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Hargeon Tea Party [Leyaria | Bianca]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

on Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:06 pm



Crash Queen

So much of how and what she recalled of Hargeon seemed to have been so different than what she remembered of it. Granted, much of Leyaria’s past with respects to this place was one in which in she knew only of the streets, largely relegated to the circumstances of her poor birth and childhood. Those streets, they felt largely the same, or perhaps they were as much invested due to her being starting her life in those streets, the memories being difficult to differentiate away from what the present may have been, but even in the best of cirucmstances, there was still a great deal of similarity now against what there may have been towards that of the people who were suffering now against that of what she went through.

However, if there was one thing in which that her past and the present of Hargeon which were the same, it was how the docks seemed to operate, how they existed, and namely how the people within them were. When she was under the care of her sister, Leyaria loved being out in the docks, watching as the ships came and went, imagining herself being on them, both those that returned from foreign lands and those that were leaving for ventures that she could only imagine. She never imagined what it would be like, but with the jobs that she had begun to do, with her actions such as those when she fought against the creature that was known as Cell, when she helped compete in the area just outside of Era during the invasion that took place of the city, she was no longer so naïve as to imagine what was going on. Even then though, there was a great deal of things to which she still, even years later, couldn’t have imagined it being.

Those stories, that was what she loved more than anything else. Being able to just lounge around in the taverns and shops that were set up, listening to the sailors and people who were on board those ships tell about what was going on, what they had seen, what they did, all of those things. Leyaria’s imagination would run wild during all of that, and even today, she couldn’t help but believe the same thing, that there were stories now, though only instead her mind wondering just how it would be if she were there now, having been more mature than what she was of the past, having seen death and violence to which she probably never imagined nor, something that she ever really hoped to have dealt with. A part of her wondered if she would be able to do that now, to go into those lands and then operate as well as she was able to do so with the same resolve and focus that she had been able to do with the jobs and requests that she had completed in the past. It was impossible to say entirely, but none the less, it was something that she would have liked to dream and imagine.

Relegating to doing that, as nothing more than a means in which to simply reflect on the better parts of her past, she found herself taking a seat nearby in one of the many bars that littered the area, secluding herself to a relatively quiet area as a means of being able to adequately listen to what was going on. It wasn’t anything that she hadn’t heard before, much to her dismay. Tales of dealing with pirates who attempted to raid a ship, things of that nature which she had heard before, but there was still an enjoyable element to it all the same, a level of bringing back to times when she could just forget about what was going. Just beside her, her companion Geth simply listened in as well, no doubt intrigued by what was being told and taking all of it in, to whatever degree of understanding it was able to process. Elsewhere though, on the other side of the bar, she could just make out the faintest of a conversation that was taking place as well, though more of a shouting match than anything else, a man appearing to be visibly upset, to the point of just unleashing some sort of anger and dismay upon the people. Before Leyaria was able to find out anything more as to what was going on, or even just being able to speak with the man, he had departed from the bar, heading back towards the docks, sulking the entire time.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

on Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:50 am

It seemed like Bianca was suffering from some kind of incurable disease at this point. She had been doing jobs the whole time after she was released from the hospital in Era. She was on the verge of completely forgetting the fact that she could never give birth. Subconsciously, she had been trying to make up for her failure in the mission that the master had assigned for her, as well as some other guildmates probably. The only other guildmate who was a part of the mission, that she was familiar with, was Roman. As she left the inn, she heard the innkeeper lady ask if she was going to take another request. Even the innkeeper lady knew what she had been up to these past few days. “Yes, ma’am,” she said, with a guilty smile. The lady then told her to take it easy and treat herself sometimes, inviting her to dinner later when she got back. This was the first time she was invited to dinner by an innkeeper. She told her she would join if she did not get back too late. She was not looking forward to the human food that they were going to have at dinner, but just being there. She felt a bit special for being invited to dinner, which made her smile that morning.

After she left the inn, Bianca headed to the request board as usual. She was more used to picking up jobs from the board here, while in Marigold she was sent letters by her clients who mysteriously knew where she lived. She never got to figuring out how they knew her address, but she never bothered to ask them directly either. It did not really matter to her, to be frank.

