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Sieghart Mountains to Hargeon [Foot Travel]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Sieghart Mountains to Hargeon [Foot Travel] Empty on Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:34 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

They had arrived as suddenly it seemed anyone else had, and their departure, though one in which she wished to have given more thought to prior to than otherwise, left her both remise and satisfied with what she had managed to achieve. It were impossible to say with 100% certainty how much she was able to genuinely contribute towards the entire affair, though she had to at least believe that some of her attacks, albeit primarily her final one, connected at least to some degree, enough such that there would be enough of a chance and opportunity to inflict some degree of damage to another.

Especially considering how many people were there. Though her vision had been clouded, at least somewhat so by timing of the day and just how bright out it was, but what was clear was that there were others there, others who perhaps were more qualified than she was, though that was not a threshold that was particularly difficult or challenging to exceed. Rather, it was one that was perhaps expected, given the limited degree of combat training and skill that Leyaria possessed, regardless of the fights and confrontations in the past to which she had contributed towards. No, instead the battle against the creature that referred to itself as Cell was best meant to be fought against by those who were more capable, by those who understood just what was at risk and were subsequently ready to give themselves up in the pursuits of ending the battle, even if that meant their lives.

And for as confident as she may have sold herself as, Leyaria was not of similar sentiment, preferring to live another day as a coward than die as a confident martyr.

The fact of that, along with the revelations to which she had come to realize while still within Era, of what the man she knew as Finn had done, everything had her questioning just what it was that she was meant to do, or even where if anywhere, that she belonged. While she carried the mark of Blue Pegasus upon her shoulder, there was still something about it, still an awkwardness associated to having it, one in which made her wonder if she made the right choice. It was a nagging feel and thought that had persisted for days earlier, and remained so, even as she and her companion Geth were departing back for civilization.

Over the time required for her to arrive at her next destination, wherever it would end up being, it was difficult for her to wholly say with confidence as to where a place would be her home, if there were one in which she could call that. Rather, she found herself still as alone as before, the idea of a guild, although one that she was torn on, not feeling like a realistic home for herself, particularly from her own feelings, but even then, it was more than sufficient for her to question if she had made a mistake.

That would be something to reflect upon for a later time, as right now, the main priority to both her and her companion would be that they manage to find a way to leave the mountains, a feat which would be far less impressive had it not been for the fact that their arrival had been met with a mixture of confusion and general ignorance, reliant only upon the battle having already begun as a means of finding out where it had been where they were meant to go. Left to their own devices, she was loathed to believe that the two of them would have adequately been able to leave the mountains.

It was in that that there came the advantage of them departing the mountains than that of arriving, as the arena, an isolated part within the mountains, was one in which they could hardly afford to know of the exact location, whereas with departing, it was simply a matter of proceeding in anyhere but the direction in which they had come from. Knowing that they were further and further leaving the Cell Games, it was far less likely that they would stand the chance of arriving deeper into the mountains, but rather back towards a civilized part of Fiore.

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