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Name: Ignid, she was never given a last name

Age: 18

Gender: female

Class: Trickster

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Shoulder, red

Face: Fujiwara no Mokou; Touhou


Height: 5'10"

Weight: 156 lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Red

Overall: Ignid is a woman of average enough stature. She is of course quite pale, having quite literally lived under a rock her whole life. Her colorless hair is the type to remain straight even when wet and falls down to just past the back of her knees. Her eyes are a deep red color, acting as an accent in contrast to her generally white body. She prefers warm colors in her wardrobe, her favorite of which also being red. She generally wears skirts and dresses due to long time habits and preference.

Extra: N/A


Personality: At her core, Ignid is a cheerful individual, always looking ahead to seek a bright future. Though she is ignorant and Naive in her current fish out of water situation, She has a willingness to learn that has cultivated a growing sense of curiosity, especially now that she has entered a world unfamiliar to her. Unfortunately, her years of recent imprisonment has built a strong wall around this core, masking it in a deep sense of paranoia and distrust. She is always fearful that her past will come for her, taking her away to her doom. She lives by the code of "stranger danger", and it can be very difficult for her to feel close to anybody new. For all she knows, anyone could be a member if the Order of Rebirth, finally finding Ignid since her escape. Generally, she will be visibly nervous for some time when making new friends, but if someone shows enough patience with her, she can learn to warm up a little, as it were. When that wall is burnt to the ground, she shows her true colors, Always looking for the next big adventure or new experience that she can use to expand her knowledge and understanding of both the world and herself.


  • Fire: The warmth of a fire is the quickest way to calm the nerves. Such a warmth is the closest thing to a mother's embrace Ignid has ever been able to experience, and she holds that feeling dear.
  • Fresh Air: How she had lived without this is completely beyond her. Now that she wanders the surface world, She can't imagine being without the cool breese or the refreshing rain or the fresh air that surrounds the planet.


  • Water: While saying she is Hydrophobic is a step too far, she WILL do her best to avoid it when possible, as it does tend to nullify her powers in large quantities. Not to mentioned she spent a good three years basically soaked.
  • Destiny: Who cares about what you're meant to be, when you can just be who you want to be? Why should someone else determine what you can or cannot make out of your life?


  • Freedom: Though Ignid seems to have successfully left the Order of Rebirth, She still feels that she is chained to her Destiny and her people's Prophecies, and she strives to find a way to prove to herself that she is her own person, and She has the freedom to carve her own path.


  • Order of Rebirth: The underground cult that raised Ignid, and kept her prisoner without her knowledge for many years. As it turns out, her departure from them was not a very peaceful one, So she has a general paranoia that she is going to run into one of their members and they'll take her back.
  • Tight spaces: Being trapped in a small cell for three years in a cave did something to her psyche that now, She cannot stand enclosed spaces. She often opts to sleep outdoors and avoids a tight spot.


Magic Name: Flame Body

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: Flame body is a magic with which the user can quite literally turn their body into fire. A straight forward magic with many uses, as the user is able to do things like join with fire to hide, Use the flames as an offensive force, or allow phyical blows to slice through a body of fire as a defensive maneuver. However, there are limits to this power, much like most all things. This magic does not grant the user fire immunity, and hostile forces of fire (attacks from other mages, for example) would still deal damage like any other, while Peaceful flames (like a torch lit outside of a building) make for great hiding spots. Also, the user must actively activate their power in order to use it. For example, if a foe swings a sword at the user and the user does not physically do anything to block it, the sword will go through the user, sure, but it would happen as a sword would with anything else: a clean slice that is potentially fatal.


History: It is a common thing, to deeply miss the days of your youth and childhood. It is an understandable thing to want to return to times of joy, before the burden of responsibility was thrust upon you, often times against your will. Ignid's childhood was a rather spoiled one, admittedly. Since birth she was considered a princess among her own, and as such had everything she could ever want handed to her. The underground cult know as the "Order of Rebirth" was her home, her family, and she was "Lady Ignid, Daughter of the Phoenix, Born with the Body of Fire". As a child, of course, she did not really understand her own importance, Or why everyone would bow to her as she passed by. To her, this was all normal. She had been born Special.