Scanning the requests that had been put up, Bianca noticed a client name that stood out among the others, and she immediately grabbed the sheet it was written on. Tea Party? Reagan had a sense of humor? After she read the details of the job, she scoffed and folded the paper, sticking it into her pocket. She would head to the docks immediately, not wanting to waste too much time. She did not know when the tea ship would arrive, and she had sort of promised the innkeeper lady that she would be back for dinner, so she did not want to be late for that. When she reached the docks she starting looking for Reagan.

Mumbling to herself, she went to the usual place she would find Reagan. Apparently he seemed quite furious. Wondering if she should approach him or not, Bianca looked at him from afar for a while. A few moments later, she decided to approach him anyways, because she had the ‘no wasting time’ reminder in her head. Walking up straight to the old man Reagan, Bianca brought out her request paper to show him what she was here for. “Good afternoon sir, I’m here for this,” she said. “I’m Bianca, if you remember,” she added, just to remind him in case he remembered from the last few times she did other jobs for him.

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#3Leyaria Venerak 

on Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:38 pm



Crash Queen

She wasn’t sure whether it were intrigue or general boredom of what was taking place presently that had driven her to see what the man was doing. Obviously there was a great deal of frustration displayed with the man, much of which seemed to be rather disproportionate to what Leyaria had seen of people in the past. Perhaps it was wrong to describe it in that manner, but there was certainly at least some degree of truth towards that, that the man’s behavior, his anger, and the apparent randomness of it all, it created what she could only describe as the perfect storm. It was a unique incident amongst a matter of numerous other events that stood out, particularly given that even though the other events, the captivating stories of ventures taken that Leyaria would often and frequently wish of herself to be a part of, were the events which had as a result, slipped to the slide lines.

“Come on Geth,” she spoke calmly, hoping to neither draw attention to herself or her companion, nor that she may have further drawn attention to the few that may have noticed her and the golem-like creature leave, linking their departure to that of the man who had left moments earlier. It was entirely possible that her departure and his could have been linked together, but it was tough to say entirely, as Leyaria did not try to make it apparently obvious that she was following the man, though it was very hard to keep a close distance without drawing attention, particularly with the crowds of people who had just come to flood the streets. Due to them, many of whom seemed to tower over Leyaria, it was a very unlikely chance  that she would have been able to keep a further distance than perhaps what she would have wanted had it been that they were relatively alone.

Alas, that was not the case, and as she leaned against several crates which had just been unloaded upon a ship that had come and docked within the harbor, she heard the man speak. But not only that, she heard the words of someone who she was – to say the least – not expecting to have seen within Hargeon, but never the less very satisfied and pleased that she had come to find out was there. Bianca. Perhaps one of the few friends to which Leyaria could honestly and genuinely say was her friend, the woman’s presence was needless to say, a shocking one, but one that immediately drew a great smile upon her face. She had originally made plans to visit Oak Town in the near future to meet up with her, but to find her there in the town which had once upon a time been the place that she considered her home, though enough memories had her otherwise thinking that they may not have been an accurate statement. Regardless though, she listened, her focus trying to hear just what it was that the man was saying.

“Oy Bian’ca, ‘course! Harr to foget a lovely face like that one you’s got, ain’t it?” He let out a slight chuckle, “Ya padon me if I dune come off as bein’ quite the, cheery type now. Lass few months been deeing wit a ship thas bringin in a wie variety of teas. All sorts. Man of which can’t get outside of them ships, but they ain been willin’ to talk or negotiate. I needs you to help on tha matta, convincin’ them is in they best interest ta be deain’ wit goo ol’ Reagen.” It was, to say the least, difficult to understand the man, his words slurred between a mixture of hard drinking and a dialect that was more accustomed to dealing with sailors than anything else. What came as a surprise to Leyaria though was the fact that apparently not only had he issued a request for help with some matter or another, but it turned out one that had been accepted by Bianca! Watching, Leyaria came to think that her day was going to change a bit, if certainly for the better.

