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A Journey of Self Relfection.(closed/solo)

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on Sun Jun 18, 2017 4:43 pm

There had been no one for miles, not a single soul in sight since Judina left the town she met Lacie in behind, The time out and walking was peaceful. But it also left Judina with an odd feeling of how empty a place could be. Being left to wonder how long an empty avoided mind could stand being alone.

Even if capable of thought anymore, Judina thinking back to may things to her mind that followed was the thought of how being alone at this time felt slightly amiss, Very different then what she was use too.

Just why? Judina could deal for so long being alone, during her long travels. Was it what she was told about at one point from her mother at one point in life. When you feel you build a connection with some one it changes your mind sometimes.

But Judina also knew her mind was stronger then that, She knew and could deal with travels alone for long periods of time better, Maybe the break and experience was so different she wished to try it again, But hopefully the feeling would pass eventually.

The Passes of these mountains were quiet as she thought, Wondering in her thoughts what was next for her in life, She did not think about it for a while mostly because she kept herself so busy for the longest time.

But also, her thought would be how long would that house hold her seemingly zombie minded older brother in place? How long until something bad happen that has to do with him, would Waylon her mother or father be effected? It was stuck in her mind for the moment.

Standing upon an edge of a cliff Judina would look out to the mountains made her feel normal here she trained in these areas, Maybe one of these days if she could find people who may life here or a village she would stick around.

Since she was not walking far enough to see, Judina would never know. Turning around Judina went back the path she came, Prepared to move onto the next area.

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