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5.6 The Bounty Regulations

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on Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:49 pm


The Bounty Regulations

Crime exists throughout Fiore, regardless of what people may want to think or what the Rune Knights would like for the population to believe. Often times, law enforcement are able to handle such situations, bringing the criminals in to answer for their crimes. But sometimes, there are those who manage to escape facing justice, and for that purpose, there exists the Bounty System.

Bounties are monetary values assigned to mages who commit criminal acts throughout Fiore. The worse the act and more often that they occur, the greater the bounty one person may have compared to someone who commits less-significant or far fewer criminal acts. In some situations, the Infamy level of a wanted person may further influence their bounty.

While typically reserved for dark and guildless mages, it is possible for anyone to get a bounty. From actions ranging from the simple theft from a merchant to the utter destruction of a town and its citizens, any user may find themselves being wanted and possibly hunted based upon the actions they commit to within threads. It is noted however, that these threads must be open. This is to prevent users from going around creating private threads in which they cause atrocities to increase their bounty without any resistance.


Once a user is given a bounty, they may be hunted and are subject to Invasion Rules. If they join/create a topic in a town where the user's bounty is posted, they may be attacked. Only people in the town prior to the wanted criminal joining/creating the topic may be eligible to claim the bounty due to the time factor of the Travel Regulations. Do note that this takes away one of the invasion attempts you have per month.

Now how do you know that someone has a bounty? Whenever you've been to a town that has a bounty board it is assumed that you know who has a bounty on them. In case their bounty got updated in the Bounty Board forum, you will not know the information unless you're once again in a town. Currently, all towns have a bounty board.

The higher the bounty of the user, the more information is available about them to the public. While at first only their appearance and the bounty is given in the Bounty Board, later on more information will be added such as their magic, the element of their magic, the type of spells they use and so on.

When a bounty hunter enters the topic, invasion rules are put in place. In case the bounty hunter wins, everyone who has participated in capturing the wanted person may be eligible to claim the bounty resulting into a shared bounty. However, if the bounty hunters have caused destruction themselves while attempting to capture the wanted user, they'll receive a bounty as well. This is why users with very small spells are the best bounty hunters in cities.

In case the wanted user wins, they may leave the topic freely. Their actions however may result in an increase of their bounties. The defeated pursuers may not pursue the wanted user for a week after that.


Upon defeating the wanted criminal, Rune Knights will appear in the topic and arrest the user to take them to Era. If the bounty hunter managed to acquire a bounty in the process, they will also be arrested. Once they are arrested, the user will be subjected to the Incarceration Rules, eligible to serve their sentence through any of the available options.

The reward given is based upon the bounty itself, the resistance that the wanted criminal exerts, and how many people are seeking to claim the bounty. The bounty placed on their head is almost never the reward that will be given upon capturing them. As mentioned before, if multiple people aided in capturing the wanted user, the reward shall be shared.

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