The secret society had many rules, but the ones Given to Ignid were as follows: Obey the orders of the Grand Pyre; Leader of the Order of Rebirth, Never use Flame body to harm another, Never leave the caverns and enter the surface world, and never go beyond the iron door next to the Grand Pyre's Chambers. Other than that, Ignid basically had the freedom to do whatever she wanted. However, it was that last rule, the one in which she could never enter the room next to Grand Pyre's, that would cause her grief in the coming years.

It was never an issue at first. The heavy iron door was always locked with no other way to get in, so there was no point in even wondering what could be beyond. Still, her curiosity only grew. As she got older and moved into her adolescent years, she found herself speculating every time she passed the door. What could be in there? Why was she not allowed inside? After all, it was not as if NO ONE was allowed in there, she had seen plenty of people enter and exit the room, but Ignid outranked them all besides Grand Pyre himself! Just what was going on? She had asked her caretaker, Ms. Oran, many times before, and every time got an answer along the lines of "It is not your concern, Lady Ignid." Of course, this only caused nothing BUT concern. The theories and ideas swam through the Flame mage's head with nowhere to go for years, until they were all unleashed on one fateful day.

It was the dead of night, and no doubt the majority of the clan was asleep. The torches lighting the caverns were out, and only the Order guards were roaming about, completing their patrols. Meanwhile, a 15-year-old Ignid was hungry. It was a simple problem, nothing big, but something that happened often enough that she usually had some sort of midnight snack waiting for her in the kitchen. In fact, the guards weren't even surprised anymore and bowed to her as normal when she passed by them on the way to get some food. However, there is a certain door on the way to the kitchen, a door that was cracked open just a little. Ignid almost missed it completely in the darkness, but as the light cast by her hand, currently engulfed in flame, passed over the iron, she saw the tiny gap between the door and the wall. What to do? Her entry was strictly forbidden, but this was a once in a lifetime chance! The door was NEVER left open like this, and she could be in and out of there with no problem if she was careful. It was risky, but she had to know what lay beyond the door.

She looked around for patrolling guardsmen and entered as quick as she could when she saw no one. This was it: the forbidden land. Who knows what would happen if she got caught now? She had never intentionally broken one of her rules before (there was an accidental instance with her tutor vs flame body). Still, she had to press on. The hallway was dark and eerie, with not a single torch to light even if this was the day. However, she could see the light at the end of the tunnel, literally, because at the end of the hall was a small room lit with torches, filled with many books that Ignid had never seen before. The one that caught her attention the quickest was the one sitting on top of a podium in the center of the room. It was large with gilded pages, but the thick leather skin of the book held no title nor illustration. How strange. She opened it up, flipping through the heavy pages until she found the familiar sight of a fiery red bird: The Phoenix.

"Ancient Stories tell of a bird of flame, blessed with the gift of eternal life. It is prophesized that this bird will one day give birth to a human child, carrying its abilities. This child will be a gift to those worthy enough to claim it. When the child comes of age, those who participate in the sacrificial ritual to return it to the mighty Phoenix herself will be granted the gift of eternal life, to represent the Phoenix' eternal gratitude." It was at this last line that Ignid froze. "Sacrificial ritual?" Is that what that said? Child of the Phoenix could only refer to herself, so had she just been raised to die by her family's hand? The fear overwhelmed her, and she found it hard to breathe. She wanted to turn around and run to Grand Pyre's room for som answers, but before she could, a hand was suddenly clasped over her mouth.

