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Syllas Banquet [Quest|Evangeline]

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Castle Syllas was a beautiful place. Standing at the large silver colored gates, even Eva admitted it. The last time she made a visit to the huge work of art, she had helped the Lord’s daughter escape. Eva’s eyes fell to the guards. They stood at either side of the gate, welcoming the luxurious carriages that rolled in one by one. As Eva walked in, they gave her a glance which lingered for a moment before going back to their work. Yes, the disguise had definitely helped, she smirked as she made her way into the large castle. Digging into her pocket, Eva pulled out a messily folded paper and opened it, showing it to one of the guards at the door before walking in. A long, red carpeted stairs led her to a ballroom where she spotted the Lord himself chatting merrily to his friends.

He saw her when she approached him and nodded. “Oh, good to see you’re here already,” he gave her a benevolent smile which Eva returned despite the urge to roll her eyes at the formal display of manners. If she had learned anything from attending so many balls in her childhood, it was that no one meant anything they said. Those events were simply a pretense for the richer people of the society show how well-bred they were. She didn’t think much of those insincere gestures and quickly started boycotting the parties Dominic kept throwing to show off his success.

“When shall I begin, sir?” Eva asked, gracefully bowing her head in recognition of his position among the people. Of course, if it was up to Eva’s real nature, she would have stood as tall as him without batting an eye. But as the occasion called for her best behavior, she drew upon all the lessons in etiquette and expected manners from her childhood. Besides, she had a reputation to keep as a model, a dancer, and as a member of the Rune Knights.

“If I may request, may I know where I could get ready for the show?” she enquired only for Syllas to beckon one of the maids to them and flick his hand in an upward direction. As if he had just spoken a thousand words on what to do, the maid quickly grabbed a hold of Eva and lead her into a room where she was provided with a few clothes to pick from and other items that she could use for getting ready. When the doors closed behind her, Eva let herself snicker at the sight. Who did they think she was? Eva seethed, wanting to both punch someone and destroy the banquet all in one go. Of course, she had heard that the Lord of Marigold town was one of the kindest rulers alive. No one had anything bad to say about him and everyone appreciated his efforts in keeping Marigold a beautiful town. He was known to provide the needy with anything reasonable and even protect the city with his life. She would also not turn a blind eye to the fact that he was a powerful mage. But people like that, she thought while picking up a lipstick from one of the makeup cases, needed to stop looking down on everyone they met.

Sighing, Eva picked out a white floor length dress with a fairly long slit running along its right side. As she easily slid into it, Eva noticed that the fabric above her chest was sheer, putting a little of her cleavage as well as the proud Rune Knights symbol in display. Her milky white skin peeked through the fabric. It had long sleeves that were made from the same sheer fabric as well that wrapped around Eva’s slender arms and reached her wrist where it had slight ruffles. All in all, despite her initial irritation, Eva was quite impressed with the quality of the dress. Next, she picked out a pair of diamond earrings and proceeded to do her makeup, opting for the minimal look. She created a gradient of snowy white, very pale blue and light grey eyeshadows over her eyelids, lined them with a thin black eyeliner, and finally painted her lips with a reddish pink color.

When the doors were thrown open and she glided into the room, Eva fell every single pair of eyes over her. While she played a look of modesty on her face, inwardly she gloated over the attention she received. Yes, they should realize that she was leagues above them, she thought as some of the initial wonder turned into looks of jealousy.

Stopping at the center of the stage, Eva raised her hands in a welcome manner. “Welcome to the distinguished guests! Today, let me mesmerize you with the display of my powers,” she announced, letting her hands come slowly down back to her sides. With a light tug on her powers, Eva felt the contract sign glowing as gusts of wind enveloped her. She directed them over to the audience, not letting the winds touch them but letting them see the glowing wind cutting and slashing in several directions. Next moment, Eva herself melted into the winds and above the surprised gasps and whispers, she appeared next to Lord Syllas himself, giving him a graceful bow and a smile before gliding over to the center of the room again. Finally, she started levitating objects, lifting up cakes and sweets from the dessert table over to the guests before dropping them gently onto their hands.

“Please enjoy the evening,” she wished them well, bowed and turned, walking back to Lord Syllas. “I believe my work here is done for the evening, sir,” she told him, earning a genuine smile. “Yes, I can see that you take care of yourself well. That’s a powerful magic you have there,” he said, handing over the rewards for an hour of work. “Thank you, sir. That is high praise coming from someone like you,” Eva returned the nice words, turned and stalked over to the changing room again, already coming up with plans on what to do the next day.


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