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#4Bianca Fleur 

on Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:48 pm

The way that Reagan replied to her made her blink a bit. Maybe the frustration got to him to the extent of making him open his mouth. She had never heard him actually speak more than like ten words the most. This time, he said like fifty. Bianca smiled at his response although it was very hard to understand, since he spoke in an accent that probably only seamen could understand. But she got the gist of what he was trying to say. He was basically telling her his current situation, and what he wanted her to do. She nodded and told him that he could count on her. Little did she know that she would not be working alone on this. So Bianca, after having the conversation with Reagan, kept the request sheet back in her pocket and turned away. There would be a number of ships arriving at the port. Bianca’s plan was to act like a Hargeon dock authority, and do everything she could imagine to make sure they could not spread their tea. And this was all for Reagan who was frustrated that the tea people would not do business with them.

Thinking of ways to go about the mission, Bianca walked around the area, frequently checking to see if the ships had arrived yet. She was dressed appropriately for her plan, and if anyone argued that she did not look like an authority...well they could not argue that since no authority here wore any sort of uniform or anything like that, as far as she knew.

While she was walking in circles before she had finalised her plan, Bianca raised her head to see something that she thought was a figment of her imagination. How could Leyaria be here? Maybe she was just seeing things because Bianca was lowkey missing the girl. It was a crazy coincidence, if it was real. But she was about to test that out. If the Leyaria she was seeing was real or not…

she asked, like a warning to let her know that she was not trying to attack her or anything, and then proceed to gently poke Leyaria’s arm with her one of her index fingers. When Leyaria did not disappear into a cloud of dust like she had expected, Bianca’s eyes widened in excitement, gasping as she pulled Leyaria into a deadly hug and then released her so that she could talk. “What are you doing here!?” she asked. She remembered that she had told Leyaria they would meet in Oak later, but it was a pleasant surprise to see her here. They could probably hang out if Leyaria did not have plans. Bianca herself would be in Hargeon Town for a little longer. “I’ve missed you so much,” she added with a giggle. You could not ignore the huge smile she had on her face. She did not usually smile that much, so it was probably a strange sight, say if someone from her guild saw it.

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#5Leyaria Venerak 

on Wed Jun 21, 2017 6:04 pm



Crash Queen

A part her wanted to believe that her eyes were simply playing a trick on her, that it couldn’t really have been that Bianca was there in Hargeon Town, at the same time that she had happened to be there. It was incredibly lucky if it were the case, which was often Leyaria’s unfortunate luck to not be. It was why it was so hard to believe, why it was so tough to imagine that she had actually arrived there, and yet, that seemed to have been exactly the case. Bianca, perhaps the only woman in which Leyaria had trusted to any real degree, was there, in a city in which she had grown up under the worst of conditions, in the same place in which she had hoped to have died. Though, that had not been the case, and in fact it turned out that now the two of them were there, a fact that was vindicated and confirmed hen Leyaria felt the tight grip upon her chest, an almost joyous cry echo out just beside her as she turned her head slightly, noticing that in fact, there was Bianca, holding her within a tight grip.

“Bianca!” Her words were hoarse, partially from the tight grip in which constricted her body, much of it too around the fact that the woman before her was truly her. It was in some respects, too good to be true! Geth, now having become familiar as well with the woman, was also joyed to see the woman. “I… I… I can’t believe you’re here!” She was at a loss for word, the whole thing just being in which she was trying to process as well as she was able to. It was a welcome sight, seeing the woman, though a part of her also couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty for what she had done, having opted to not actually present herself to Bianca but rather having sat to the sides, eavesdropping on her conversation with the man. Leyaria hoped that in the back of her mind, the woman would not be too greatly offended, but she worried all the same.

She tried to speak, but her words were cut off as she heard Bianca say how glad she was to hear that she was there, that this reunion, as random and unexpected as it turned out to have been, mattered so much to Bianca. Tears began to descend down her face, though Leyaria, determined to show greater resolve than what she had in the past, regained her composure as quickly as able before smiling at the woman, genuine joy – the most that she had experienced since she had returned to Hargeon. “Bianca, I’m sorry that I was hiding. I just… I couldn’t believe it was really you! You don’t know how happy I am to see you here!” She returned with her own hug around Bianca, it being as passionate and earnest of a moment of happiness as Leyaria could possible convey.