"You shouldn't be here Lady Ignid." It was Ms. Oran! The old woman;s hand moved from Ignid's mouth to her wrist, with a tight grip the girl could not pull out of. "W-wait! Ms. Oran I can explain!"
"None is needed. You only have few rules, and you have just broken one of the biggest." Ms. Oran's voice was furious as she dragged Ignid out of the room and into the Grand Pyre's. The old cult leader looked up from his desk quite alarmed when Oran threw the Order's Princess to the ground before him. "Oran! What is the meaning of this!?" The elderly woman Kneeled down, her head bowed. "Forgive me Grand Pyre, I mistakenly left the Prophecy room open and found Lady Ignid inside when I went back to close it." It was amazing how quickly a man's face could shift from surprise to fury. It seemed faster than an instant. "...what did you see?" He asked, facing Ignid now. Ignid could only stare at the ground, unable to form the words she wanted.
"WHAT DID YOU SEE!?" He demanded this time, his booming voice echoing around the chamber. Ignid's face shot up to look him dead in the eyes, while tears filled her own. "You're gonna kill me!?" Grand Pyre's sigh was long and deep. The cat was out of the bag and the results were not satisfactory. "Ignid, this is for the sake of our people. You will be the catalyst for our everlasting life! Don't you want to be part of something important?"
"No! I want to be alive! If my role here is to be a sacrifice then I'll--"
"You'll what!? What can you do to avoid the destiny laid out for you by a god!?" Grand Pyre Stood from his desk, Furious. Ignid had to get out. Now.

She scrambled back to her feet and rushed for the door. "Stop her!" from Grand Pyre, "Guards!" from Ms. Oran. Before she knew it she was faced with two of the order's guards blocking the door. They were considerably bigger and scarier now that they were against her. She supposed it was true that they did their jobs well. Their grips were something to be feared too, and she found that she was unable to slip out of them. "N-no! No! Let me go! I have to go!" Her panic was almost tangible. She had to do something. Her fears coursed through her and her mind was jumbled. All she could think of was getting away. How else could she get away other than "FIRE!" a guard screamed as he and his companion jumped back in a searing pain. Ignid's body was engulfed in flame in her desperation to be released. However, even though she was no longer restrained, the soldiers were still stubbornly blocking the door. She would have to force her way through. She made her way toward them, but before she could reach the exit the sudden cold of water soaked her body and immediately extinguished her fire. Oran had dumped out a nearby barrel of water onto Ignid's head, effectively canceling her power. The young girl fell to the ground, coughing to clear her airways of water. That was when she was grabbed again, this time truly unable to run. She looked at Grand Pyre's angry face, a face that had now gone stone cold. "Please, don't do this to me..."
"To you? How dare you think only of yourself? Think about the livelihood of the people who stand beneath you! You are the Phoenix' gift to them! If you refuse to cooperate, if you DARE use a god's power against the very people that worship it, then I am left with no choice. I will see to it that you BEG us to sacrifice you to the very being that created you!"
Ignid's head hung, her energy drained. "N-no... please..."
"Take her to a cell and make sure her power remains nullified." He gave his order to the guards and Ignid was dragged away, unable to do anything as the man she looked up to like a father sent her away to live the rest of her doomed life in prison.

The next three years of her life were long and unbearably slow. She spent her days lying on the cold, wet floor of her cell, an empty box with nothing but a bucket and a drain in the floor. Every day the guards would come in with a fresh bucket of water to drench her body with, ensuring that she could never ignite her power. Even when she was dry, they kept her starved so that she would have no energy or will to retaliate. They would never kill her, of course, not until it was her time, but they kept her close, that was for sure. It was Hell, and she did, in fact, think sometimes that she was better off dead than to endure more. However, she would never admit it. To admit to such a thing would be to give up on, well, everything.

At last, the dreaded time had come. The passing days had all eventually blurred together, but there was no mistaking her 18th Birthday. It was the day she was finally let out of her cage in order to participate in the sacrificial feast as the guest of honor. The entire process of getting ready was a haze. Ignid had absolutely no energy left in her, and she was dragged about like some sort of ragdoll. She could not tell what time it was when it all started, but she did know that she was taken to get groomed. Something about looking presentable for the ceremony. She must have looked terrible when they started, her hair in nothing but mats, bags under her eyes, pale, wrinkled skin from all of the water, it must have been a frightening sight, never the less she was fixed up in a matter of hours and when she looked into the mirror for the first time in years, it was as if she were invisible. The beautiful person looking back at her could not be the same person marching to her death. What did a fancy red gown matter if any garment were about to be stained by her own blood? She had given up. She had completely become unresponsive. As she sat with her clan at the table for the ceremonial feast, someone else had to feed her because what was the point? When this was all over she would be dead, and there wasn't anything she could do about it.

