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Rum Diary [Seira]

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on Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:05 am

“Second day,” Seira murmured to herself, still half asleep when she pulled out her planner and made a mark in her calendar. Due to her strange sleeping pattern that had been messed up ever since she became a vampyre, Seira decided to keep track of everything by using a planer where she would write notes in and such, as well as which missions she took from who and how much money she had earned doing so. It was important to keep track of everything, Seira knew that better than everyone, and for the sake of being able to manage her finances better she had gotten herself a planner. Seira wanted to be safe in case there was ever something big she wanted to buy. The woman had lately spotted many people using weapons and magical items and such and part of her wondered if she should start saving up for a weapon as well. A sword would be nice, perhaps a spear. Axes and such not so much because she was too weak to carry them and wield them quickly. Well, not exactly too weak since she was a vampire now after all, but Seira prefered something that adjusted to a quick and elegant fighting style, rather than something large and bulky like a viking axe. She had no clue as to where she could obtain such an item anyways and she was afraid that she had to keep on looking for it if she wanted something good. Granted, an item like that was probably found on the black markets of Fiore and she had yet to make out where to find those as well. For now, money was still important and she was already thinking about where to find the next job. Yesterday, Seira had worked for Reagan Hullston, a smuggler from Hargeon who could nearly always be found at the docks. He had some shady business going on, which Seira didn’t mind because she didn’t judge people anymore. She knew that when she was younger and her father owned an import export company he had been a little like that as well and she understood that this is simply how the world worked. Reagan was a risk taker, but he worked quickly and was a sneaky man. Furthermore, for the amount of work he had to offer he paid decently well, so Seira eventually decided to get out of bed and walk to the docks, hoping to find him. Seira had been able to drink from a blood bag last night so she wasn’t hungry when she woke up this morning. The Hargeon Docks were, as always, super crowded and a lot was going on. Many ships were going in and out and security was busy trying to keep track of all of them to prevent illegal items from entering the country and being sold here. Unfortunately, something like that wasn’t easy to prevent and Seira knew too well that it kept happening, no matter how hard they tried.



on Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:05 am

She looked around and far off in the distance, pretending to be a fisherman, she eventually spotted Reagan. “Why hello there,” she said nonchalantly and sat down next to him. “Do you have work for me?” She asked, pretty straight forward and the man, as expected, nodded. “I do, Miss Navillera. Rum is being shipped, Rum of the best kind. It’s illegal of course,” he laughed quietly, “but as you may have figured out by now, I don’t exactly care. It can be sold for 3x it’s worth here in the country. If you find the right buyers, that is. You already know which one of the ships is mine. You will find a small crate of Rum bottles inside a larger one with bananas. Retrieve it while the ship is being unloaded, don’t let anyone catch you. That is all, then you can return to me.” That was it and Seira appreciated how easy he made it all seem. Without another word the girl snuck off and approached the ship that was his. It wasn’t easy to become part of the people that helped unload the ship and Seira was acting naturally unsuspicious. There was a large amount of workers there and it actually took her quite some time to spot the banana crate. She actually wouldn’t have figured it out if it wasn’t for the badly drawn banana symbol on it, almost like an “x” to imply that this is where she needed to be. Seira approached it nonchalantly, not making a single sound and carefully took a look around to make sure that nobody was watching. Thank god everyone else seemed to be busy with other things and other wares and no one exactly cared about a lame banana crate so Seira opened it and quickly searched through it, only to find an even smaller and heavier crate hidden inside, just like Reagan had said. Seira pulled out the crate of rum bottles carefully and quickly covered it with her hands before making her way through the masses. Everyone else was still busy checking for more obvious items and Seira managed to get away from the dock without being noticed. She had the rum bottles with her and when she noticed how few bottles it were she realized why it was so expensive and precious. She walked around for a bit until she met again with Reagan who was waiting near the docks for her. She handed him the crate and he opened it to check if everything was the way it was supposed to be before thanking her. “You managed it all well,” he said with an approving tone in his voice and handed her a bag of jewels which she immediately began to count. “You did good. You work fast and clean, I like that. I’m willing to help you find more jobs. Here, take this rum bottle to Balthazar. When he sees it he will know what to do and he will pay you a good amount of money as well.” Seira took the money and the bottle and left after thanking him.


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