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Test The Waters [Diana]

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Default on Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:16 pm

What Diana loved about Hargeon Town the most was the beautiful sea view that she woke up to every morning she spent here. The hotel she stayed in was pretty decent, with breakfast included, so she got up before seven to take a quick shower and dressed up. She went down to have breakfast first before doing anything else. Because she woke up early and got there before most people did, she was able to choose from a variety of foods all laid out nicely. She had a light breakfast, however, since she did not want to gain any weight anytime soon. She was looking forward to actually getting even lighter skin (not like her skin was not already snow white), but she knew that was not happening anytime soon either since she was going to be walking around in the sun a lot.

After she finished her breakfast, Diana headed out to the request boards. It was her first time taking any requests in Hargeon Town, so this should be interesting. Taking requests not only gave her money and experience, but she was also able to find out what was going on in the town, as well as get to know the people here gaining some fame alongside other rewards. The Hargeon request board that was for the public was full of sheets. She wondered if it was because a lot of people needed help with their problems or there were not many wizards here who wanted to take requests. She knew that Hargeon was also home to the famous Blue Pegasus guild. She had once considered joining it, but it was not really her type. She was not always about beauty, but of course she had a feeling there was more to that guild than beauty. However, she never bothered to look into it.

“Test the waters…” she spoke the request name out loud. A nice choice of name for the request, she thought, after reading the details. Plucking it off from the board with a smile, Diana turned away from the board, walking towards where she would meet Raina. Apparently Raina had added her schedule so that any wizard who took the request at any time could catch her where she would be according to her schedule. At this time of day, she would be having lunch at some restaurant with a fancy name that Diana would not even try to pronounce. She wondered if she ate lunch there everyday, or if Raina had just given her schedule for this specific day. What an organized woman, she thought. Diana did not usually plan her days beforehand. It was whatever she felt like, to be honest. She was not a busy marine biologist either, so of course she did not need all of that. Just a humble girl learning the ways of Fiorian sorcery. Diana arrived at the restaurant and began to look for Raina, finding her sitting alone in a corner booth, almost finishing her food, too.

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Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:57 am

Upon noticing Diana’s approach to her booth, Raina stopped chewing and stared for a bit before swallowing her food. She had a funny expression on her face, but Diana covered her laugh with a polite cough, a hand over her mouth. Slipping into the seat opposite Raina’s, Diana smiled and said, “Hi, I’m Diana. Here to help you with testing water samples?” Raina took a huge gulp of water and cleared her throat before speaking.

“Oh! Thank you so much for accepting my request. I just needed to fill my stomach real quick. Let’s begin right after I pay for my lunch,” she spoke cheerfully, getting all excited, Diana noticed.

With a nod, Diana waited as Raina called for a waiter and asked for the bill, then paid for her lunch and left a tip for the waiter. Once that was done, Diana waited for Raina to get up first, and then got up herself to follow her. She knew very little about marine biology, so she hoped to get something out of this experience. Maybe she will learn something about fish, so that was something to look forward to. Sometimes she wondered if she would be able to take up a permanent job as a mage, but that was very unlikely at this point. Maybe later, joining a guild and taking up a position. One thing for sure was that she would need a hell lot of experience and training before getting to that point.

Raina led the way, going towards the port area of Hargeon where Diana assumed they would get the samples from. Raina did that part mostly on her own, probably because she did not want Diana to mess up her stuff, which was okay with the sorceress. She just stood there and observed the marine biologist’s work. Afterwards, Raina took her to a lab? It looked like a warehouse, but it was probably a huge lab. Diana had never been to a lab so it was her first time ever seeing all these things. Everything was clean and super organized, she felt so happy in here. After a while, they reached what Diana assumed was Raina’s own private mini lab. She spread out the water samples in their respective containers and started to test them. She explained what they were testing the water for, and if Diana remembered correctly, it was for the salt concentration, pollution levels and etcetera.

The whole time Raina did most of the work and Diana helped her around when she saw necessary and when Raina asked her to. She was basically her assistant and everything went smoothly. There were no accidents, nothing crazy like explosions and stuff. She had seen in movies and read in books about mad scientists and lab experiments gone wrong. Things like that were scary but also exciting. Diana helped Raina around until about three in the evening. It did not feel that long at all, but since time flew fast while they were busy, it was already three when they finished. Raina rewarded her and excused her.

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