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Little Bit Of Mischief | Snowflake

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#1Hikari Snow 

Default on Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:59 am


It has been a few days since Snowflake had departed Hargeon town with her guildmate, Alisa and the closest town nearby was no other than Marigold. The youth had figured she would stay at the town for at least a month or so to explore and discover the things that she had been curious about. After all, one of her objectives is to travel around Fiore and visit every single town that existed. Roaming about the streets, the fellow Blue Pegasus mage glanced around the area, taking in everything in her sight. Marigold was a town that was different than the ones she had been to. It was a quiet place with very little population compared to other towns such as Magnolia or Era.

The youth wandered aimlessly through the streets paved with cobblestones. Unlike the towns she had visited, the roads were not as crowded and it is not as bizarre as she had expected, which is exactly just the way she liked. Rowdy areas were just not her thing and she would tend to avoid those kind of places as much as possible unless it was necessary for her. So far, she has been loving the ambience of the town and how it reminded her so much of her hometown. She preferred the old buildings instead of high-rise, sophisticated ones since they hold much more value than those brand new apartment buildings. Of course, the quality and the living style is much more different – not to mention, the price as well.

Soon after, the snow haired mage would fall upon a quest board that was placed by the side of the road. Originally she had no intention of doing quests since she thought she should take a break for a while however, seeing sheets of paper pinned up on the board piqued her desire to accomplish them. Cerulean eyes scanned over the papers as she searched for something that attracted her attention, until she fell upon one that required her to go to the castle. The quest was not something that needed much effort which was why she decided that she would take up on it to kill the time, although she could use it to explore around the town as well.

The quest was rather simple – to distract the guards while the princess of Marigold escaped the castle. It did not seem like something she should be doing however, since the princess herself asked for someone’s assistance, it must have been something important although her reason was not something she was curious about. The android strode towards the castle with no particular sense of direction whilst wondering upon the appearance of the princess. Before she knew, she was finally standing in front of the castle, staring up at the large building that towered above her in awe. Somehow, it was just like the stories she had read when she was a child. The castle was grand and majestic with guards on duty over the walls as well as through the windows high up the towers.


#2Hikari Snow 

Default on Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:52 am

Cerulean eyes grazed over the features of the castle itself, the ancient white walls where moss and vines clung onto the bricks. Unsure what she should do, the youth strode back and forth in front of the castle while she waited for the princess to make an appearance. Meanwhile, the young girl wandered over the garden that was located behind her. Gorse of bushes grew wildly within the area and the broad windswept streets were carpeted with wildflowers. The fragrance of flowers nearby wafted into her nose through the air and she could feel the cool breeze gently caressing her cheeks.

Before long, the girl heard a whistle and she would immediately turn to face towards the direction of the source of sound. The first thing she noticed was the bright red hair that blew in the wind and the owner of the said beautiful hair was the princess of the town – Rosalia De Syllas. The lady appeared no more than a few years older than Snowflake. From the top of the tower through a window, the mage could see her waving over her direction as if to get her attention and she would look around her surroundings before waving back at the Rosalia. She would then point towards the guards that were on duty by the gate of the castle. Even with just the signs, Snowflake could understand what the princess was trying to tell her.

The girl nodded and began walking towards the guards with the sole intention to distract them so she could let the princess escape. The reason why Rosalia was desperate to breakout from the castle was still unknown to her although it might be due to the restrictive rules inside the castle or perhaps the princess was getting bored being alone in the castle. Whichever the reason was, Snowflake was now responsible in accomplishing this task. Upon approaching to the guards, she began the scene with a rather horrible act of a completely clueless girl.

”Excuse me, sir. Do you know the way to the market?”

The guards scanned her from head to toe with skeptical eyes before they exchanged looks among the two of them and peered down at her through the gap between their helmets. Without saying a word, the guards pointed towards the right side of her and continued to ignore her presence which put her into an irritated mood. ”Tsk.” Silently, she clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth but tried not to break away from her acting.

”I apologize, sires. I’m completely new to this town. Would it bother you so much to lead me the way, please?”

One of the guards produced a long sigh due to the sudden interruption in her duty before demanding her to follow their lead. As requested, the mage followed the two and she would look over her shoulder to indicate Rosalia that her plan had been successful. The sound of horse shoes clacking against the ground was soon followed after they reached a couple of meters away from the gate. Panicking, the guards began to run after the princess who had already escaped from the castle.


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