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Little Bit Of Mischief [Diana]

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Default on Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:43 am

The more requests she took, the more she felt like she was gaining. They were not just filling her pockets, she felt like she was getting a little bit of something from every request she took, although she had only taken four in total, and literally all four of them were from the same client - Farmer Jim. She seriously needed to stop helping this man. It was making him even lazier than he already was. That was the main problem he needed to fix. Plus, maybe lose some weight to help with that. Diana knew that even if she did not take the request Farmer Jim post up on the request board, someone else would and Farmer Jim will never not be lazy. But he was not going to be receiving any help from Diana in the meantime.

She could hear faint piano music as she came close to the town center where one of the biggest request boards in Marigold was located. The piano was coming from her left, which when she looked, she noticed a huge piano placed literally in the middle of the street. Someone was playing a sorrowful melody, and all she could feel was being trapped. Snapping out of it, Diana kept walking towards the request board and once she reached it, she began to scan through the sheets that were pinned against the board, as usual. For a moment, she thought of picking up one of the request papers that Farmer Jim had put up again out of pity, but decided against it a while later. She picked up something else that caught her interest. A request made by Rosalia De Syllas. The daughter of the Lord. Surprised to see what kind of request she had put up, and not wanting anyone else to grab it before she did, Diana skimmed through the details, her brain soaking in every bit of it like a sponge. Once she was done, she folded it with a cheeky smile on her face. Of course she would help.

Diana was glad that she was having a change of client for once. Literally all the requests she had taken before were from the same old Farmer Jim, who she really hoped would start doing things himself, stop being lazy. The lightning sorceress knew exactly where Castle Syllas was. She was taught where all the castles and manors of important people were in Fiore since she was a child, so she knew where the important places were and where the important people lived. As a noble’s daughter, it was necessary that she knew. And thankfully, she had not forgotten anything she had learnt from those lessons she received. For now, she would focus on improving as a wizard, and then proceed to making her parents proud of her. Before she arrived at the castle, she decided to pick up a mask and hair ties. Tying her hair into a bun and putting on the black cloth mask that would hide her identity, she continued her journey to the castle.

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Birds chirped melodically in the forest that she walked through to get to the castle itself. There was a path for carriages and other vehicles to use to get through the gates, but she could not just walk up to the gates unprepared. She knew of these sneaky little ways to get into castles, so she used what she knew and was currently hiding in the forest silently. From where the guards were standing, they would not be able to spot her, while she could see them and watch them from afar. She then waited for her signal. Even though the guards could not see her, anyone who looked through the nearest windows would immediately spot her, so she was also taking a risk. If it was not Rosalia herself, her mission had a bigger chance to fail. But she was hopeful and prayed that it was Rosalia who saw her first. After putting up the request, she expected the girl to be alert.

Fortunately for the sorceress, Diana was noticed by Rosalia herself who waved at her the moment she saw Diana as if she had been ready for this the whole time. Diana, after receiving the hand signals knew what she was supposed to do now. Although it was embarrassing and something her parents would clearly be ashamed of if they found out, Diana rolled out of the forest and sprinted towards the guards. Once she was in front of them, she turned so that her back was given to them. To be completely honest, she was pretty nervous at this moment. She pulled down the mask to say, “DON’T GET IN MY WAY OR I’LL HAVE TO KILL YOU!” and pulled it back up before turning. She could not risk the guards recognizing her or something. The guards stared at her confused but she brought out something she had bought on her way here. It was a fake short sword that was probably made of plastic, but nobody would know. So Diana threw it towards the guards. The dodged the plastic sword but started to chase her. Success!

Diana began to run into the forest. She did not know how fast the guards were, and if she could outrun them or not, so she just tried her best and ran at full speed. The guards were getting close to catching her. She could not let them recognize her, if these guards knew of other noble families, this would be a problem. But after a few moments of sprinting through the forest, she noticed a cloaked figure escape the castle on a horse. She wasn’t the only one who noticed this. Both the guards who were chasing her started to chase the horse and Rosalia instead. Diana then returned to the castle gates where Rosalia’s maid came out to give her the reward, before she left to take a rest back in her hotel room. She was exhausted and sweating too much she was actually disgusted of herself.

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