas, she wouldn't enjoy much longer than ten minutes soaking her troubles away. As it turned out, their bait did it's trick, as soon enough she heard Chel calling out to someone on the other side. He found their mark. In a flash the sporty mage leapt out of her bath and raced outside. She went through the changing rooms, of course, pulling off her towel and replacing it with a Yukata in a single, whirling motion of her arms without even slowing down, and arrived at her partner's side just as he leapt away from the pervert's attack.

"Chel, you can go warn Bella.", Alisa's faint smile held firm even she cracked both sets of knuckles, cold ruby eyes locked onto the lecher's, "This one's mine."

"W-what...?! I can't fight a girl!!"

And the only reaction he'd get was annoyance: A mental eye roll and a scarcely visible twitch of her eyebrow. There might be some merit to these chivalrous words... Had this guy not just been caught spying on the women's bath:

"You should have thought of that before peeping on naked women.", were the only words she'd spare, before tapping her foot and activating her thruster. No more than five meters away from her foe, this would let move to a mere meter from her target in a split second, arms raised and guarding her head.

25 mana:
Name: Thruster
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Crystal Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A (Crystal)
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: A much faster, but single use version of Booster in which Alisa produces thrusters beneath her feet for a one time use. She must also tap her foot in a similar manner, but these can blitz her towards a target place within 5 meters, producing similar thrusters in the opposite direction at that destination in order to stop. She controls the sudden acceleration through proper balance and timing, allowing her to retain momentum from a prior movement without falling over. If she moves less than five meters in a single use, she can reactivate this by tapping her foot again, to use whatever distance she has left.

Startled, the peeping tom reacted on instinct with a wild right straight. And at that moment Alisa's guard would turn into a parry as she met her foe's striking limb with her left forearm. Once she'd made contact, a sudden counter soon followed: The opening hand technique. By pushing the opponent's punch up and away from her at the elbow, she steered that punch clear away from her, allowing her parrying hand carry on up his bicep... All the way to his head for a vertical punch. Her chopping left hand would come at him simultaneously, straight forward from the guarding position, executing a double strike.  By reactivating her thruster and dashing right in, Alisa would put all her speed and momentum into this strike, nailing him the jaw and throat in one go.

And the result?

Even though his raw strength was greater, the witless pervert and wannabe fighter had no chance of reacting to the mage's interception and reeled back from the pain, eyes wide with as he gripped at his neck, desperate for air. But Alisa wasn't done. Throwing roundhouse kicks in a kimono without having panties underneath was just indecent... Yet the Tae Kwon Do fighter could still throw low kicks, which was exactly what she did: A snapping hit right to the pervert's shin, taking away his footing and knocking his ass to the ground

"You should calm down or you'll die.", were the only words she had to spare for him.

Chelvaric and Bella should arrive soon enough, in the meantime Alisa would stand there and guard the culprit, ready to kick him again if he so much as threatened to escape...

Hentai Hunters

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:30 pm

Chelvaric looked at her as she Mentioned that he wanted to use her as bait. “Well the Better the bait the better the catch after all.”, Chelvaric said to her and then was looking at her response before he left to the outside of the baths. She seemed to be thinking the same as him as she said that was her plan too. Maybe he had underestimated her hunting instinct. Well its good she was a blue Pegasus mage then everything is always better. He didn’t Realy know any non-blue Pegasus mages except for the ones he had seen at the cell fight. But he knew he could always count on the blue Pegasus mages to get there job done.

Again he was shown that Alisa was a very capable person as she came running in a yuka faster then he expected. She was a stunning and fearful sight to behold as she was cracking her knuckles. It seemed she wanted to fight the man alone. He always respected the wishes of a fellow mage in battle and bowed to her as he backed off from the fight. He ran towards the bath house to get Bella and some other people so that they could tie the peeper down. He was running through the rooms but couldn’t find them at first. It seemed like the place was really deserted. He was still looking behind him when he opened a door without looking and stared into Bella’s eyes. Without looking further he started talking. “Bella! We got the peeper come quick so we can tie him and give him to the authorities.”, Chelvaric said. But Bella was only getting a red face. Chelvaric was wondering why when he suddenly heard Scraggy’s voice speaking to him. “Boss I think you want to close the door these are the lady changing rooms. ”, scraggy told him as he was covering his eyes. Chelvaric became red and wanted too close the door quickly but before he could do that he got slapped right on the check. A huge red print was seen on his cheek. “I know you are eager to share but that’s no reason you should barge into the women’s room!”, She yelled at him and threw the door shut angrily. It took a few moments but not long after that she came out with a few co workers. They were looking a bit angerly at him but they knew it was a honest mistake so they weren’t too mad or he would be joining the peeper obviously.

They walked for a bit and soon arrived at the scene. Alisa was standing over a knocked out peeper. Seemed she went a bit hard handed on him. But he guessed it was a quite sensitive topic for girls. Not that it mattered anyway. Its not like anyone would die from a bit of a knockout. “Good job you two. Let us take care of this while you go on your way. I hope you have a nice journey I left the money on the table at the entrance just pick it up before you go.”, Bella said before she walked off with her maids and the peeper. Chelvaric bid farewell to Alisa and hoped they would meet again and then went off with Scraggy. It was still a beautiful day so he could go shopping or something else. He atleast liked the night he had here. Something refreshing from the other jobs. He picked up the jewels at the entrance and walked into the night for some nightly activities that cats were known for.


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