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Enchanting the Amulet [Alice & Kon]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

on Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:17 am

As she had arrived here, she had drank more alcohol than she had after the weeks of the drunk incident. She wasn't entirely sure if she was happy about that but as long as she remembered what she was doing it was fine. She was staring at the ceiling of the hotel that she was staying at, there was a lettr in her hand, she would have to go back to Magnolia perhaps to get her diadem that she had ordered but hadn't been ready before she left for Magnolia. She had never liked Crocus but right now it felt even worse for the power struggle in her mind. It was as if the illumin was taking everything from her and yet she was trying to forgive them, it was not the Church, there was only one illumin that took everything from her in a way and that was Lacie. She had meant her words but that didn't give her peace yet.

Her long orange hair was spread over the sheets and Ophelia was making small braids. Something she seemed to like to do often and it soothed Alice from time to time. She crumpled the letter and threw it away from her. She would stay here as long as it was necessary, as long as she found it necessary and maybe Konstantin would be able to leave Crocus again at some point. Though if he could, wouldn't he want to search for Sparky? She waited for Ophelia to be done before she would get dressed in better clothing, she was now wearing a jumpsuit in a light blue colour, showing her long pale legs. Event hough it was summer there wasn't much tan on her skin, you could only see a few summer freckles if you looked closely.

As she stood in front of the mirror she decided that she liked how she looked and she could always change, so she stored some clothing in her dimensional pocket in case of some job to do. She would have to head to the town's square in the middle of Crocus to meet up with Kon and she wanted to look pretty. The light blue matched perfectly with her pale skin, making her not look like a walking milk bottle as well as the fact that it was too warm to wear an armour. She brushed her long orange hair once more and stared at the one braid on the right side of her face. It was fine, she grabbed her blue bagpack and headed out.

While she made her way to the town centre, a piece of paper on the request board got her attention. It was another request from Lady Merlin and she quickly grabbed it to make sure that well why not go on a job again. She was almost sure that Konstantin wouldn't mind. She put it in the pocket of her blue jumpsuit and scanned for the café that she was looking for. There were many, which one had he meant?

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#2Konstantin Sokolov 

on Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:32 am

Staring at a steamed up mirror, Kon wiped the mist that clings to the mirrored glass to see his reflection. What he saw was a full-grown man dressed in nought but a towel wrapped around his lower body. His torso was well defined from constant requests from the community that frequently required physical labour. His face was covered in a fine blonde stubble that scratched his fingers as he ran his hand across it. Wanting to tidy up for his second interaction with Alice having the initial being somewhat of a disaster he swiftly slathered his face with shaving foam and removed a majority of it save for his sides perfecting to have those grown out. Completing his task he rubbed off any remaining foam and then returned to his room.

Within his room, he was granted numerous luxuries, a fine double bed, frequently replaced fruit bowl, the daily mail on his table as well as his clothes cleaned anytime he had a shower. As today was hot and he had no need to wear his armour for today he would choose something nice yet formal. He remembered that he had been given a nice black suit from a tailor who he helped at one point in his time as a knight. Removing the piece from a dresser where it was neatly placed he casually put it on under no pressure to go too fast. A matching thin black tie was also worn with his new medallion placed on top of that as well. And so having put on his attire Kon left his residence swiftly to avoid the owners of the building.

The days seemed brighter and the nights seemed shorter, the absence of nightmares that had plagued his mind for years had passed as if it were nothing. His thoughts regarding the situation that caused it, however, was still something that weighed on his thoughts from time to time, though only when he chose to emotional invest upon the incident. His return to proper sleep had brought him far more comfort than he would like to admit even Alice had only proved to be a band-aid on the issue. His judgement seemed to be less clouded by things that he had experienced allowing him to do things that he once hesitated to do now with ease.

In the time being, he would have to overlook that as he walked through the streets of Crocus and towards his beloved Alice. They had agreed to meet each other at a corner cafe within the town so it appeared Alice was yet to show up at the cafe itself so he would have to go look for her, himself. The area was full of people, the town and country as a whole had bounced back swiftly after the death of Cell with it proving hope against evil. Fortunately for him, it had not taken him overly long to spot her within the crowd once again identified by her red hair. Wasting no time he made his way towards her and grabbed her from behind with a bear hug. "Alice it's good to see you!"


