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The Reference Incentives

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on Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:57 pm


The Reference Incentives

The reference incentives are running on the background. In order to become eligible for a reward, the user you have referred must have placed your name in their character template in the reference section when creating their character and they must've reached C-rank. Whenever one of your references reaches C-rank, you may come here to come claim a reward. The proper way to claim something here is by stating whether it is your first, second etc. referral reaching C-rank and then linking to the profile of the referral to prove that they are C-rank along with a link to their character template to prove that they are indeed your referral.

First Referral:

  • +10 SP
  • +100,000J

Second Referral:

  • +15 SP
  • +200,000J

Third Referral:

  • +20 SP
  • +300,000J

Fourth Referral:

  • +25 SP
  • +400,000J

Fifth Referral:

  • +30 SP
  • +500,000J

Sixth Referral:

  • +35 SP
  • +600,000J

Seventh Referral:

  • +40 SP
  • +700,000J

Eighth Referral:

  • +45 SP
  • +800,000J

Ninth Referral:

  • +50 SP
  • +900,000J

Tenth Referral:

  • +???
  • +1,000,000J

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