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Over the Sunset

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Default on Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:36 am

Eva let a hand run slowly through her platinum blonde locks. So what was it that she was doing here again? She must have taken a wrong turn somewhere while trying to make it back to the town. At that moment, she was standing in front of a large windmill, one that was currently empty but definitely not unused. The sun was starting to go down, casting a golden red hue over the windmill as shadows fell over the other side. She stood there for a moment feeling the wind sweep past her. It seemed to be saying something, Anemoi’s voice, she thought as her eyes instinctively closed.

‘Eva,’ he seemed to whisper. His voice was as authoritative as ever, but yet soft. ‘You have to make better choices,’ she heard him again, but before she could even ask him what he meant, the voice was gone along with the wind that suddenly slowed down into a gently breeze that washed over her. Though it must have been her imagination, she felt someone’s hand gently touch the top of her head for a split second. Anemoi…now what did he mean?

She sighed, shifting her weight, and calmly facing the windmill before opening her eyes. Her hair flew behind her as her gaze lingered on the incessantly spinning fans of the windmill. She could tell from the worn out bricks that it was an old structure. However, it had been maintained through the years and is still functioning rather well. She could see sacks of wheat grains, all kept neatly to a side in a specific order.

And with a shrug, she turned and sat down on the hilltop. Pulling her legs back up, she encircled her knees as she rested her chin on them. She watched, with a small smile, the sun slowly disappearing over the horizon, little sparkling stars starting to peek through the dark veils. It was a beautiful evening, Eva sighed as she let the silence envelop her.

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cold as ice swift as wind the whole world i'll acquire

Marigold Town reminded Snowflake of the countryside she used to live in – the beautiful swathe of rolling green divided by walls of mossy grey stone, picturesque by any standards. To the fellow mage, it was everything she sought for: the tranquillity and the green grass that outstretched into the distance. In fact, this sort of silence was something her body had been craving for, after the strain of odd jobs pushing her being to and from between places. Thick gorse of bushes as well as the wide variety of deciduous trees grew wildly around her in the woodland. The windmills stood tall in a distance, casting shadows over hectares of grass: ankle-deep, undulating, thick and tangled as a horse’s mane.

The soft whistle of the wind that blew across the land pierced through the silence that reigned supreme around the area. Strands of silver hair caught up in a breeze as the hem of her skirt billowed out behind her, revealing a white bodysuit underneath. Through the mud and soil, the youth strode over the distance towards the windmills, curious to discover what might be inside the building. The ground was spongy, like walking on foam as she placed her full weight down on the ground, the earth seemed to hug her heels and gently release them with each step.

”Perhaps I should’ve brought Vysella along. She would’ve liked this view as well.”

Snowflake began to regret her decision of leaving her companion alone back in her room. It would’ve have been best if she had taken the vulpix out for some fresh air, she thought. Cerulean hues glided outwards into the field which was only filled with more greenery and windmills. To her knowledge, there shouldn't be any one else but herself among the fields but the sight in front of her proved her wrong. Up along the hills was a young lady, no more than a few years older than her. Her presence made her wonder why she would be in a place like this, but perhaps, she enjoyed a beautiful sight like this as well.

The mage was a wanderer at heart, unable to remain stable at a single location and was always travelling to different towns, exploring the culture and the studying the people. This morning, when she was walking through the streets of Marigold, her feet seemed to have led her to the farmlands somehow. It was not necessarily a bad thing but in fact, she was glad that the roads have guided her to a wonderful place like this to enjoy the scenery. The landscape before her was simple yet it was enough to please her and she was content with what she was able to take a glimpse of.

”Are you here to enjoy the view as well?”

Snowflake spoke, over the hustling of the harsh gales that blew across the land. A presence of someone other than herself was not something she was expecting from the beginning although she would not have minded to have an accompany.



Default on Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:57 am

Eva heard the girl before she saw her. Raising her head, Eva straightened up as her eyes flickered over to the slowly approaching figure. A short, petite girl with a well-toned body, and beautiful white hair, she seemed to blend in with the strong winds that blew over them as she walked. For a moment, Eva was surprised since she didn’t expect anyone to be taking a walk up the hills at this hour. However, once the initial reaction faded out, Eva was displeased that someone had intruded upon her silent evening. She was neither expecting nor welcoming any company. As it stood, Eva rarely got to spend time by herself and under the slowly spinning windmill, she was hoping to be left to her own self. But, as ever, with practiced ease, she willed her lips to form small curves at the ends as her right hand came up to wave at the woman.

“Hello. Yes, it’s a wonderful view, isn’t it?” she replied, turning back to the row of lights flickering on one by one as the darkness of the night started settling in. It washed over the town like a spell as people hurried here and there. The businessmen with their crisp, ironed suits and expensive watches, hurried impatiently towards the high-end bars, still on duty despite the end of working hours. Housewives scurried home, bags of groceries on either hands while young lovers lingered in some corners, mesmerized by each other. The town was completely visible from where they stood. The brick walled houses, some worn out from the mischief of time, some still as good as new, shops all lit up, and streets in a low buzz. It was a little bewildering and amusing how from the top of a hill they could see the clear different sections and divisions of the town and society.

Eva straightened her legs and placed her left hand on her lap while the other one slowly swept back stray blonde hairs that fell over her amber eyes. Her long hair, under the pale silver glow of a full-moon, glowed a soft platinum color as the wind caught her hair in a light tug and it flew gently behind her. Caught in the still moment, Eva’s eyes softened as a real smile tugged at her painted lips. With a light intake of air, she gestured to her side. “Why don’t you sit?” she welcomed the girl, though not really interested. “Do you live in the town?” she asked, trying to make a conversation as expected of any good natured person. Eva already had a feeling she didn’t. Of course, she had no superpower to know it for sure but the air around the cold eyed girl told her she was a traveler, and someone who didn’t really lead a peaceful or ordinary life inside a likewise town.

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