#3Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:05 pm

Her hair was drifting in the little bit of wind and she felt more relaxed than the day before and she was looking at the people passing that were looking for shops and cafes. Which reminded her that she should find the one too but she had no idea where she had to go, so that would mean that she would check them one by one if she wanted to find Konstantin. [color=#ff9900]"Not now Ophelia."[color] she said as she tried to think of a plan, but well that wasn't her best thing. But before she could once again say to Ophelia that she should stop it but she let out a yelp as she felt hands around her, her right hand already extrected to summon a wapon when she heard his voice. Okay so much for not being paranoia.

She made sure she could lean in to him and not much later turn around, "Well it isn't so bad to see you. either." she said in a flirty way. Her eyes looking him up and down in his suit, "I feel a little underdressed. Literally and figuratively." But she wasn't planning to change yet, she was sure she looked good, she liked her long legs, showing off skin but not too much. Her black heels made it fine either although she knew that she would have go change before she would meet Lady Merlin. She slung her arms around his neck, "You should wear this more often. I like it." There was a smile on her face, maybe she should remember her talk with the Fairy Tail girl. "Did you have any plans for today?" she would wait for his answer, if he would say no, she would point out that she found a request from Lady Merlin and what he would think about it.

If Konstantin would agree for them to go there or if he would rather wait, she would let him decide. When they would go to meet Lady Merlin, she would transform into fancier clothing, not that she had much but there must be a dress in her pocket. She transformed into a casual white one that reached up her knee and had some lace on the top with light blue. "I hope this is acceptable." she muttered when she looked at her reflection in a mirror.

They would meet Lady Merlin in her study again and her room was cleaner this time. Or well less of a mess there were still a lot of books everywhere but the floor was available for walking so she didn't feel the need to pick up Ophelia. Still she found Lady Merlin scary and too pretty but she just tried to not show that. If possible she would let Kon do the talking but otherwise say hello herself and show the request that she picked up. "Yes good to see you again. I remember well how you brought me my most valuable orb right now. But that's not the point at the moment. I have so much to do and I need to make a gift for my dear Luciel. I wonder if you have met her before but you see I have the perfect gift. As you have read the requirement, one of you must be able to read the cryptic tomes for me and spell this amulet." which she grabbed quickly out of a drawer that Alice had not seen and handed to her, "Well off you two go. Make it quick, I don't have all day unfortunately." She said it rather nicely so Alice decided not to complain about it for now. It wasn't that bad and she held on to the amulet and stared at it, it was beautiful and for a few seconds her itchy feeling of stealing it came up but she tried to push it away. She nodded to Lady Merlin and left for the tomes.

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#4Konstantin Sokolov 

on Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:56 am

His show of affection towards Alive was not just well received but also mimicked, she did a quick once over on his attire commenting that she had dressed rather informally comparative to what he was wearing wanting to put her mind at ease he looked at her with a caring and soft smile resonating from his face and stroked her face gently having released his grip on her with one of his hands. “Alice, my dear you would look fantastic in almost anything.” His own attire came under criticism, not for its poor taste but the infrequency of its use. Wanting to appeal to her and also liking the suit himself, he replied. “I will have to wear this and more suits more frequently then.” Today's plans swiftly became the talking piece initially he had thought they were going to simply go on a date, however, if she had something else in mind he wouldn’t mind of course to an extent.

Where they would go he had no idea, however as they moved closer and closer to their destination he came to the realization that once more they would be working for Lady Merlin honestly he didn’t mind working for the mage as she was always swift and generous with her payments and the tasks themselves were right up his alley unlike many that he could choose to do if he so desired. They had worked for her just yesterday in regards to a shipment of delicate goods and he had worked with her in the past as well prior to that. He was curious to see what she was going to have them do.

As it so happened she needed the duo to enchant an amulet as a gift for Luciel obvious and acquaintance of her as she herself was too busy to do it herself. Understandable considering the state of the room it was understandable that she had handed that responsibility to another. Fortunately for her, she had just hired an expert in many different texts and magical languages, and the required text would need deciphering with it being revealed to them by Lady Merlin pointing towards the book in the assorted pile. Picking up the book it was covered in a thick layer of dust collected from months of build up, sliding the dust to the side with a flick of the wrist the title of the book read in one of the various magical texts: Enchantments for Longevity & Perfect Health. Reading it out as Alice would likely be unable to read herself. “Enhancements for longevity & Perfect Health.” Before looking at it with caution. “Well, I guess I’ll have to read it for a bit and see what we’ll need for the enhancing process.”