Perhaps it was her special body of flame or maybe it was just the power of food, but as she ate she could feel her fire start to rekindle. It was as if her body was burning through the food quickly to make up for what it had lost. Suddenly her energy was returning but what to do with it? She couldn't let anyone know what was happening, it would be a quicker death sentence. For now, she would just have to pretend to be like the vegetables she was being fed and gain more energy until she could come up with a plan.

After the feast she was led to a golden throne, made just for her. It was at that time Grand Pyre stood before the Order of Rebirth, Clearly excited to be receiving the Phoenix' power. "Hello fellow clansmen, and welcome to the first day of everlasting life!" The crowd cheered and for the first time, Ignid realized: the entirety of her people had been against her from the start! Of course they knew this day would come, it was all anyone was waiting for! It was a terrifying thought, and her panic began its return. As Grand Pyre spoke, Ignid looked around, trying to come up with something, ANYTHING to do. There was a guard to her left and right, each at the ready with a bucket of cold water at their feet. If she tried to escape now, Those would surely be emptied out on top of her and she would really be dead. What to do, What to-- "And now, the sword, if you please." Grand Pyre was handed a gilded sword and faced toward Ignid herself. It was too late. There was no way out of this. "We will now return to the phoenix her daughter, so that she may grant us the power to live forever, and may she be reborn again to serve future generations of our people!" The entire Order fell to their knees, and everyone bowed. EVERYONE. This was her only chance. The sword came down on her but she lifted her arms to block it, the blade only able to cut through flame. "What the--AUUUGGGHHH!" Grand Pyre screamed in pain as Ignid's flame body moved through him and she make a break for the entrance to the surface world. The guards could not get up fast enough to respond, and the crowd went into a panic as Ignid forced her way through them, fueled purely by adrenaline. "Traitor! Sieze her! Don't let her escape!" the cries of The Grand Pyre were loud and booming as Oran rushed to his side to treat his burns. However, Kai could not be stopped. She refused. her legs were gone and replaced with a raging flame that seemed to make her faster, if only a little bit. She could do this. the bright light of the sun was within her reach. If she kept running, she could finally be free.

Ignid left through the entrance of the cave in which she once lived, but she couldn't stop there. She was still being chased. She kept running into a thick wood, allowing her fire to die out so as not to leave a trail of destruction in her wake. With all of these trees (something she had only seen in books up until now), eventually she would be able to hide. Besides, only a select few soldiers were ranked high enough to travel outside, so fewer people to worry about, at least for now. She ran until she could no longer hear or see her pursuers. Still, she was cautious. she ran for a bit more before stopping, hiding behind a tree to make sure she was no longer followed. Her relief was overwhelming, and the rush she felt subsided involuntarily. she was still exhausted from her three years in captivity, and the feast was only a temporary fix. Her heavy body fell where it stood, and she spent the rest of the night asleep in the woods.

She woke up with a jolt, Looking around, and trying to figure out what was going on. Everything was so...green. What happe-- oh right! Escape! Did it work? Was she finally free? Clearly no one found her in the night, so perhaps it was true! She used the tree next to her to prop herself up. Her body was still sore and heavy, but she could not stay here. They would come for her for sure. Slowly but surely, she stumbled through the woods. This would be where her adventure would begin. A new life untethered to destiny.

Reference: Found this place all on my own

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Hello Ignid, welcome to the site and I'll be grading your application.

  • Please mention the colour of your tattoo.
  • The personality you have for your character is a bit brief. If you could, describe more on her personality and how she acts.


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I'm having trouble expanding personality more, but I did my best. Hopefully, it will suffice this time.

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Congratulations, your application has been approved.

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