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Sieghart Mountains to Hargeon [Foot Travel]

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Default on Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:43 pm

It was a rather long travel, Personally Judina was more then ready for it, Just had to figure out an area that would be good for her to figure out her main goal, maybe some work and finally talk to a few more people, She knew it would be a long so she packed for a few nights of sleep just in case, camping was normal for her it was enjoyable, normal really since Judina had yet to get a home to live in.

Maybe after she had traveled a bit more around places Judina would want to figure out were she would live herself either alone or with some one, The options were there but the full thought wasn't she was keeping her mind busy for the moment.

She would slowly lose track of the time she traveled after all it was so much walking to do she would keep track of only being in towns or when the sun was down just to realize what was going on around her, The first few sun sets were pretty to see and view, the sight kept her going were she traveled through out the night to keep going for a while.

One of the times Judina took a break and upon a lake and went fishing. Taking a few sticks she could find and slowly making fishing rods out them and some left over string. It was a peaceful and relaxing time for when she took a break, Judina did not catch too many fish just three total.

So setting up for the night, Judina would just watching the fire slowly nodding away wanting to just pass over out, almost to the point were she almost burnt the fish she caught.

After her dinner had cooked Judina made a knife out of metal herself with her magic. It was nice and she enjoyed it for she was use to it, One of these days maybe Judina would teach some one to be able to live this way aside from her self.

Then again her fish did not taste the greatest it was missing something for it to taste better. It would have to do for now so she could save the rest while she was on the go.

The next time her mind tuned in she was in a town traveling through, Stopping into a small store and just maybe a other stops too would work out. Just did not need as much stuff this time as she did last time.

While traveling at her next lake she took the stop to swim not being too far away from her stuff. she did not swim for very long just to feel refreshed, It was nice but not as a good as a shower, But felt better none the less, During the evening that time Judina did not really feel like sitting up much and just allowed herself to sleep under a tree with her back pact as a pillow, that was it she was fine with that, Even if she was worried of some one ambushing her in her sleep but she was fine for that night.

Judina must have passed through many town and not even notice much or stopped to take note. Was Judina becoming that absent minded to what was around her or was it because no one really seemed to brother her.

Judina remember going through the town she had just left before hand, stopping there to talk up some food from the place she went with Lacie but that was it, did not say much.

She could feel her trip slowly coming to a close, Like maybe the next spot she wanted to go too was not too far away, Judina would take her time getting to this spot because at this point all of this walking had taken its toll on her as well, But that is why she took her time so it wouldn't be as bad. She would just camp out one more night and it would be fine.

She looked out at the stars with a smile and started sleeping that night, Next morning she would arrive in Hargeon.

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