As the book itself was quite large and would take some time to read through efficiently he would ask of Lady Merlin whether he could take the book for some further reading and perform the enhancement layer, with a flick of the rest she let them go. “Well, it looks like we will have our date while we do this I guess? what do you think?” As he waited for Alice, he hoped she wouldn’t object in which case he would take her to the cafe that he had formerly suggested to go. The cafe itself was well renowned for its delicious milkshakes and pancakes, while he typically wasn’t an avid fan of either he did enjoy them from this establishment.

Fortunate for the two of them the reservation that he had placed hadn’t been taken and he would use the time in the comfortable cafe to read the book and talk to Alice at the same time. Prior to that though he would scan the menu swiftly and prompt the waiter should be return whilst he was reading that he wanted a chocolate milkshake and a plate of pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream. As he flicked through the pages, he glanced from time to time at Alice whilst speaking to her. “So while we did talk a little bit the other day I was wondering whether there was anything else you’d like to talk about in particular.”


#5Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:53 am

Alice wasn't used to compliments, but she definitely liked them. She had a slight blush on her cheeks and a happy smile. She wasn't so sure as what to say after that but she had given a compliment to him and she was rather proud of that as well. She wanted to be sure that he knew she appreciated something or in this case liked something, "I'm glad to hear that." she answered with a teasing tone in her voice when he had answered the fact that she liked his suit.

She would take him to Lady Merlin for a job as it seemed on the quest that it wouldn't be so difficult. She assumed that either she or Konstantin or perhaps both would be able to read the cryptic text unfortunately for her, she couldn't. But she could hold on to the object. Konstantin read the book title to her once Lady Merlin had pointed it out and she muttered a "Nice." for the gift idea. Since Konstantin needed time they would leave Lady Merlin to go and figure out how it worked, she felt a bit stupid about asking him for the job and not even being able to do anything at this point. She tried to hid her gloomy mood and looked back to Konstantin when he talked to her again. Lifting up Ophelia to make the walk go quicker she followed, "I would never say no to a date with you."

This was how she figured out which cafe he meant, "Maybe on the next date, you could tell me the name of the cafe. There are far too many." she said with a little chuckle. She couldn't quite remember if she had been here before the first time she came to Crocus. Most of the time she liked to stay out of the big city but maybe because she was a little stronger and more aware of most things, she could handle Crocus better. Although the guilt feeling was still there. She looked around in the cafe and noticed the pancakes and milkshakes on a chalk board. Alice loved sweet things so that was no problem. She followed Konstantin to a table and placed Ophelia on the ground next to her and while she sat down she went to find for the little book in her bag that was the story Ophelia was currently reading. It would give her something to do.

She was still looking on the menu, having only decided to buy a strawberry milkshake and was still focused on the many options of the pancakes. While she was looking at that she heard Konstantin his question and she visibly shrank a little on her chair. Not sure if he actually asked her what was bothering her as if he knew or if it was pure coincidence. She should tell him what was bothering her, he deserved her honesty at least but there were so many things bothering her at this point that she had no idea where to start. She took a deep breath, "Oh well it's probably not that important." she sort of waved it away but she did plan to say something, "I'm just bothered with my strength and value for the Rune Knights. You might have been taken away by the Holy Knights but I ran away before that even happened." She kept her brown eyes straight on the menu because she didn't dare to look at him. "I bet I'll never be invited to join the Holy Knights for so many reasons. I'm not really someone to reckon with. Besides the church called me a demon or so. I don't want to disappoint you and it's not like I'm blaming the Illumin, I don't want to blame anyone at all and if I do.. it's her.." She didn't want to say the name Lacie but she was sure Konstantin understood anyway.

There were probably many more things to say such as the fact that she wasn't even doing anything at the moment. How she hated the feeling that someone had to tell her she was alright, that she would grow and be better for the Rune Knights, anything at all that wouldn't make her feel bad but she kept her mouth shut. She still didn't feel the need to cry, that one tear the day before had been a surprise but she would manage. It didn't matter, she did matter but the whole thing that she made a big issue, it shouldn't matter that much. She bit her lip to not sigh out loud and finally put the menu down having decided on the pancakes with wipped cream and syrup and strawberries. "Like I said, it's not that important." Her brown eyes finally managing to look up at him, hoping he was looking at the book and not her. If he was looking at her, her eyes would quickly dart to Ophelia. She was actually too happy to see Konstantin to want to bother him with how she felt so insecure about herself. She had always been quite prideful and tough about herself and here she was whining about everything.