When her grip finally released upon the woman, she looked at Bianca for a moment before her focus shifted slightly to the sea, just beyond the dock. The sight of a ship coming into port was just being made out in the distance, to which Leyaria’s mind came suddenly to the conversation that Bianca had had only moments earlier with the man, about the imported tea that was needed to be renegotiated. Looking back at Bianca, there was a glint in her eyes as she smiled once again, “Hey. That job that the guy wanted you to do, would you object if I were to help?”

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#6Bianca Fleur 

on Thu Jun 22, 2017 11:27 am

There were no words in the dictionary to describe the look on Bianca’s face when she saw that Ley was as excited to see her as she was. That huge smile was going to leave her cheeks aching or something, but it was one of the biggest smiles she had ever made. She noticed that Ley had brought her little pet with her, who also seemed to be happy to see Bianca. “Hello, little one!” she said, bending down to gently pet its head before returning her gaze back to Ley. Although the tears were probably happy tears, Bianca frowned slightly and immediately brought a hand up to wipe them off of Ley’s cheeks. “Oh, don’t cry, Ley. It’s the last thing I want to see,” she said, and smiled even more as if she was teaching Leyaria how to be cheerful. “Don’t worry about anything,” she assured her and rubbed her arm. The next moment Bianca noticed that Ley’s attention was elsewhere, behind her actually. This made her turn to see what she was looking at, and noticed some ships slowly approaching the Hargeon dock. The tea ships! They had to be.

Apparently Leyaria had been observing for a while and caught on that Bianca was taking a request from old man Reagan, and asked if she could join her and help her. Bianca beamed in an excited manner, nodding and saying, “I was going to ask you!” with a giggle. She had this very positive energy whenever she was around Leyaria. Well, save for the last time in the hospital when she was almost on the verge of going insane, but there was a reason that happened and it had nothing to do with Leyaria. In fact, she was calmed because of the presence of Leyaria. If not, she did not know what kind of horrible things she would have done to make a worse name for herself.

“Alright, so after talking to Reagan I came up with a plan in my head. It would work even better if you helped me…” she began, and started to tell Leyaria about her plan to act as a Hargeon dock authority and do everything and anything to make sure they could not spread their tea. Leyaria could act as her assistant! Making her look even more like a person of authority. Bianca clapped her hands together after telling Leyaria her plan. “If you have better ideas, feel free to tell me,” she told her. It was good to have more ideas than one, so if the first one failed, they could go with the second one, although Bianca believed in the plan she came up with. If Leyaria did not have any ideas, she would just say, “That’s fine!” and lead the way to where the ships were. She brought out the request paper to use it like a list. The captains of the ships, after docking their ships, got off to speak to the confused and annoyed looking Bianca who had her hands folded with the paper in one hand, the blank side facing the captains of course.

Tilting her head to one side, she held the paper as if she was reading it very carefully with her eyes squinted. “Wait, wait, wait! Who are you!? And where do you think you’re docking your ships?!” she yelled, rolling the paper up and frowning at the captains. One of them seemed to be the spokesperson of them all started explaining the reason that they’re here. “Ahh, shush! You’re not on my list which means you’re not supposed to be here, so you better show me a document to prove otherwise,” she demanded. The captains then brought out a piece of paper that was signed and everything. “Hm, if that’s the case then I’ll need to see what you’ve brought,” she said, nodding at Leyaria to check the contents of their ship.

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#7Leyaria Venerak 

on Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:00 pm



Crash Queen

Leyaria couldn’t help but smile at Bianca’s kind words. The woman had always demonstrated such kindness and genuine appreciation towards Leyaria, there were times in which the young woman still found hard to believe, though it never the less always seemed to further reaffirm that there was something to which made Bianca stand out to her. She were more a mother than in which Leyaria could seemingly remember, far more than what her own mother had proven to be. The cloest thing really would be to compare to her to her sister, the respect shown by Bianca in many ways emulating that love that her sister had shown her. It was, to say the least, an uplifting feeling.

