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Lighthouse without Lights[Caius]

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Lighthouse without Lights[Caius] Empty on Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:46 pm

Caius had gotten a piece of paper slipped under his door a few days ago. He had recently completed a quest for Reagan Hullston who was a smuggler infamous throughout all of Fiore. This one was from one of his associates which was Balthazar Barbossa. He was an old pirate that he ran into during his last missions when he picked up the goods from the beach from his wrecked ship and returned them to the warehouse where it belonged so he could finish the the mission. Barbossa was a main head in the smuggling scheme and said during the last mission where he picked up the goods and returned them that Caius did good work and if he ever needed help he could help him by giving him more job offers and the jobs were pretty good cause they paid a lot and with money it was power and with the power you could buy anything to help improve your life. Barbossa aid there was more equipment that was needed over by the lighthouse in the town that was Hargeon which was a town that was ruled over mostly by the guild Blue PEgasus so he had to be careful and tread carefully. Caius would toss on his black gi and his red sash over his body because that is what shirts cover and would toss on his white boots on his feeet. He picked up his sword and then would put it on his red sash as he opened the door to head out.

Caius walked down the streets of Hargeon keeping to himself down to the docks. It was late afternoon so not many people were out they were either getting dinner or heading inside to be with family. As he arrived at the docks he went to r Reagan Hullston shop but found shit there but there was a sealed note on the door. Caius guessed it was for him and he snatched that right quick and opened it up and it said that he needed to meet with Barbossa in an alleyway which was a few blocks down the docks twoards the sea and the Hargeon lighthouse which was the lighthouse that used light to bring in the boats because that is what a lighthouse did. He walked and wlaked anf ifnally would meet up in the alleyway that was specified. He didn't see anyone so he was worried he had the wrong place until a man emerged from behind a dumpser that smelled of rum and scurvey and was totally the pirate man he was looking for. Barbossa greeted him warmly and then said that Caius had to follow him as they were going to meet with Reagan Hullston and then they could all talk together as they would make a kind of legion of doom but for smugglers and then they would be able to do the missions and everyone wins and they get to smuggle the goods. Caius would follow into a broken down warehouse.


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Lighthouse without Lights[Caius] Empty on Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:40 pm

Caius arrived in the allway with captain barbossa and reagan so he could get the equipment and that we could help get the stuff done so he could get the mission done and he wa going to the hargeon lighthouse so he could get all that stuff one and get his reward and get all the jewels from the request. Caius would listen in as the two talked a Reagan went in the back and he would then get a bag and then he would open the bag and then he would pull the stuff out of the bag and he would then give him some of the items that were needed

"Here is all the equipment you will need. It's some scuba gear to avoid the men guarding the lighthouse. There will be a lot of them as it's one of the biggest attractions in Fiore. CLimb up the side and then steal the lamp for the light lacrima that's inside it. ONce that's done leave and report to captain Barbossa" he would explain as he pushed the rest of the gear over to Caius. He would look at the gear and inspect it as he saw he could use the swimming gear and he could use that to swim over to the lighthouse and then he could use that go up the lighthouse and get the climbing gear and then he could climb the lighthouse and then he could go and get the bulb once he climbed to the top.

Caius would put the gear in his bag and then he would head out to the south side of the docks where the lighthouse was so he could go and he could finish the quest and get the lamp. He would walk down the southern path and look out and he would see the beautiful ocean that looked really nice. The waves crashed against the docs and made a swish sound that was relaxing and Caius was a man that was from a farm so he never saw pretty stuff like this since he was a farm boy but he loved it because he loved traveling and getting things done. Caius would then continue walking down the path and he would finally reach the end of the docks and would see the lighthouse in the distance. it would be a real big pain in the ass as there were boats in the ocean that were patrolling and he could see some guards on the lighthouse and he would have to get past them all. He would have to use the equipment that he got so he would be able to sneak in there and he would climb the lighthouse and get in. He went behind a building and made sure nobody saw him so he then could go and he could get changed into the scuba gear so once he finished that up he would be able to get changed and swim over to the lighthouse.


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Lighthouse without Lights[Caius] Empty on Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:01 pm

Caius was now in the scuba gear so he would be able to swim to the lighthouse with no issue. He as behind one of the warehouses by the docks and he would peak around the corner and then he would see the boats patrolling the ocean around the light house protecting anyone from anyone who tried to steal the expensive light inside of it at night time. Caius would wait and wait and wait until the time finally came when the boats were really far away and then he woudl be able to jump int he water with none of them around. He was wearing all black and it was night time and it also was black on the water so they had no way to see him unless they would flash the lights on his body which would expose him. Caius would swim extra deep though so even if they flashed the light the dark suit would protect him by covering him with the camo of the night time. Caius would end up swimming and swimming before he finally would reach the edge of the lighthouse and then he would start to surface looking up to see the ripples of the waves from the boats that were patrolling around the area and checking on the lighthouse so he could start climbing up the lighthouse and then he could get on with the mission which was to steal the light lacrima and then he would be able to return in for the reward.

