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Oh Deer [Quest|Diana]

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on Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:51 am

MEET ME THERE | 522/1000
“Err,” Eva shifted her weight, running a hand through her hair. She was in Farmer Jim’s farmland again. This time, contrary to the stiff nature she was treated with last time, Jim was bawling in front of her, blowing his nose onto a piece of cloth every now and then. Through his squeaky sobs, Jim explained, to an Eva who had to filter his words, about how his precious cabbages are being eaten by a couple of deer that entered his farm every other night. He had tried everything to chase it off, apparently. In fact, he recollected much to Eva’s amusement, the moment when he chased one all around the farm only to have it lead him into a pool of mud where he, unfortunately, he said, had fallen face first and crushed a cabbage he held under his weight.

After going through it all, he decided to give Eva a chance, promptly writing a letter to the local inn where she stayed. The wind mage received it early that morning from the inn owner who had, with her very loud voice, woke Eva up from her peaceful sleep. The owner, a prideful woman in her thirties, looked irritated as she thrust the letter on her face and left. Only half awake, Eva read it through a yawn, folded it, threw it to a side, and took another nap before waking up around eleven. Now an hour later, she was patting the poor farmer’s back, trying to get the grown man to stop crying.

“And then, and then, Eva-chaaan,” he cried, “five of my poor cabbages are gone! My Cathy, Bella, Mary, Ron, and Rina,” he sobbed harder. He named his cabbages? Eva quickly slapped a hand over her mouth. She tried, desperately, to stop herself from laughing her head off at the thought of a man in his fifties going around the field naming each and every cabbage in it. The task proved to be difficult because something close to a chortle escaped her lips and Jim instantly turned to her with a frown. “Is this funny, Eva-san?!” he balled his fists at her, making Eva put her hands up in a surrendering motion. “No, no, not at all, Farmer Jim,” she made it sound convincing enough because Jim simply narrowed his eyes at her and then went on bawling again.

Ten minutes later, he finally calmed down enough to give Eva proper instructions on what to do. She may hide somewhere in the farm and wait for the deer to arrive. Once they do, he said with a malicious grin, kill them and take it back to him. They make amazing soup from what Jim told her and it looked like the man was determined to have it for dinner. “Someone else will be joining you since I put up a request on the board before I remembered about you,” he suddenly dropped it on Eva and her smile faltered for a second. Here she thought she was special since he personally sent a letter to her. She sighed but nodded. “I understand but when are they getting here?”


on Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:54 pm

You could not blame Diana for taking long in front of the mirror. After all, she was a woman, and women had that thing about them where they took extra long for...a lot of things. Diana was a big fan of skincare, so that morning she spent a solid hour and a half with masks and body lotions, making good use of all the skincare products she had bought while she was in Marigold. So far, she had enough to fill half of her luggage. If she bought more, she would have to purchase a whole new luggage because her clothes would not fit anymore. This was the reason she actually stopped buying any more beauty products.

“All done!” she announced to her reflection in the mirror as she made sure she looked perfect, then cleaned up the mess she made in the bathroom before heading out. She had been craving some sushi for a while, and come to think of it, she had not had some sushi in forever! She needed to have some sushi, it was almost like her life force. Well, to be completely honest, her life force would have to be tea, but sushi was a close second. The young sorceress exited the hotel she was staying in and headed out for some good sushi. She had asked the staff at the hotel to recommend some places here, so they did, and she literally had a list of places to check out before she left. And since she was staying here for about a week or two, she knew she would cover them all with how active she was, especially these days. The sushi place that was recommended to her was pretty full. She could see how popular it was, now that she was having to wait in line to get a seat. But since she did not have anything to do later, she decided it was okay to wait. She was in no hurry for anything.

Staring down at her queue number written in bold ink on a thin piece of paper, Diana made a plan in her head for the day, and later for the entire week. She played around with corners of the paper that rested in her palms. Soon her queue number was called and she got up to get to her seat, picking sushi on plates on the long conveyer belt. It did not take too long for her to finish eating. After all, she made sure she was not eating more than she should be. She did not want to be gaining more than the ideal weight for her height. She paid for the food she ate and left a tip as well. Now that she was full and free, she wondered if she should pick up a request on the board. Even if she did not decide to take any, she could still check out what new requests had been put up on the board and if she was interested, she could take it back home or something.

Apparently there was a new request by Farmer Jim, asking for someone to kill some deers that were bothering him and his peaceful farmland. He seemed to want it done soon. Without much hesitation, Diana plucked the request sheet off of the board and read it along the way to nowhere in particular. It was in the instructions that she was to wait and watch at nighttime. Wondering if she should go now to discuss with Farmer Jim, or just plain chill with him, since she had nothing to do as of now, Diana’s feet took her to the farm. She brought out the neatly folded request paper, prepared to show it to Farmer Jim. What made her stop in her tracks in surprise was the sight of Farmer Jim bawling his eyes out, which was a very strange sight. She never expected such a grown man to act this way. In fact, she felt like leaving already since she was not a good comforter. She would not know how to make him stop crying. Plus, there was someone near him already, seeming to comfort him. She wondered how that girl had the confidence. However, since she did not want to miss out on some jewels, she decided to walk up to them.