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#6Konstantin Sokolov 

on Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:32 am

All the while as kon read the ancient book with missing pages or scratched out words in the ones that were there, he listened as Alice elaborated on the issues she was facing within herself. It seemed as if she was feeling inadequate within the Rune Knights and therefore unsuited to be even a potential candidate to join the ranks of the Holy knights compounded further by the misconception that she was a demon, which he, himself could testify against with ease when the decision to recruit came to question. Wanting to put her mind at ease on the situation itself, he gently folded up the book careful to ensure that the pages weren’t damaged in the process placed it down on the table and reached out a hand to touch her face. “Alice my dear do not concern yourself what is yet to have happened, I was only noticed by the Holy Knights in the first place by my necromancy magic not for my overall strength, only through them have I become powerful, the same could be the same for you.” Smiling Gently as he looked deeply into her eyes. “Even now I can sense a hidden potential that you just need to reach out and grab I can not do this for you merely guide you, fellow holy knights would likely also be able to aid you further although at the moment you are unknown to them even as a Rune Knight.”

Hopefully his actions towards Alice would calm her restless mind. “Now let’s enchant this amulet I guess?” Flicking open the book once more and finding what he thought was the correct page. “Hmm I think this is the right spell, I’ll start the spell I assume you have the correct items?” With a few handsigns a magic circle swift formed on the table itself absent of food or drink, “Alice, Mind putting the amulet on the table as I continue the process.” Once she did as he asked, he would continue performing the ritual. Typically he normally didn’t use magic like this but he was always happy to assist and develop his skills with enhancements. Wanting to ensure he could cast the spell effectively he rose from his seat, and began to read from the book itself.

The spell itself was long and difficult to translate with him occasionally having to repeat himself after saying something incorrect as he didn’t want to cast the wrong spell. Perhaps in his foolishness and negligence he failed to ensure that the spell he was reading from was truly the right one. His suspicion was peaked by various wording and phrasings of the spell itself, however it was too late, the spell was already starting to take effect with smoke swiftly resonating from the magic circle he had made. The smoke cling to both Alice and himself, the smoke seemed to have an odd effect on his body, his head became unbelievably itchy as cat ears grew from his skull, meanwhile his back became uncomfortable as a slender tail emerged from the small of his back. Looking at Alice he was completely surprised about what was happening. “I’m so sorry, Alice.” Raising his hands as a set of claws magical formed within his hands. “Well this is odd to say the least.”

“Hmm, I hope this isn’t permanent…” As he said as he touched the top of his head whilst flicking his tail around in concern. Fortunately in the process the amulet had received the appropriate enchantment much to his surprise. “Well the amulets is done, while I did cock up majorly just then how about we finish off our date before we complete this request?”


#7Adelaide Sokolov 

on Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:04 am

As she had not dared to look at Konstantin in the end she did and it made her atl east a bit happy to see that he took her seriously by closing the book and carrassing her face. Which she liked, it was maybe easy to think of it as a belitteling gesture but she didn't want to think that way, she didn't want to think bad of herself every time again and again. "Thank you," she muttered almost unheard but just loud enough for someone on the same table to hear her. She wasn't even sure if she wanted to be a Holy Knight at the momentm as long as she would be able to see Konstantin enough times, she would be happy with being whatever she was planning to be. Right now she wouldn't really think about leaving the Rune Knights, but that would also mean that she would have to do more as in training and get stronger in her mind. Maybe get better at thinking off plans but right now that was not needed, "I don't mind. As long as you know where to find me." She said with a weak but happy smile.

As soon as she was calmed down and got her answers or well the information that she needed to hear, she nodded on the question if they would go on about the enchanting of the amulet, "Of course." she would take the amulet out of her backpack with another look on Ophelia whom seemed to be occupied enough but she definitely needed to keep an eye on the little thing. She laid the amulet on the table as Konstantin asked. She stared at it, the thing was beautiful but this spell was very difficult and she was at least glad that Kon could read it. Maybe she should work on some special talent herself too. She remain seated and stare at the amulet to see if she could see the magical particals get into it or how it would work anyway. She liked listening to his voice too so that was a good thing.

