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Unknown Pleasures [Erebus]

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#1Aleksandr Sokolov 

Default on Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:59 am

After all these days of laziness, which were pretty consistent in his life, Alek had finally stepped out of his B & B, and most of all, to take a chill pill and relax. He had been a mess for quite a few days. And why? Literally for no reason at all. He stood in front of the Magnolia Bathhouse. Alek looked around and then decided to go inside and indulge in a bathing session, in which he could think about life and stuff and how he should handle his issues. So, with that, he went to the baths and sat down in the water. He had left Tarkus at the hotel room because the little creature had been asleep when he was about to depart for the baths, and Alek didn't want to wake him up.

There were other men where he was, but he paid them no heed and they did the same. He just sat there, humming a song he didn't remember the name of. It had been stuck in his head for almost a day by now and was bugging him. He began scratching the back of his head and started looking up at the sky. Today, like the last 20 days had been very boring and at times unamusing. He was very unhappy and bored in these recent months, as there had only been few encounters or events that were interesting. With that, he drifted into deep thought about life and people.


Default on Sun Jun 11, 2017 12:39 pm

Not far from Alek was another male, a bath towel was wrapped around his private areas. He stood on a box and had managed to climb his way up to a hole in the boards. On the other side were beautiful women, such that would make both genders heat up and eyes fall heavy. A snickering mumble escaped Erebus' breath as he basked in the sights greedily. He could see them bend over, scrub themselves upright, and wash each other with bars of soap. It was certainly an age restricted sight; that much was to say the least.

Not to subtle about his perverted intricacies... Consisting of nude women and the hot natural steam of the area. The boy smiled devilishly. Thankfully though, this place was pretty empty, all aside from some, what Erebus assumed was homosexual dudes splashing each other in the center of the hot springs, an old man was relaxed and floating about too, and lastly Alek himself was across the bathing area, stuck inside his inter-workings and thoughts. Erebus cared little fr anyone potential judgement. He doubted anyone would though. Men would be men, right?

Not to mention...

It was the perfect day to kick right back into the petty criminal game. Besides. Who on earth was going to tell him no? He was a werewolf, they'd sooner get picked apart and cut from the limbs that carried their silly little bodies. That's the way Erebus saw it. He wasn't about to just have his fun spoiled, after all. Regardless. He still doubted anyone was going to pay him mind anyways. The girls behind this wall didn't have to be aware. They just had to pose. Scum-bag as it might sound; they were as lambs. He was a wolf... Ignorance is sweet bliss-- or so the phrase suggests.

#3Aleksandr Sokolov 

Default on Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:11 am

Alek took a glance at Erebus while thinking and noticed him taking sneak peeks at women on the other side. A faint smile of amusement appeared on his face. He moved to Erebus' side and said "Hey." One of the reasons he had moved here was, one he wanted to talk with Erebus. Second, the men had started to splash him as well, and that was annoying him. He then started looking at the water and leaned back, hoping that Erebus won't mind him being there. He groomed his hair back to their original position, as they had fallen on his forehead. He had got a haircut but didn't let the barber cut his hair on the front.

Life. He didn't know what he was going to do with his life. He has contributed far less to his job than many of his peers. He also wasn't happy in here, he was considering leaving and finding his passion and do what he wants to do. Become a freelancer or something, he just wanted to be productive, but well he wanted to, but he was too lazy for that stuff. He let out a sigh and like Erebus, he took a sneak peek at the ladies on the other side as well but turned his head around fairly quickly after doing that.

#4Aleksandr Sokolov 

Default on Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:35 am

With no reply from the male, he shifted back to where he was and sighed. Oh well, maybe it was the time he went back to where he was staying at. He got out of the hot springs and changed into his clothes later. He then exited the place and starting walking back to the bed & breakfast. Another wasted day behind him. Sigh, maybe Aleks has an urge to waste his days away. Maybe he should just do some requests or something, well he was probably going to do them, but laziness might get the best of him, which he hopes does not happen to him again. 'I'm such a useless piece of shit, man.' he thought to himself as he reached the Bed & Breakfast. He went upstairs, unlocked his room, closed the door behind him when he got in and sat on his bed. Maybe he should just go away from all this and become a hermit. Tarkus was still asleep.


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