As far as the job in which Bianca had taken, Leyaria unfortunately, in spite of her willingness to help, was at a lack of ideas. While she had spent a great deal of time in Hargeon in the past, she was never used to dealing with or otherwise handling how to best communicate with the people who docked within the port, so she were at a complete loss as far as the best way of going about handling this matter. However though, that answer was largely lifted from her concerns when it was that Bianca said that she had a plan. Following her lead, Leyaria tagged behind Bianca as the woman began to speak with the sailors who had just come into port, taking out a piece of paper and imitating the actions in which she had seen of the port authority guards that she had seen in the past. Though at the moment they were lacking, which was perfect for Bianca, enabling her to imitate them without any way to prove otherwise. She listened intently as Bianca spoke with the two in a demanding tone, all the while Leyaria viewed over the two aggressively, ensuring that she was able to further convey that she was also one of the imposter guards alongside Bianca. Following her lead further, she began to peek her head around the small things of cargo in which the crew of the ship had begun to bring on port, though she was reluctant to act or do anything, at least until Bianca responded further, Leyaria’s action no doubt predicated on that.

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#8Bianca Fleur 

on Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:23 am

The captains gave each other disappointed looks which motivated Bianca further as she waved a hand at Leyaria as if to tell her to follow her. The vampyress then walked towards their ship and started to examine what they had brought. Slowly, taking her time, Bianca walked around and around in circles around the cargo and a while later started to kick them and knock on them and mess up the neatly stacked boxes. She then huffed and folded her arms, turned to the pirates while tapping her feet. “You think you’re clever?” she asked, and then tore up one of the plastic wrappings on the boxes and tipped it over so that the contents fell all over, making a huge mess. “You think you can bring drugs into my port!?” she yelled, as loud as she could so that everyone around could hear. The captains gave her an expression of shock as they looked at each other and tried to find something to say. There were no drugs of course. This was all a part of her big act. She hoped Ley followed her lead. Bianca then strode over to the other boxes and started tearing up more plastic wrappings, throwing seemingly expensive and rare tea boxes everywhere. She was a huge fan of tea, but she had to sacrifice this for the sake of her job. She could not fuck up just because she could not stand good tea being trashed like this, by her own hands.

“You must be mistaken, ma’am. There are no drugs. We did not bring drugs,” said one of the captains nervously.

“LIES. What are THESE?” she yelled, picking up the tea bags and sniffing them, then coughing from the powder. “UGH! I’M REPORTING YOU!” she yelled, displaying as much anger as she could. The captain who spoke to her scratched his head and looked at the others. They were clearly out of ideas on how to handle this crazy situation. Bianca brought out her ‘list’ and started scribbling randomly on it, and scratching out her scribbles. She huffed and groaned, turning to see the boxes again and again as if she was so disappointed with this. “You think you’re so clever…” she mumbled on and on, shaking her head in a frustrated manner.

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#9Leyaria Venerak 

on Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:55 am



Crash Queen

Bianca had taken the lead as to how the two of them were going about this, this act of deception to which she and Leyaria were playing. The men, their faces read of disappointment and frustration, every one of the actions in which Bianca commited, and by extension everything to which Leyaria did as well, albeit to a much lower degree, only seemed to further along the tensions of things as far as what was tolerable or not. These men, had they ever actually been to Hargeon before, would know well enough of just dismissing these antics, but their ignorance brought forth bliss; bliss in which the two women were more than satisfied with taking the fullest advantage of.