Her brown eyes darted away from the amulet when she noticed the smoke and she was looking left and right, people were getting slowly but steady away from them, they probably noticed as well. The smoke took her vision away as it clang to her face and covered soon the rest of her body. She quickly stood up, so fast that her chair fell back. She wasn't sure what to do about it but there was a tinkling and itchy feeling and when the smoke left she lifted up her hands to her head and felt ears.. cat ears. Apart from that there was a tail that could pass underneat the skirt of her dress and swayed aggitated from left to right to show how unhappy she was with this situation. "I hope they make me extra cute and are orange." her tail was for as far as she could see but her ears were almost straight on her head to again show her feelings, which made her more of an open book than ever.

She noticed the claws on his hands and turned to look at her own, "Now that I do like." no need to carry daggers with her and so on but that wasn't all if you considered the ears. Konstantin said his hope of the transformation not being permanent, "Perhaps Lady Merlin knows." although she would rather not go back to the Lady to show the failure of their looks. But she didn't say that out loud, she picked up the amulet and let it drop in her bag again as soon as she noticed that the spell on it was done. It had another sort of glow over it. "You look cute with cat ears though." she tried to make better of this hopefully temporary situation and waved for a waiter so they could order the milkshakes and pancakes. "Being a.. cat.. makes me hungry." she muttered and she blushed when she thought about something, "Before I forget. I have to head back to Magnolia soon. I bought pieces of armour and the last part is there now. Would you, if you can of course, would you come along?"

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#8Konstantin Sokolov 

on Mon Jun 26, 2017 6:04 am

Fortunately for their relationship, Alice seemed to take the change in her stride, even finding them cute. He couldn’t help but laugh a bit at the playful nature that Alice had revealed. Smiling to himself he provided his own comments on his girlfriend's new appearance. “Well I have to agree with you on that, the ears just add to your cuteness, I’m glad that you’re not upset that I did this to the two of us.” Her enjoyment in the changes were peaked when she noticed the claws which they had obtained as well, honestly he was rather neutral on the idea of having cat claws but the more he considered the more he considered it’s usefulness. “Well i don’t know when I’ll be able to use these claws in the field, but I’m sure it will come in handy at some point perhaps if i lose my weapon in the heat of battle or it’s an event in which weapons aren’t allowed.” It would of course be questionable whether he would be allowed to do such a thing but it is better to win a fight through underhanded than lose because of some sense of honour.

Whether it meant he would shiv someone with his claws so be it, for now however it didn’t matter. He wondered what other capabilities he had acquired if he had gained anymore in the first place. If it were anything like Leeann’s cat abilities it had numerous other functions, remembering things her having the reflects of a cat able to walk on almost anything. Wanting to inform her he spoke to her knowingly. “From what I recalled from my cousins abilities as a cat, she was swift and agile with her movements making naught but a whisper, she also had a fantastic vision during the night, perhaps we have also acquired those traits.”

Little was said about returning to their original form it was as if she had not desired to change back to being a human, he didn’t mind to be honest, maybe in time it would grow on him. Interestingly the transformation had caused himself and apparently Alice to become extremely hungry, unfortunately in the process of completing the enchantment the many of the people had fled the cafe it just the two of them to their own devices with an annoyed and nervous at their sudden change in appearance. Considering the state of affairs he wasn’t going to complain in the slightest, Looking her with lust and desire he spoke to her once more. “Yes this change has made me hungry as well, might as well finish of with our date.”

Magnolia town came into question with Alice commenting on how she needed to return there for some armour and she was curious as to whether he was interesting in joining him. Not one to object to an invitation to spend time with her, he answered promptly. “Alice I would love to join you in Magnolia I need sometime outside of the Holy Knights influence, Crocus has left me feeling bound by more regulations than being in Era town as a Rune Knight, I had to use my abilities only a few days ago to arrest a girl about the same age as us.”


