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Accidental Demise [Seira]

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Default on Sun Jun 25, 2017 2:03 am

The fifth day. Seira opened her diary and mindlessly looked through the pages filled with notes and things she had written down throughout the past three weeks. She had been able to keep track of everything she had been doing lately and also written down some thoughts to keep her mind off the troubling things that were going on in her life. Writing those things down had helped her deal with it and although she had been sceptical of starting something even remotely close to a diary, because it seemed childish to her, she couldn’t hide the fact that it was at the very least still working for her. When Seira used to be much younger (and human) she used to keep her diary in which she kept the memories of her life and how she dealt with the tension between her family all together and it only helped her. When her house burned to ashes and all those memories along with it she felt sad, but in a way also relieved because that way there was no way that she could possibly cling to those moments for any longer than needed. Needless to say, the girl was someone who had a hard time giving up what was in the past and as a result she had to destroy everything that even remotely reminded her of it. It had been over 8 years now and she was doing surprisingly well. There was nothing that stopped her from doing whatever she wanted right now and it seemed that Seira was, more or less, going to find out who she was and what her purpose in this world was soon enough. The female vampire had been been working mindlessly over the last few months and spent very little time in one specific place. Constantly traveling around kept her mind off things and made it seem as if she had a purpose that was more than just do exist and work, but meeting people and socializing was something she clearly lacked. It wasn’t as if Seira was an extrovert to begin with and truth be told, she was actually quite the opposite and relatively antisocial—but that did not mean that she didn’t want to have anything to do with people at all, of course. Lately had been quite eventful at least considering that Seira had been doing work that was different from what she used to do. The young woman had switched over to the bad side, so to speak, and been doing very small jobs that weren’t exactly considered good or legal, but somehow were finished much faster than others and actually earned her the same amount of money. She couldn’t help but think that this was a much more convenient way to use her strength and of course everyone wanted to work less for the same amount of money—or even more. Reagan Hullston, a smuggler from Hargeon Town, had been a very reliable client thus far and Seira very much enjoyed working for him.



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In fact, she considered seeking him out today as well to see what the man had in store for her. So far Seira had been doing relatively simple things as of now, but she surely wouldn’t mind a challenge. He usually needed her help to retrieve things, such as a crate of rare rum that was actually illegal here in Fiore, but could be sold 3x its normal price if you found the right buyer, a map that had god knows what kind of information on it and things like that. Finding the map for him was the most recent job she had done for Reagan and sometimes Seira thought that perhaps she should have checked out that map before giving it away, but truth be told she wasn’t that interested in it. Seira prefered jobs on the land above all else and she wouldn’t enter a ship unless she actually had to. With that being said she slowly got out of bed and walked through her dark room. At this point she didn’t even bother with turning the lights on anymore and simply left them off, since she could see perfectly fine without them. Seira walked over to the fridge and took out one of the blood bags she had stolen from the hospital here in Hargeon Town. Stealing blood bags could be quite difficult if you were unfamiliar with the layout of the building but she slowly had gotten the hang of it. She also made sure to never steal more than what was actually necessary so no one was getting too suspicious. Of course she couldn’t fill up the entire fridge with blood bags either since that would be something that was extremely difficult to explain in case someone ever found out about it. Seira started drinking and sat down by the table where she would then finish of her meal and wipe herself clean. A quick visit to the bathroom and the female vampire was basically ready for the day. It was already afternoon of course, and over the course of the past three weeks she had been getting up late to spend more time outside during the dark hours. The sunlight could be quite a bother for a vampire and especially when it was strong it made her feel fatigued and weak. Of course she didn’t need something like that, especially during a job, so she simply waited. It wasn’t like Reagan was much of a morning person anyways and he usually could be found somewhere outside even at night with a job waiting for her. That was what made him a valuable client. Seira left the inn she was staying at and greeted the people who worked there with a friendly smile. Fortunately they didn’t question her strange sleeping pattern and simply assumed that she was one hell of a night owl—which wasn’t so wrong, if you thought about it. Seira then walked outside and took a look around. Hargeon wasn’t really busy today considering that it was a sunday, but most stores were still opened.