Caius looked up and saw the boats that were patrolling around the lighthouse would finally start to spread out as he noticed they had a pattern that was going on where they would zig and then they would zag and then they would zig again and finally operate in a big circle which gave him time to surface back up and then he would be on the land. He emerged from the water and would see the boats start to turn around so he made sure to get on the double and move fast. He would climb up the rocks and then hit the ground so when they shined the light around it would miss him and the back of night help camouflage him so they counted' see him on the ground. Once they would back off and turn to check their security path routine he would get up and move and toss the bag off his side. He would go towards a big bush and then he would take all the stuff out of the bag which was full of climbing gear and stuff he could use to make sure he got up to the top of the lighthouse without issue. Caius would then take the hooks and smack it into the lighthouse. They were designed with magic so they made no noise when they struck so he could climb undetectable. He was lucky because the lighthouse was a dark navy blue so it would be hard fro them to find him because he had on dark colors and would camouflage and then he could climb undetected. He started the climb to the top to steal the lighthouse light.


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Lighthouse without Lights[Caius] Empty on Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:18 am

Caius would hit the climbing gear into the side of the lighthouse and start to climb up to the top where he could get to the top and grab the light lamp from the lighthouse and then he would have to go back down and return it to his client so he could finish the mission and then he would get his reward. He would slam the pick into the lighthouse and start to climb up and the picks they were picks that had magic on them that made them soundless os he woudl luse the picks and slam them and slam them into the light house as he woudl climb up the lighthouse and then he would keep on climbing until he reached the top. The boats didn't see him becasue they only shined their light on the ground of the lower part of the lighthouse and then they also would circle around the waters of the lighthouse and they would look for people invading to take the lamp. Caius took the other route and he was the tone who went into the water and then he would swim underneath so they wouldn't be able to spot him as he climbed up on the lighthouse. It was a brilliant plan by an A rank mage like him. After a few more minutes of climbing the super tall lighthouse he finally would reach the top. The light spun around and around and he would then wait until it would be gone before he climbed up over the railing.

Caius would then head into the small room where the light was spinning to shine for the ships that were coming into the bay before he made any move. There were guards that were also patrolling aorund the side of the lighthosue at the very top so he wouldn't be able to just yank it out while they all sat there on patrol. He would get surrounded and then he woudl get taken out or at least have to abadon the top of the light house and it was a really long way down and the guards would probably try throwing him off. Caius would sit in the room and he would watch from a small window to see the guards patrolling and he would then take a look at the pattern and then he would make sure to attack when they were the most seperated becasue handlign them one at a time would be way easier than all at once. He waited a few minutes and he had the path down so he was sure to attack them and it would be a really good idea because the attack would be effeicent. Caius would grab the swords from his sheath and then he would wait until they finally finished another patrol loop before he would stand up and get ready to attack the guards that were now speraeted pretty far apart and he had to take them all out quick right now.


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Caius had his sword in hand and then the patrolling officer was by himself so he prepared himself and would dash at him out of the door where he was in the light house and then he would go and he would attack the guard with his back turned and he would impale him in the back with his blade and the he would slump over dead from the attack and he didn't make a sound from the attack so Caius would push him over the side of the lighthouse and he would fall down and then he would be out of sight. There were hints of blood on the metal around the light but it would be heard to see in all this darkness so he would then get ready for another attack as Caius would go to where the other guard was and would wait until he came back and then he would got slit his throat when he walked passed him from behind so eh would Caius would do the same thing like he did before by pushing the man off and then he would fall over off the side and then he would fall off the side and join his other guard friend. There was a still about 3 more guards left that went down stairs but they were coming up now together so Caius would then get together with the rest of them at the top of the stairs and he would then stab one that came to the top and he would the kick him down the stairs which the other guards would trip over and then he would follow up by going down the stairs and then he would stab the two on the ground before they could recover and then he would stab them in the chest and twist it to kill them. He would bring up each guard and toss them off the side of the light house in case there were anymore extra guards sitting and waiting for him there so he would push them off and it would be OK. Caius went back to the top and would get ready to get the light now.

The light was stuck in a bolted lamp. He couldn't use his magic or he would destroy it so he would grab it and start to twist it. He put all the force in it and he finally was able to twist it loose and then would pull it from the bolted ground it was stuck in. He got his backpack and put it in the backpack and would head to the side. The light was pretty heavy but he would be able to deal with it. Climbing down would be way easier than climbing up because once he reached a short distance he could just jump down and avoid the climbing. he got the gear and would start his descent down the light house and then he woudl reach the bottom. He would then wait for the boats and then he would jump in the water adn then he would swim back to shore where he heard a bunch of sound which was the pirates that were raiding the town now that the lighthouse was gone and they coudln't signal anyone so basically the pirates were free to do whatever the fuck they wanted and steall all the goods with ease and then hew ould get hsi mission completed. He went to town and saw that Balthazar was screamign orders and he woudl give his bag over to him which had the light in in for the future so he could sell it and then Balthazar was pleased so he gave him a chest of loot they got which had his reward and it was 100k jewels so Caius would take those jewels and he woudl pocket them and head home after the pirates finished up the rest of the raid in the Hargeon Town at the night time.


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