#9Adelaide Sokolov 

on Mon Jun 26, 2017 6:30 am

She wasn't entirely sure if she liked this neko thing. Her claws were interesting but the ears and especially the tail was not so interesting, "We will see if Lady Merlin knows a solution." she said as they continued about it but soon enough she actually started to like it and the compliments helped as well, "Your cousin? Well that sounds interesting." She thought about LeeAnn. She was a Neko too, "You mean LeeAnn?' she at first had thought about LeeAnn and now suddenly remembered that she was his cousin. It made it more interesting to be a neko now than she had thought before.

she was so glad to hear he wanted to come along to Magnolia, "You don't know how happy that makes me." she said with a happy smile and the twinkling in her eyes, "Or perhaps you do." she said happily and she waited to eat a bit. When they were done with the lunch and the date, they would go back to Lady Merlin to hand her the amulet. Alice held the amulet out of her back and kept her eye on Ophelia for not touching anything. As soon as she had handed the amulet to the Lady she picked up her Clefairy and looked at what Lady Merlin would say, whom clearly looked at the two of them with a frown on her face. "I see the spell went wrong first." Alice looked at Kon and took a deep breath, "Is it reversable?" Alice couldn't help but ask but the Lady shook her head as she turned to walk to her desk to put the amulet in a box for the present that it was. Her shoulders sank, she still wasn't entirely sure what to think. The tail switching from left to right because of the agitation and the fact that she couldn't raise her tail as it wanted because of the hem of her dress. Lady Merlin walked back with the money and Alice thanked her by accepting. Being a Neko was now a thing. She wouldn't blame Konstantin for that. Next Alice had to put Ophelia back on the ground to hold on to the package for Luciel whom they had to find in the Library. Damn not even time to give it.

They found Luciel in the library and she handed her the package with the message from Lady Merlin and waited until she opened it and thanked them. When they were done alice turned to Konstantin "Shall we go? Let's meet in a couple of days for Magnolia." she said before leaving.

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#10Konstantin Sokolov 

on Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:51 am

Their date come and went without question, Kon having his desired meal and Alice having her own. She still had her hesitation regarding the change commenting once more on whether Lady Merlin potentially having a way to change them back. He himself had she own issues with the change however he refrained from commenting on the matter. He had evidently forgotten to inform her of his cousin directly instead forcing her to ask him who he was referring to. Fortunately she was able to guess herself instead correct, LeeAnn, considering she was the only Neko notable within the Rune Knight up until Alice recently acquiring becoming a cat herself it was the most logical choice. “Yep, LeeAnn’s my cousin, oh god I have so many family members not just within the Rune Knights, like I have four brothers, four or five cousins?” Shaking his head in the futility of his household, he wondered whether he would ever have children, frankly at this point he didn’t know, maybe? Truly depended on a great deal of things for now he’d definitely put it on the backburner nor was it something he’d so casually bring up for discussion.

Instead the conversation returned to Magnolia with her happy that he agreed to come with her to the flowery town and home of the Fairy Tail Guild Building. Eventually their date came to an end with Alice taking the amulet with her as they left the cafe. Upon returning to Lady Merlin’s room, she was both surprised and disappointed by the fact that they were now cats and implying that they had used the wrong spell. He had to admit to his client that it was his own fault for not paying attention. Alice called into question now as to whether the process was reversible. Unfortunately for the two of them, their transformation was not possible in anyway. He couldn’t help but cover his face with his hands, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry Alice.” Casting aside the issue, Alice returned the amulet to Lady Merlin who looked at it with great detail. “Hmm, yes, whilst you used the wrong spell somehow the effects on the amulet have remained the same as originally asked for thank you for your hard work.”

Upon verifying that the amulet was sound, she removed some more bundles of bills similiar to how she had paid them the last time they had been paid and gave it to them. With the duo paid she promptly put it within a finely crafted package for what was likely to used to give to Luciel before returning to the amulet now in the package to them to give to Luciel in her stead. The duo made their way to the library which was where Lady Merlin had said she would be, after searching through the library the duo eventually found Luciel on the second floor, who was currently reading a large book with cross legged sitting on the ground.

Handing the package to her, she was strangely surprised by the fact that she had received a gift from them, however after clarifying the issue. “Lady Merlin asked us to deliver this gift from her to you.” Afterwards she chose to thank the duo for their work hugging them for their kindness. Completed with their request they promptly bid their farewell to Luciel who had already returned to reading her book however now wearing the amulet around her neck. Alice queried him as to whether they should go and meet up in Magnolia in a few days. Comfortable with that decision he agreed and left the library alongside his partner and made his way back to his accommodation where he would swiftly enter the building by jumping onto the side of the walls from on the building and the neighbouring one to get to his room upstairs.



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