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[Train] Baska to Marigold

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on Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:43 pm

After about a day and a half of traveling the two spent the night in a local inn. Their train was due to leave early in the day. The train cried out in a fury to announce departure was coming. People cleared the path so the two could walk through. After the Cell Games, Roman's name was beginning to become a rumor. He was starting to exit the shadows slowly and become a more known individual. Some bad guys would see this as a bad thing. He saw this as a opportunity for something greater. Being famous invited challenge to his door step. This was exactly what he wanted at the end of the day. Only through constant fighting and training was he able to reach the mountain peak. Our two focuses of this story made their way into the train station with haste. They had to make sure they did not get left behind. They walked through the turn style before standing in front of the train conductor. Roman carried both of their tickets in hand. Granted Kiryu was not human they still charged him a pet fee.

Kiryu was not to fond of the idea, but he didn't want to pay extra for a human ticket. The conductor held out his hand, not making eye contact with the mountain of a man in front of him. He moved out of the way so the two can get on the train. The two entered the train and made their way to their seats. People were already sitting down in their seats, keeping to themselves. Men, Women, and Children flooded the train to Marigold. It was a major port area, some went for business and others went for pleasure. Roman was apart of the business crowd. The two made their way to their seats and plopped down in them. Roman sat across from Kiyru with his arms crossed. Kiryu did not budge at the folks walking passed the two staring at both of them. They were quite the peculiar couple honestly.

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on Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:57 pm

A cat who could talk and a tall man dressed like a flamingo. Well not completely like a flamingo but you get the point. Roman sat down and looked out the window. Kiryu rummaged around before pulling out a magazine. 'Fiore Weekly' The train cried out once more. The door was closed and it was time for departure. The train jerked suddenly but the two did not budge too much from their spot. Kiryu was flipping through pages, reading all of the stories present. He was looking to see if the two made it into the magazine.

“World menace is defeated by a group of brave heroes.”  Kiryu read out part of the article just so Roman could hear it. “The Perfect being isn't so perfect.” Roman chuckled at the snarky comment. “Well that is a bunch of hog shit, no mention of us. Especially not me! What the hell man?” Kiryu wasn't too happy that names weren't named. Roman on the other hand did not care really. The deed was done and Cell would not be a threat to the world any more. Now he could proceed to become the world threat the world needed. See Roman did what he did for selfish reasons at the end of the day. He did not care for saving the world. It was the thrill of the fight and being able to challenge someone who claimed to be king of the hill.

The train sat off towards it's destination. It was gonna be roughly a two day trip.


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