Once Bianca had opened up one of the crates, citing a potential claim of drugs, that it was that Leyaria really perked her eyes up, behaving in a manner similar to that of an understudy to a dock official, now paying more attention twards that of the crates. As Bianca examined the contents and exclaimed something rather loudly and artificially, Leyaria let out a small gasp of her own, as though reaffirming what Bianca was saying. With this information, along with the shocked expressions of those who were being accused of peddling drugs now focused directedly upon the two of them, Leyaria gave a heavy, forceful kick towards one of the crates in which she was closest to that had just been unloaded, causing the contents to collectively spill out into the port as the crate quickly filled with water and began to descend down to the base of the dock, the tea bags which the two had been prtending to be drugs now scattering throughout the waters, much of which drifting out to sea. “Look’s like drugs to me, doesn’t it?” Leyaria said with a slightly condescending tone, knowing full well that Bianca did not believe them to be drugs, but only as a means to further make the men believe that this behavior was intolerable. By the looks of their faces, it was working.

Heaven Sent, Crusade Driven

#10Bianca Fleur 

on Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:14 am

The panic on the faces of the captains assured that her plan was working, and Leyaria was acting smoothly as well, making it only more convincing. Bianca tapped her fingernails to the board, watching the captains speak among themselves to come up with a solution for this problem. Whatever they came up with, she was not going to have it anyways. Then, they started to try and explain to her again, saying that there was no reason for them to be smuggling drugs or anything like that into Hargeon Town, and that they only wanted to bring their humble tea here. Bianca, however, scribbled some random circles on the paper she had in her hand as if she was writing down something, and ignored whatever they were saying. A short while later, she walked towards the ship again, catching the attention of the captains who all turned to see what she was up to now. She looked inside and around, then back to the men who gave her quizzical looks. She was basically out of ideas on things to accuse them of doing. “Smuggling drugs, smuggling people. You must be joking. What else are you trying to smuggle here?!” she hissed, taking a deep breath and letting it out.

Passing the imaginary list to Leyaria, Bianca pretended to be looking for someone, then let out a grunt, making it seem as if she could not find the person she was looking for. She turned back to the captains, straightened her top and simply told them that they were not allowed to be here and should just leave. “Goodbye!” she added with a wave as she turned around to leave, signaling for Leyaria to follow her with eye contact. She trusted old man Reagan to take care of the situation from now onwards. She did not even let the captains explain anymore. She simply cut them off and left them all confused and probably really nervous after claiming that they were trying to smuggle drugs into Hargeon Town. Bianca walked much further away from where the tea ships and the captains were, returning to the spot where she bumped into Ley. When she turned to check on them, she noticed that old man Reagan had already approached them, and was saying something to them, probably about how strict Hargeon dock authorities were. Now Bianca and Ley would only have to wait for Reagan to finish his business with the tea party and reward them.

“So Ley, what have you been up to? Where have you been, and what exactly are you doing here in port town?” she asked. Bianca was actually curious about Leyaria’s life. Not only did she care about this girl, but she also wanted to take her back home to Phantom Lord. Leyaria was basically family to Bianca now, and she wanted to keep her under the same roof so that she could be protected. She was pure and innocent, unlike Bianca, or was she? She had yet to find out about her past, but there was no doubt she was very interested in it. Bianca had never cared so much about someone else other than herself, nor had she been so curious about their life.

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#11Leyaria Venerak 

on Mon Jul 03, 2017 10:54 am



Crash Queen

Seeing Bianca there, having the rare luxury of not just having her company but also having a chance to help her, it was a welcoming difference to how Leyaria had come to feel about her, especially given the circumstances. While they may not have warranted it any further, the feeling of uselessness was still a prevalent one within this city, particularly to the girl who once upon a time had nothing. Even with the Blue Pegasus stamp, no longer planted upon her body, it did not void or erase the fact that here, she felt less than a person, all of her courage and heroic deeds aside.

Bianca inquired as to what Leyaria was doing here, and though a great deal of her just wanted to confide to the woman what had happened, everything from her childhood here, from her encounter with Finn, to the realization of what he had done, the conflict that tore within her following it, to her decision to leave Blue Pegasus, she just wanted to tell her all of her it, but she couldn’t. Fear set in as the reality of how Bianca may have taken to the news being something that Leyaria was utterly terrified of. Unable to think of anything to say, she found herself instead just tightly hugging the woman, an image that was not unfamiliar with either woman at this point.

