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Little Bit of Mischief [Quest|Evangeline]

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Eva tapped a foot impatiently on the cement paved ground. She had been standing there for more than an hour now, waiting for a signal from the princess up in the castle or to get some sort of sign. By princess, she meant the daughter of the Lord; Rosalia De Syllas. Eva had only checked out the request board out of curiosity on her way to the inn but was surprised to find a neatly folded piece of paper pinned to a corner that would have been difficult to find underneath the other requests that were pinned up with importance. Not only was it placed out of sight, the paper was also of great quality, bordered in golden ink. Eva being the way she is found no sense of danger as she carefully ripped the paper off and unfolded it. Curiously enough, she found no name on the actual request until she turned the paper around in her hand and found a small writing to a corner. In silver blue ink, a name came to her view and everything clicked into place.

With her eyes roaming around the castle, she took note of its grand structure. It reminded her a lot of that place that was called home. Dominic had, despite his constant protests, inherited some of his father’s pride to the point that he went as far as to spend millions and more in the remodeling of the old Vanderbilt mansion. Well, to say the least, it now looked like a palace fit for royalty with the unnecessary work poured into it. If she was to say something positive about it, she would say that it looked nice with its white and silver design structure. It was grand but not gaudy although the garden was a whole different picture. All in all, she didn’t understand the importance of having a giant building with only three people living in it, but who was she to criticize? She wasn’t even one of them anymore. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Venderbilt family name helped her get more job offers, she would have scratched that name off of her without a second thought ages ago.

She finally noticed Rosalia, waving her hands from one of the castle windows and Eva nodded. She directed her attention to the guards stationed in front of the gate and with a quick motion of her hands, indicated Eva to get them out of there. She returned the gesture with an OK sign before casually stalking up to the guards, half tired and half sleepy but still standing straight with their chest puffed out. She gave them a pitiful once-over before quickly masking it with a smile. Her eyes clashed with one of the guard’s and he visibly stiffened at once. From what, she wasn’t sure. Had her smiles turned from reassuring to sinister these days? She inwardly shrugged and simply held up a hand as to say hi.

“Hello there! How are you all doing?” she started. At this point, the guards had all turned to her, some in curiosity and some in a sense of alert. “Being a guard must be tiring, right? If you guys don’t mind, want to play a few games with me?” she spoke slowly with a mischievous tone at the end. By this time, the four guards were looking at each other in confusion. One of them snapped off it to grab Eva by her hands. “Who are you?! State your name and purpose! This is no place for you to be hanging out in! What are you?” he bellowed, throwing questions after another at Eva who simply stood there with a small smirk.

It must have ticked him off because the next moment, Eva saw his hand was darting towards her white shirt collar. She reacted instinctively with her own hand coming to grab his, firmly holding it in the air. Her eyes narrowed. “That’s not a nice thing to do, sir,” she spoke, the small smile still in place.

Prior to beginning the job, Eva had decided that it was best to hide her Rune Knight’s mark. She also thought of wearing a slight disguise because despite the seemingly harmless nature of the job, it was not a good thing for a Rune Knight, the law abiding force of Fiore, to be doing something like this. In the end, she had clipped her hair up with lots of pins to make it appear short, wore a hat and even threw in a pair of glasses on to complete the look. She buttoned her shirt all the way up, wearing a turtle neck t shirt to be extra cautious.

With her eyes glowing red with the symbol of her contract, Eva dropped the guard’s hand before bringing it up to clap her hands together. Soon, the man in front of her was hanging off nothing on air, struggling while the other guards looked on in horror. Taking this chance, she quickly broke the spell before running inside the gate towards the small forest that lined two sides of a neatly paved road leading to the castle. For a while, Eva played hide and seek with the guards with her swift movement and small gusts of wind that she would create to distract them or turn their attention away. Within three minutes, Eva was standing quietly to a side, leaning on a tree from where she could see the gates while casually flicking her wrist left and right to direct wind here and there, letting the guards chase after it.

The sound of a horse galloping caught her attention and she recognized something red before someone bolted out the gates on a white horse. “ROSALIA SAMA!” she registered one of the guards screaming and everything after that happened rather quickly. The men started chasing after the horse and Eva was left there, forgotten, which was something new but she shrugged and turned around only to meet a maid that ran up to her. The woman looked as nervous as a rabbit as she quickly placed a small bag of money on Eva’s hands, looked left and right, and then gestured her to leave. Weird, she thought but said nothing as she left.

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