“Hello, Diana here again. I’m here to help you with the deer problem,” Diana said in a clear tone, giving the small girl beside Farmer Jim a smile before turning back to her client. “I guess we’ll have to wait for nightfall for now.”

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on Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:08 am

MEET ME THERE | 1239/1000
After a while spent in comforting the sobbing farmer, Eva was starting to get tired of the whole thing when she heard soft footsteps and a shadow falling beside hers. She turned to face the girl, seemingly around the same age as her, with vibrant rose hair falling behind her and lit up golden eyes. Eva took a moment to glance at her and spoke with her usual pleasant mask, “Ah, I’m Evangeline”. She returned the quick smile and gave Jim another reassuring pat before walking out to the cabbage field where, just as usual, rather delicious looking cabbages grew all thanks to Jim’s effort. She looked around a bit, spotting empty patches and a slightly old, put together looking fence that had white paint peeling off its wooden surface.

Her mouth drew to a thin line. The fence looked like it was just repaired which meant something broke it. Before she could voice it though, farmer Jim was right beside her nodding his head. “Yes, they broke through it. It can’t be helped, the fence is really old and I haven’t gotten around to building a new one yet. But, you can ignore that for now. I just want those damn deer caught and roasted,” he grumbled, his expression turning from sad to angry and back to disappointed again. “My poor cabbages,” he sniveled, but before he could once more start sobbing, Eva reassured him that none of his cabbages will be hurt again and that he can count on her and Diana to get them.

But Diana was right. They had to wait for night to settle in and everything to go absolutely quiet before they could chase after the deer. However, they needed a plan. Chasing after those two things all around the farm would most likely be tiring and counterproductive. They should lure them somewhere and then kill them. But where? Eva tapped a foot on the ground as her eyes once again swept over the entire area, landing, just a little further from them at the opposite right corner of the farm, on a shack built for keeping tools, fertilizers and other farming goods. It was big enough to fit probably three people inside and it didn’t look like two deer would be a problem.

“I think I know what we can do,” she turned to Diana. “We should use that shack. I think I can lure the deer into it. You should hide in there and kill them just as they arrive. This way, they won’t really have that much space to run around in and we won’t waste too much of our energy. Since they like cabbages a lot, I think we can use a few as bait,” she explained but waved a hand over farmer Jim’s face in defense at his ready to burst expression. “But of course, we won’t let anything happen to the cabbages!”

Everything fell silent after that as they awaited night’s arrival. Eva spent a while checking out the shack and clearing a few things out of the way while Diana…she wasn’t sure what Diana was doing but she knew the mage was near. Once the sky darkened and the stars accompanied a beautiful half-moon’s arrival, Eva hid among the cabbages, lying low with a huge cabbage in her hand. She thanked heavens that she had decided to wear something black that day, it made her difficult to be seen when there was no light except for the moon’s pale glow.

She heard them before they appeared. Two medium sized deer, wide eyes searching for most likely the best cabbage in the farm. They spotted her cabbage from a few feet away and Eva was careful as she crawled back a bit. They stopped, stared at the moving cabbage in confusion but tried again, taking a couple of curious steps towards it. She crept back once more, slowly, but fast enough. The process continued for a while until they were near the shack and this was probably the difficult part. With a swift movement, she rolled the cabbage into the tiny building and reeled back into the shadows. When they chased after it into the shack, Eva closed the doors, trapping them inside with Diana. The rest was up to her and hopefully, it would go well.


on Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:02 am

Farmer Jim stopped to say hello to her and continued to speak about the deer and his apparent hatred for them. Diana followed Evangeline as they looked around the area to set up a plan to complete their mission. It seemed that Evangeline had come up with one, when she saw a small building that was probably used for storing tools and the like. Diana did not mind following Evangeline’s plan, although eyes widened when hearing that she was the one to kill the deers. To be quite honest, Diana had never killed anything bigger than a cockroach. Deer were much bigger compared to cockroaches, so she would have to muster up all the courage she had in her to kill the deer. While Evangeline did other things, Diana looked around in the shack for tools that could be used as weapons to kill. She also tried to look for traps so that she could keep the deer from going rampant in the shack and possibly destroying. The building was tiny so if two or more deer went crazy in there, it could collapse, and Diana wouldn’t know how to fix that.

Once it was nighttime, Diana hid inside the shack, ready to play her role in this mission. Farmer Jim wished them both good luck and also told them to be careful not to destroy his cabbages. Diana inhaled and exhaled deeply, praying that she would have the courage to kill the deer once they entered the shaft. She wondered if Evangeline gave her the task of killing because she was afraid to kill, too. However, soon she could hear something near the shack and in no time, the deer had entered straight into her traps. Lucky for her, she had found a gun inside the shack that Farmer Jim probably used for hunting. She did not really know much in this area, but she decided to aim at the deer’s brains. If that didn’t work, she would leave Evangeline to finish it. Once her part has been done, she left the shack with an expression of shock on her face, handing the rifle to Evangeline who would be waiting for her outside of the shack, probably. Her clothes had some spots of blood on them. She wiped the blood on her cheeks and went straight to Farmer Jim to collect her reward before leaving, only saying, “I hope we meet again, Evangeline.” She hoped the girl understood her shock as she walked straight back to the hotel.

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