Default on Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:23 am

Seira didn’t went out to the harbour to look for Reagan right away but instead starting shopping and looking through the stores first to see what they were offering. She was really surprised when she thought she had spotted him across the street from her, because seeing Reagan anywhere but the harbour and the docks was quite rare from what she could tell. She frowned and quickly followed the man, but lost him again after a few minutes. He had a way of blending into the masses that was quite different from what she had seen before and his casual clothes made it even more difficult for her to find him without directly looking at his face. The vampire sighed deeply and then rushed off with quick steps until she had caught sight of him again. She tailed him for a while from a far distance, however, to see where he was going and whether or not he even had time to give her a job when she realized that there was someone else following him as well. A page Rune Knight out of all things. Seira immediately backed off and kept her eyes on the page instead. After about ten minutes it became blatantly obvious that he was following Reagan everywhere he was going, even wrote down notes and kept his distance and waited when the man stopped somewhere to do something. Eventually, Reagan entered a small café to have some coffee or something like that and spent about 20 minutes in there, reading the newspaper. Seira stood quite far away but still had a pretty good look on him as well as the page who was pacing around the store, trying his best not to appear obvious. He was quite clearly a beginner or else he wouldn’t be so nervous. However, when Seira reverted her attention back to Reagan she noticed that he was staring directly at her. Only for a split second, but she noticed him slide a piece of paper under the table where he was standing before leaving again. Seira waited for the page to follow before she rushed into the café and quickly retrieved said piece of paper, knowing that it was meant for her. Seira left the café and caught up on the page, but keeping enough distance between them so it wouldn’t be too obvious yet again. Then she opened the piece of paper, which, much to her shock had a very short but very straight forward message on it that couldn’t be mistaken. The message read “kill him”. Seira quickly hid behind a building and kneeled down to read the message over and over again. “Ah, I guess it cannot be helped,” she thought to herself. Reagan was, after all, a more ruthless person than she had thought. Needless to say, he was going to support her in what she was doing by luring the poor page into places that made it easier for her to kill him. Alright then, she thought.



Default on Sun Jun 25, 2017 4:30 am

Seira figured that the best idea was to make it look like an accident and accidents could be easy to stage if needed. She started following them again and noticed how Reagan was heading towards a more isolated part of the town. The page, he still seemed to be very young, followed him blindly and Seira was wondering whether or not that poor boy even realized that he was getting into a dangerous situation. Seira followed them for a while and made sure to check out every potential chance she had. They walked past train racks but that was way too dramatic for her taste and also would take a while to clean up. “Rune Knight hit and killed by train” was also way too much drama material for the newspaper so she decided to do something else. Reagan slowly made his way down towards a river, which required him to walk down a number of stairs. The stairway was quite long and Seira figured that this was the perfect place to rid herself of the young page. This part of Hargeon was also quite isolated since no one was interested in walking besides a river when the ocean was so nearby so Seira approached the Rune Knight quickly when he was about to walk down the stairs and follow Reagan who had already arrived by the river. “You are following Reagan, right?” The page seemed extremely surprised and was obviously completely unaware of the fact that someone had been tailing him as well. “W-well, yes!” He spoke with a shaky voice. “He’s a smuggler and he is dangerous! I believe that I have all the evidence I need to get him into jail once I’ll be able to find prove by following him!” Seira sighed. “Thought so. I can’t let that happen. He’s a good client of mine.” He seemed more than just surprised at her words, but before he could respond to anything she had said, Seira grabbed the man by the head, broke his neck with a swift, but abrupt movement, turned his slacking body around and pushed him down the stairs. She watched him fall for a moment before running away from the scene. Seira knew that it wouldn’t take long for someone to find the poor guy and then all the drama would start. Reagan was long gone and so would Seira be by the time someone noticed. From afar she decided to watch the scene for a while and after making sure that the page’s body had been discovered. Once that was done Seira started looking for Reagan. She found him close by the docks after a while and wasn’t greeted by him, instead he handed her a bag of jewels that contained the reward. “I could have made him disappear, but I’m assuming that an accident is more like what you prefered in case his higher ups were aware that he was following you,” Seira stated calmly and Reagan agreed with a nod. “Poor lad. Couldn’t be helped.”


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