“I… There were just some things I had to take care of here… Things that I had wanted to do before I saw you in Oak Town…” Tears began to stream down her face, albeit not to the degree or out of complete despair, but rather a mixture of guilt and pleasure of seeing Bianca again. For her to be here, to be as conflicted and in as much mixed emotions as she was, having a guardian angel like her was something that Leyaria couldn’t have been more thankful for. “I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you here. I’ve missed you…”

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#12Bianca Fleur 

on Wed Jul 05, 2017 4:03 pm

Leyaria’s reaction to Bianca’s question made her blink as she was enveloped in her warmth. She placed her hands around the girl as well, giving her a light squish. It was cute how emotional Leyaria was, and it only made Bianca feel the need to protect her even more. In normal cases, she would already be questioning this behavior, like why was she crying so much? Did a family member of hers die? Was she suffering from crippling depression? Things like that. But Bianca’s mind was free of these thoughts. Instead, she took it upon herself that it was her fault that Leyaria was crying, and tried her best to comfort her without showing her guilt. “There, there. It’s alright,” she said while rubbing Ley’s back slowly and gently. “You don’t have to cry.” Bianca was not sure if this was the right moment to pop her question: if she wanted to come back home with her. She would even try to persuade her that she should, but in the end it was her decision, and only she could make the choice of whether to follow Bianca or not.

Bianca held Leyaria closely until she started crying less, and then moved back, holding Ley from her arms and looking into her eyes. “I feel the exact same way, Ley. In fact, I’m even happier to see that you are healthy and alive!” she said when Leyaria said that she was so happy to see her and that she had missed her so much. With a tearful smile, Bianca released her hands from Ley’s arms, preparing to pop the question, but it was so damn hard, because she was afraid that she would get a ‘no’ for an answer. “Remember when I told you to meet me in Oak? Yeah, I had something to show you,” she started, “And it is my home. I want to take you there with me. I don’t know, but I just want to keep you near me...to make sure you’re protected and safe from outside harm. It’s a mad, cruel world. I want to take care of you.” A tiny blush rose to her cheeks from the anxiety and excitement that was tangled with her nerves. She thought of more things to say, but she could not help but stare at Leyaria to respond to what she had just said. If she agreed, then she would say, “Well then, back to our initial plan, then! We’ll meet at Oak Town because I have some business to take care of first. You will most likely get there first, so if you ask for me at the gallery they will tell you if I have arrived or not,” with a hint of enthusiasm. But if she said no...Bianca doubted that though.

Reagan would return later to give them their reward and thank them for their job well done. Bianca would send Leyaria back to wherever she was living, and then bid her farewell, reminding her to meet her at Oak before she returned to the inn she was staying at.

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Certainly, to some degree there was a bit of Leyaria that was intimidated by the whole encounter, for as delightful and pleasant as it had turned out to be to have seen Bianca again. That they had met though, in Hargeon of all places rather than Oak Town, the place where clearly Bianca had wished that this reunion of sorts take place, there was just no way to deny that Leyaria’s past somewhat clouded that excitement that was meant to be encountered by their interactions. The young girl simply stood there for a moment, holding tightly to Bianca as she listened to the words described by her, the comforting words that seemed like Leyaria had never had the luxury or pleasure of hearing in the past.

They were powerful, and hit Leyaria like a ton of bricks.

Biting her lip, she tried and exerted as much effort as she was able to in order to ensure that she would not cry, not any more than what she had already. By perhaps some miracle, or through just an extreme degree of will, she was able to prevent just that, instead just closing her eyes, appreciating the words that were coming out of Bianca’s mouth, imagining the idea of the envisionment she painted. Leyaria, alongside Bianca, together in Oak Town, it seemed to almost mirror past history between her and her sister; a relationship that Leyaria more than anything longed for.

She had been so lost in thought and imagination that she hadn’t quite realized that Bianca was setting to depart. Before that though, Leyaria made sure to call out to her, “Bianca!” She watched as the woman turn her head back towards her, to which Leyaria enthusiastically exclaimed, “Can’t wait to see you again in Oak Town!” The two smile back at each other and eventually parted ways, Leyaria unbelievably excited for what was to happen when she would finally arrive within Oak.


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