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Cupcake Courier [Torino]

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"I really hope that this next job pays enough to feed me," the blonde samurai would groan as he clutched at his stomach with one hand whilst the other hand non chalantly swung by his side, clasping at a rolled up poster, his fingers lightly grasping it in order to prevent it form being destroyed. The day was quiet, with little to no wind within the large city. The sun was shining, with clouds soaring up ahead, looking like a flock of sheep strutting through the sky. Torino had picked up the flyer from the usual request board that Magnolia Town had, having quickly picked up the one closest to the starving warrior.

The request board had a number of flyers on it, meaning that there were a ton of more job requests that he could do, which left him with some satisfaction. Allegedly, one of the greatest concerns for a vagabond who took up quests off of request boards were when there wasn't enough jobs to take, or when the only jobs that were available required a specific skill set, which is something that he would have to train himself to overcome in the future. "Let's, according to these directions, the building should be just around this corner...." he would mutter to himself before rounding that final corner, his eyes wide open as his nostrils began to flare open wide.

Across from him was a massive bakery, the scent of freshly baked delights filling the man's senses as he rushed towards the windows. Row upon row of baked goods lined the display, with breads, rolls, croissants, donuts, cupcakes, cookies and cakes all sitting nicely among each other. A calming heat would ebb from the mound, allowing Torino to take in the beautiful sense that came from such a feeling, a childish smirk crossing his face as he did so. He had never seen so many delicious goods all in one place, he could hardly fathom such a thing being true!

With a nod, the blond haired man went into the shop, noticing that a number of people were already picking out their baked goods, they too had hunger in their eyes, but their happy looks revealed that they were simply longing for their respective lunch times. The samurai looked around for a moment before he rang the bell on the counter, the loud ding rang aloud throughout the bakery, grabbing the attention of some of the patrons, but not that of the shop keep, who was the man who had issued the request. Ringing the bell again, the samurai leaned over the counter before yelling, "Hello? I'm here for the job request!" The man's voice would ring into empty silence, only finally being met with another, much deeper voice which yelled from the behind a door behind the counter. "I'm in the back, can you get over?! I'm baking!"

Taken aback by the sound of the man's voice, Torino blinked for a moment before he vaulted over the desk, landing on his two feet before he hurried off to the back to meet his employer. He had heard the name of Olly the Baker beforehand, but now he got to meet the man himself, which was an incredible treat! Meeting the brown haired man, Torino stood in utter shock as he watched the man's hands move at a blur as he placed pastry upon pastry atop another, stacking them away neatly before he managed to sweep them into a nice bundle within a box. "Here for the job, right? It's a delivery job, which should be easy enough," the man stated, his back turned to Torino as he spoke, never once halting in his works, simply nodding towards the boxes that needed to be moved. "If you can get them around the place then you'll get your pay," he finished his brief explanation. "And in case you forget anything, I've got the addresses written on the boxes themselves. Good luck!"

Taking the boxes and lifting them up on one shoulder each, the blond haired swordsman would thank the man before leaving the setting of the bakery, passing the other customers as they went to purchase their goods form yet another fellow who had been called in to take care of the register while Olly was busy in the back baking. As he left, he inced for a moment at the bright sun, the radiant shine having cut through the clouds at long last. With a breath, the swordsman readied himself to take on the task of carrying these boxes from the bakery and to the requested households.

The first house that he arrived at was the one closest to the large, colourfully painted bakery, having been three blocks away in a nice, lavish neighbourhood, with multiple storey households, each belonging to some of Magnolia's wealthier inhabitants. As he had made his way there, he realised that there were quite a number of elderly people there, each of them strolling, either on their own, or holding hands with a significant other, or holding onto a leash with a pet on it, or all at once! As he arrived at the steps of the household, he would go onto ring the doorbell, being greeted by a woman, dressed in the black and white frilly outfit of a maid. She humbly accepted the box.

The next two houses were very close to each other, which led Torino to carry both of their orders at the same time. His trained legs would hold up the weight with relative ease as he carried them along, being sure not to drop any of the tasty delights and despite his weariness of not having eaten, he had managed to reach the quiet suburbs that he was looking for, looking about, he could see that the neighbourhood was well kept in and in a good condition. The people here must have taken great care to ensure that their children would grow up in such a lovely environment. As he handed the first box off, the woman at the door thanked him kindly, whilst at the second door, he would be met with a young teenager, non-chalantly taking the package from his hands, trying to be polite but obviously disinterested by the entire affair.

This pattern would repeat, where Torino would observe the neighbourhoods, taking in as much of the town as he could, hardly intending on staying here forever, so he wished to take in the refined culture of the picturesque town. As he finished up, he would soon find that Olly was too busy to pay him, one of the cashiers doing it instead, which Torino graciously accepted.

"Quest complete!"


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