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Sieghart Mountains to Crocus [Foot Travel]

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#1Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:09 am

It was a very warm day but it didn't matter to Alice. She said hunched down staring at the brown eyes of her faithful companion Clefairy who stood in front of her. The little Clefairy whose name was Ophelia, had no idea why her human friend was staring at her like that. The past few days had been hard even by Alice her standards, she had to hunt for food which was not something new, however back in the days she used to steal it. Now her spear was off more use than... okay she still didn't want to think about it. That's the reason why she was staring Ophelia in the eye, having a mental conversation with words instead of the pet to repeat the name of her specie. The mental conversation was to try and convince herself to get out of the mountains and back to the living world. Back to buying food instead of hunting like some barbaric creature. Not that she had any idea where to go, if she had been ashamed of herself being knocked out with the fight in Era, she didn't feel much better about walking away from a battle. Especially not considering she left Konstantin behind and was now hiding for her feelings in the Sieghart Mountains. She should man up, chin up and go but yet she was sitting her hunched down, having mental conversations and hiding her bright orange coloured hair for the creatures in these parts of Fiore. With a deep sigh she stood up, dusted off her legs from the unseen dust and nodded once more to herself. It was nonsense, totally to try and talk yourself out of going to the cities. She had more to do than sulk here on her own and find her friends, apologize and find that stupid sister Lacie. Stupid didn't even describe what Alice thought about Lacie. She slowly stretched her legs to shake the sleepy feeling from her legs. "Come on Lia, it's time to go." she said and she took a few steps to check the feeling of her legs but that was fine. With Ophelia being transformed from a Cleffa into a Clefairy the walks were going slower since Alice couldn't carry her for long walks anymore and it was about five days. But the Clefairy had a nice amount of stamina that she could walk on and on, maybe not so fast but it worked anyway.
She planned to go to Era but while she was on her way she had to stop in Crocus and decided to stay there a few days longer because of the fact that she didnít dare to go face to face with some Rune Knights. She felt really like a coward, something she definitely didnít like feeling. Normally she was a person that would go all out in a fight and tend to get up wounded and knocked out and she preferred that compared to running away. Imagine she would bump into one of the people that were there... what to say. She needed to find a hotel, after sleeping outside for so long: she definitely needed a shower! First thing on her agenda once she arrived in Crocus. Where she felt like she could disappear into the crowd.

Sieghart to Crocus = 500 words.
10% discount Knight = 450 words.
Total: 548/548
Arrival in Crocus

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