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Sieghart Mountains to Era [ Foot Travel]

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#1Tori Lancaster 

Default on Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:36 am

It was nearly dusk as the sun started to set over the mountain range surrounding the area that would be infamous for what was known as the Cell Games. Tori stirred slightly as she was awoken by an immense pain that engulfed her entire being. She felt sharp pains in her abdomen and her head, reaching up to feel it while still on the ground, she felt a huge knot on the back of her skull where she received a terrible blunt force. Must have been where Cell slammed her to the floor of the arena and knocked her unconscious. She felt a dripping sensation on her forehead and struggled to open her eyes to identify the source. Psyduck stood over her, wetting a cloth with water that it was producing from its beak and allowing it to drip on Tori's face to clean the dirt off. She attempted for a moment to sit up, but was stricken by immediate and immense pain coming from her midsection. As she looked down towards her lower half, she saw bandages wrapped around her entire stomach and half of her hips. Psyduck must have tended to her wounds while waiting for her to regain consciousness. She silently counted her blessings that she had a friend like this.

She tried to get up before Psyduck rushed over and planted a featherless wing on her chest to keep her still while shaking his head back and forth, telling her not to move. "I'll be ok, Psyduck. Just wanna get out of the dirt." she groaned. She smiled at Psyduck who met her with a concerned look, before reaching up with his wing and slapping her across the face. "Psyduck-duck! Psy-y-yduck!!" She still couldn't fully understand him, but she could guess that he was scolding her for being so reckless. She couldn't exactly blame him, and if she was being truthful, she had to agree with him. But at the end of the day, that was her nature.

She struggled to her feet before making sure she could keep her balance and before too long she was walking, albeit slowly and quite weakly. Psyduck did whatever he could to make sure Tori stayed on her feet until they made it back to their makeshift campsite, where she had left most of their belongings. Wincing through the pain, she packed up their gear before heading out. "Psyduck, we have to go back to Era. Hopefully that girl, Sakama, is still there. I have to make up for what I did when we headed here. I just ditched her, and i feel terrible. You don't mind, do you, buddy?" she asked, looking down and smiling that warm and comforting smile of hers, completely ignoring the fact that she had a grave wound in her torso. Psyduck sighed before shrugging his little shoulders and accepting where his partner would lead them. After all, he wasn't going to just abandon her like this, and its not like he had anywhere else to go or anything else to do.

So the two of them set off, back to the magical capitol of Fiore. With any luck, Sakama would still be there and Tori would be able to ask for her forgiveness. She started to look back at the day they spent together and wonder. "Was that a date?" she thought to herself, completely oblivious. Regardless, Tori was determined to find her and take her out for real this time. And she wouldn't run out on her either. Only time would tell what would happen with the two women, but Tori was fairly certain that she had found a new love interest.


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