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Oh Deer | Snowflake

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#1Hikari Snow 

Default on Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:24 pm


The farmlands was one of the places she enjoyed the most in Marigold, but then, there were still a few places left to explore in the town. The young mage ran her fingers idly over the crops of wheat that was spread out beyond hectares of fields. It was truly a wonderful sight to behold; one that she would never get sick of. She loved how the blue skies stretched above her, in parallel with the undulating fields below, how the clouds raced over the empyreans, over the blazing, yellow orb and other puffs of white cushion. A massive realm of woodland surrounded the fields as if it was some sort of protection. The entire area was filled with greenery and it was not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it was something she would love to see every day and if she ever gets settled, this would be one of the places she would consider as home.

The harsh gales blew across the vicinity, causing the wheat fields to sway to one side of the direction. Her skirt was lifted by the winds, revealing her slender legs and thighs and a white bodysuit that she had worn underneath. The ribbon of her eye-band fluttered behind her harshly before it became loose and slipped down her eyes. She had her arms outstretched beside her, her head slightly tilted upwards as she felt the zephyrs gently caressed her features. Against her pale lets, the crops brushed against her skin with each movement, tickling her. She enjoyed everything about the place. Despite how empty it looked, it was a soothing place; one that she enjoyed more than the modern cities.

In a far distance, she could see large windmills, their fans swirling around due to the currents of the winds, each moving at its own pace. However, the reason she was at the farmlands was not to enjoy the sight but due to a quest that was made by one of the farmers. The client has still yet to explain the details of the quest itself, which is why Snowflake was on her way to meet him. With Snowflake mesmerized by the views, she might already by late on her schedule to meet her client. Picking up the black cloth that had fallen onto the ground, she wrapped it around her eyes once again. She couldve just let her eyes bare but she preferred to conceal them since her eyes were almost too bright that they appear rather abnormal.

The eyes always reminded her of the procedures she went through to become a cyborg, but then, almost every part of her body reminisced her of those memories. They were not horrible however, it was no doubt that she had to go through so much pain just to become what she wanted to be. Every now and then, she would have to go back to the laboratory to fix herself and shes growing to get used to all the things that were done to her body. Trudging through the hard soil, she began to proceed towards her destination.


#2Hikari Snow 

Default on Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:23 pm

It did not take her long to reach her destination since her client lived on the farmlands as well, and there was only one person who was responsible of taking care of the entire area Farmer Jim. Upon her arrival to the cottages, Farmer Jim was already waiting by the entrance, as if he had been expecting her to show up. The youth bowed at a slight angle, as a greeting and Farmer Jim would beam a big smile at her. She remembered the first-time meeting Jim and it was in the farmlands, when she fell asleep while enjoying the sight of the sky above her. Jim was not aware that someone else was by the fields and thus, ended up disturbing her sleep which led her to offer her help upon helping him crate the lettuces. It was quite a lot of work, but she was still glad she somehow gained experience and was able to get to know the most popular farmer in the town.

Hello Jim, howre you?

Ah, Im well. Im very well. I was just waiting for you.

Yes, Im aware of that. Did I show up too late?

No no, young lady. Just on time. Im sure you already know about the deers that are causing a mess in my farm. If you could, please just kill them and get rid of them as soon as possible.

And therefore, she was led towards his farm to accomplish the request. At first, she could not find the so-called deers that were lurking in his farm until he pointed out in a far off distance, how they were chewing on the grass as well as the crops that were grown in the area. Just as she began to walk into the fields, she was suddenly stopped in her tracks by a tug on her arm.

Ill give you some lettuces. They love them. You can use it to lure it to you.

The android nodded, grateful for the help and entered the fields. With each heavy step, she lifted her heels and placed it forward and repeated the same procedures until she was within a few meters of range near the animals. Not wanting to startle them, Snowflake remained silent and was hidden behind the large crops that concealed her identity. Through the gaps between the leaves, she was sure not to lose sight of them as well. Slowly, she would approach towards them, while they are busy consuming the crops that were grown with much efforts by the farmers. Staying invisible was her expertise and with her quick movements, she could also be known as an assassin.

With rapid actions, she grabbed a hold of one of the deers while the other animal scuttled off quickly due to the noise. Not wanting to waste any time, she quickly snapped the neck of the creature and left it there to catch up to the other one. The deers were fast, but she was faster and although she may have struggled a bit she was able to catch two of them, killing both with the same methods before handing it over to Farmer Jim.


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