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Littel Necromancer [Chelvaric]

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on Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:39 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Sun was being scattered by the ice tree’s that were standing in the frozen forest. In the middle of this was a half-naked guy who was shivering in the coldness. He was wearing leather pants and had an orange companion next to him called Scraggy. Chelvaric walked through the trees very unsteady as the floor was all covered in ice. How could people live here it’s one ice skate track. He was walking further trough it although it went slowly as it was super hard to walk. He suddenly felt his feet slip and he fell on his ass but instead of just staying in one place he started to slide forwards faster and faster and then the terrain went downhill so he and scraggy were rolling down. It’s like they jumped on a slide in a playground. When they reached the bottom of the hill they crashed right into a snow heap. Chelvaric was covered in snow as he pushed himself out of it. He spat out all the cold watery crunchy snow out of his mouth. When he saw a young man standing not far from them. “Oh are you the man I  am supposed to meet.”, the man said as he looked at him in disappointment as Chelvaric looked like a normal tourist. Chelvaric was whipping off the snow quickly as he hated water and then looked at the middle aged man in front of him. “yes I am the person you hired. So what’s the job about you didn’t really write anything in the job description that was useful about it.”, Chelvaric said to the man and he looked at him wondering why he had been so secretive about the job.

“Oh yeah sorry about that I can’t let my father know I am not supposed to be investigating this alone. But there has been undead rising in the area. There is always a small figure seen near the place so we gone track him down.”, the man said to Chelvaric and pointed towards the sea as he wanted to go search there first. “Okay, that’s fine. Its good you requested an exorcist to do this for you. Don’t worry we'll finish this fast let’s get going to the place.”, Chelvaric said and they started walking through the vast snowy areas. Chelvaric wondered how the trees could still be growing here when they were covered in ice and snow. Chelvaric saw a big tall wall of ice standing near the sea as they approached it closely.

“Master this snow is not good for us to fight in if it comes too that”, Scraggy said to Chelvaric.  “yeah but it’s not like we have a choice scraggy let’s just continue and make the best out of it. Nothing else we can do about it.”, Chelvaric said to Scraggy and walked onwards following the man on a very small path along the wall. The wind was very heavy and Chelvaric got nearly blown away. It was a harsh walk but they finally arrived at the top of the mountain. They were surprised by a very weird sight. Skeletons were walking around and fooling around and three of the skeletons were carrying a little child on their shoulders. Chelvaric drew his sword and came closer. “You evil wizard come down from those skeletons and raise your hands!”, he shouted at the kid. He wouldn’t lower his guard because of his appearance you never know what would be holding this boy in possession. “hold on mister they won’t hurt you please don’t hurt me or my skeletons. I was just afraid the city would not accept me because I don’t have water or ice magic.”, the kid shouted and he looked afraid to Chelvaric. He Thought about it deep. Should he kill this kid before he became an evil overlord? But that would be wrong. He heard a voice suddenly whisper in his ear. “bring him to our side”
Chelvaric looked around but he didn’t see anyone what happened he Thought. He regained his stature and looked back to the kid. It is true that necromancers could be good exorcists if they were trained young enough.

“Don’t worry little man I won’t do anything.”, Chelvaric said as he put his sword away. “follow me back to the city you have nothing to fear young man you have big event’s in front of you. ”, he said to the kid and motioned him to follow them. after a half hour walk, they came to the parent's house and explained what happened. The parents didn’t mind and soon the whole city was preparing a feast for the young man. Chelvaric called him to the side of the feast to say the thing he was ordered too. “young man I am a priest of sekat. I make sure no evil spirits or demons roam this world.  It seems you’re a good person so I have been asked by my god to help you out. I’ll give you this book and amulet they will lead you to the church of Sekat. Go there and train to become a priest so that you can use your powers to do good. May you forever be in Sekats eye.”, Chelvaric said to the young man and he gave him the items he said he would. Chelvaric suddenly felt a burning pain in his ass and on his head. His head felt like bursting out. He fell on the ground and screamed hard while passing out. Slowly a tail and ears were appearing on his head and ass. They were first glowing golden but then turned into a white fur.

A small cat was looking from above and smiled greatly as the scene was happening in front of it. “I’ll be watching you closely Chelvaric Walderkat there many great challenges awaiting you.”

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