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Magnolia - Cavern Explorer

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on Tue 13 Jun - 22:25



Quest: Cavern Explorer

Rank: B

Type: Good


  • Someone with at least 20 Strength.


Barras Berend: Barras is a smith who sells all sorts weapons and armors. He is a kind guy with a lot good in him. His skills even caught the eye of the lord, which got him the task of supplying equipment for the guards and knights of Magnolia. Even thought this alone grants him a pretty stable income, he still loves to produce for other customers as well.

Summary: Not too long ago, a hidden cavern was uncovered just outside of Magnolia, drawing a great deal of suspicion as to what's inside, only having grown due to the Rune Knights sealing off the cavern to the local populace. Barras Berend has heard a rumor that there's an ancient metal located deep inside that can forge incredible weapons and armor. He has tasked you with venturing inside the cavern, determining whether or not that the metal actually exists within it.

Enemies: -

Objective: Sneak inside the cavern just outside of Magnolia, avoiding the dangers that may exist within the cavern, determining if the rare metal exists or not. If so, return to Barras and report your findings.

Extra Rewards:

  • +3 Strength


  • Create a topic in East Forest.
  • You'll stumble upon a group of people who have gathered outside of what looks like a small cavern opening, at the base of a nearby mountain. Across from them there were be several Rune Knights who appear to be barring the people access inside.
  • Among the people will be Barras, who will notice you and issue you off to the side for a private conversation.
  • He'll explain to you that there's been a number of rumors regarding that cavern, the one that particularly has him interested in is that a rare metal is located inside it, one that can be used to forge weapons and armor far stronger than anything else he's created in the past.
  • He will offer to pay you if you would venture inside the cavern, looking for any trace that the metal actually exists. He'll explain that it will appear like a solid blue rock that has a natural glowing effect to it, almost like that of the fabled etherian substance.
  • Once you accept, you'll have to sneak past the Rune Knights to gain entry, or alternatively wait until they and the crowds eventually disperse elsewhere.
  • Inside the cavern, there will be limited light, requiring you to be mindful of your location and not venture off from the rest of your group, should you travel with others.
  • Throughout the cavern, you'll find that several pathways appear to be blocked off by some fallen rocks, though they are loosely packed so someone with sufficient strength (at least 20) will be able to move them out of the way.
  • After a short while, you'll stumble upon a larger area in which there is a single pillar of light that illuminates the central part of the room, enabling you to see better but also notice that there is a large hole within the center of it which leads to empty blackness.
  • Going around the hole, you'll notice that the pathway splits into three options.
  • Go through each option, finding that the first two will lead you to dead ends, though the second one being considerably longer than the first.
  • When you get back to the central area, check the third option.
  • It will be far shorter, but will appear to be blocked off by rocks that will require you to move them out of the way cautiously with your hands otherwise it may all crumble down.
  • Once you have done so, you may continue your exploration, finally coming to the end where you will find a small amount of the substance to which Barras described, though only in a very limited amount.
  • Knowing now that the metal does in fact exist within the cave, make your way back out of the cave, careful to avoid the hole as well as making sure that don't get lost.
  • The Rune Knights will again be stationed near the entrance, so sneak past them again and then return to Barras within Magnolia.
  • Once you've given him the information, he will thank you and reward you for your willingness to investigate for him.


on Tue 20 Jun - 15:44

I'd like to take this quest, please.


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I have to drop this for now, sorry.


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on Wed 21 Jun - 5:37

Retaking this quest, please.


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#8Houren Vanadis 

on Wed 21 Jun - 20:58

I would like to take this.


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