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Till The Dirt | Snowflake

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#1Hikari Snow 

Default on Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:29 am


Summer – the season where almost everyone is excited about as it was the season where crops can be harvested by the flowers, the weather perfect and the blossoming of beautiful flowers. The cold had long drifted away to make way for the next season and gone are the days of autumn leaves, cherry trees and snow-covered land. The world would be painted vivid by the brilliant rays that shone down upon the entire country, with no hint of darkness and just greenery around the entire land. Despite how the citizens were excited for the upcoming season, one particular girl was not and it was no other than the Blue Pegasus mage – Snowflake.

The youth hated the season like no other, for it ruined her makeup as well as her hair and all in all, it made her look terrible. Her body would be sweaty with clothes clinging onto her back and the roots of her hair sticking onto her neck. Her favourite was no doubt, winter season. She enjoyed almost everything about the cold weather: the soft crunch underfoot and the sight of freshly lain snow all over the entire place. However, due to her new body that she had attained, she was able to withstand the extreme temperatures, both the heat and the cold, although she enjoyed the winter cold biting into her skin.

Beneath the linings of her heels was the sound of scattering, most notably tiny mounds of pebble and dirt that filtered through the spaces in her steps. The road led the way towards the farmlands where she had a duty to accomplish; to till the dirt for planting of new crops. The girl had been hired by one of the farmers in the area to assist with the work since the man seemed to be in his elderly years and grew to become unable to do such heavy labour. In the distance was a vast field filled with crops and grasses and beyond that were even more grass. It had been at least a couple of times she had visited the farmlands, mostly to help with the work but she enjoyed the view of the empty fields as well.

By the cottages was a familiar sight, an old man who was well respected in his area of growing crops and farming. To her, he was just like her grandfather, although she had never seen her biological one before, not even in pictures. It did not bother her much albeit, sometimes she would be curious as to how they looked like and how they would treat her as a granddaughter if they were still alive. ”Oh, young lady, you’ve arrived. I’ve been waiting for you.” His voice trembled, most likely due to his age and stroked her arm gently. The elderly was a few inches shorter than her thus, she was required to look down at him into his eyes to speak to him directly.

”Did you wait long?”

Those were the words she would always say upon meeting him since Farmer Jim would always be waiting for her appearance. The fellow man would shake his head, laughing slightly which caused a small smile to rule on her lips.


#2Hikari Snow 

Default on Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:52 am

Cabbage season was finally over and it was the time of the year for Farmer Jim to till the soil. Of course, before the farmlands were to be tilled, the person in charge should be aware of when to till a garden and so on. For most people, the best time for tilling dirt is in the spring. Gone were the spring days however, tilling in the summer was not necessarily the bad thing. The most important fact before tilling the soil is to make sure if the ground is dry and warm enough for it may cause harm to the soil and the plants as well.

”Now that you’re here, let’s begin the work, shall we?”

The old man strutted away to the back of his cottage to collect shovels and other materials, much to her surprise. Originally, she thought that they would be doing most of the work with the tractor but was immediately declared by the farmer that the machine was broken. Farmer Jim was an elderly with weak and fragile bones, not to mention – he was slightly overweight as well, which means that she would be doing all the work for the day. It would be an exhausting work although she would always be up for it to help an older person who was struggling with their work.

”You’ll have to teach me how to till with the shovel, sir.”

Farmer Jim stared at her for a brief moment, as if he was trying to recollect the words she had just stated before his lips broke into a smile. According to his instructions, the first step was to mark out the area where she should be tilling the soil. With the shovel, she would slightly dig into the soil to leave a mark in the ground. The next was to start at one end of the marked area and it was necessary to go across the soil one row at a time. It took her a while to draw out numerous rows on the soil with the tiller without rushing.

After she was done, she began to lift up the dirt from each row according to Farmer Jim’s procedure, while making sure she did not till the soil excessively for it can compact the soil rather than breaking up, or so she was told. Throughout the entire process, she received an entire lecture about tilling the soil despite how she wished to not do it again the next time. Albeit, it was a good experience she had gained and she learnt a part of a farmer’s life, how they till the soil for harvesting. By the time she had finished tilling the soil, her entire body was covered in sweat whilst beads of perspiration glistened on her forehead due to the sweltering heat. The top of her head would be burning hot due to the rays of sunlight shining down upon her and the rests of the empty fields that surrounded her. Upon accomplishing the quest of the day, she received an ample amount of jewels from the farmer as a reward for her hard work.


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