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Oh Deer Gawd [Mission | Alisa]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

Default on Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:45 am


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Alisa had come to Marigold for an adventure with Snowflake and friends, yet that didn't mean she wouldn't come prepared. Quite the opposite, right before leaving she made sure to pick out a few job requests from that city which had made it all the way to Hargeon. Granted, it was hardly a long way, meaning she had the luxury of selecting at least two of them in advance. Meager jobs of course, but for the most part those were the only kind she'd been getting her hands on as of late.

She looked over the first of them over breakfast, a simple croissant with a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee: "Oh, the work i get myself into...", was the only comment from her lips. After all Alisa was a Goldsmith's daughter turned vigilante turned model...

The idea that she of all people would end up doing farm work was hilarious if nothing else, but jewels were jewels no matter where they came from. And in this case, pest control was actually closer to hunting considering the sheer size of the pests in question: Deer. Regardless, this prompted Alisa to dress sporty, not wanting to run any of her fancier outfits by taking it on a misguided hunting trip - bike shorts, a tight top, red jacket and cap - and finally tying up her long dark hair in a high ponytail. Then and only then did she hit the road, headed towards the outskirts of Marigold where she hoped to find her client.

And find him she did, shovelling his fields, looking rather distraught at the mess that had been made on one end: A good portion of cabbage crops have been eaten. Farmer Jim was a bearded, portly man wearing overalls and a straw hat

"Good morning. You must Farmer Jim.", Alisa smiled, waved, and approached the man, wiped the sweat off his forehead then proceeded to fan himself with the hat

"Right ah am.", he answered, looking towards the approaching woman with a welcoming smile, "Howdy ther missy. You here to work?", his eyes narrow and he glares towards his ravaged cabbage crop, balling his fists with fury, "Dem deer ain't hurtin' mah cabbages no more!"

The job itself was as simple as the request suggested, stalk the deer and kill them as they appear. Alisa wasn't too keen on that plan however... If the goal was to stop the animals from eating the crops, wouldn't it be better to just lure them in with cabbages? Farmer Jim all but cringed at this suggestion. He'd gone to a great deal of work to reinforce the fences and wasn't too keen on undoing it, but after much persuasion he agreed to let Alisa take a couple heads of cabbage outside the fence.

And there she placed them.

With a good idea of where the deer were coming from and a better idea of wind speed and direction, she'd pick a hiding place no further than five yards from the bait she set in, ensuring once the animals came to feed they wouldn't be able to smell her hiding behind the shrubbery...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#2Alisa Vollan 

Default on Thu Jun 22, 2017 5:57 am


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Hunting with magic...

One might very well call it unsportsmanlike - some hunters she met used the term referring to hunting with automatic weapons - but then again Alisa herself was never much of a hunter. Not of animals anyway... In the end whatever predators deer were used to dealing in the wild defenitely didn't kill them by lobbing explosive spells like what Alisa was about to do now.

Like fishing, hunting was all about patience, especially a hunt like this where she was simply lying in wait for her quarry to rear its head. And soon enough, it did. Rustling leaves alerted the huntress' attention, and from that moment on her eyes were locked on to the wary stag. As expected of a prey animal, it spent quite a long time simply looking around, forcing the crystal mage to remain as still as possible, praying the wind wouldn't shift and give away her position.

Sensing no danger in sight, the Deer finally approached the lure, bending his head over the piece of cabbage and working on his meal. Not that hard earned meal, but his last one nonetheless. For that reason and that reason only would the Pegasus allow the herbivore to munch on his bait a bit longer. And only after he was halfway done did she harden her right fist with a crystalline sheen.

There was no Kiai, no warning of any kind as the pest exterminator simply pulled her fist back and punched straight forward like an arrow, lobbing a sudden, shiny projectile at the beast's neck.

It didn't even see it coming, only turning his head at last second. But at that point it was too late: Snapping her fingers, Alisa detonated her projectile, creating a shrapnel blast large enough to engulf her prey's head, filling it with holes. A messy death, but a quick and painless one too. The good part was how she had left the animal's body mostly intact.

Guess Farmer Jim will be having venison for dinner tonight.

...It took her a couple hours more before she saw a second Stag. Alisa was tired of crouching, if not for her training (often involving hours long session of nothing but horse stance) her legs would be getting numb by now. Yet all that time training, not once she imagined that's what she'd be using it for. After a while she eventually figured she might as well wait sitting down and produced a crystalline block to rest her butt on. The second stag appeared eventually. It looked pretty cautious at the sight of his relative's corpse, but eventually fell for the bait and got the same treatment.

At the end of the day, Farmer Jim returned... And the first thing he noticed were not the dead deer but the lures you used, or rather, what remained of them, "AHHHH MAH CABBAGES!!!", he wailed, bringing his hands up to his head

"Well... There's still half of that cabbage.", Alisa all but chuckled at the overreaction, pointing at the sole remaining half cabbage, and earned herself a glare for her troubles.

The man was far from intimidating, so much he didn't manage to affect her smile for even a second. He calmed down somewhat when Alisa agreed to pay for the two cabages, for the hefty price of... Two jewels? Well, she could deal with that, considering...

Honest pay for honest work.

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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