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Hargeon - Magical Bait [solo]

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on Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:37 am


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Another day, another mission to do. Much to her chagrin, Alisa found the number of missions in Hargeon was running perilously low, and at that rate she'd have to travel again if she wanted to do some more. That's a shame, with such a lovely weather in this city she really would have loved to hang around for a while longer. With such a clear sky today, without being absurdly, she really hoped whatever missions yet remained would allow her to sunbathe a bit, maybe even get a bit of a tan without toasting... And then she found it.

Ah, the aptly named fisherman called Jacob Fischer.

Last time he hired Alisa and Evangeline to find a mermaid... And just like you might imagine, 'finding a mermaid' basically meant sitting inside the boat for hours on end until you fell asleep, or worse fell overbard. Thanks to the ever present hand of God, neither of these things happened... Alisa had gone fishing before and actually enjoyed sitting around and relaxing, but that mermaid hunt was a whole new level of boring. They weren't even looking at a line and waiting for the fish to bite!

This time the request seemed a bit more challenging though, this guy had bought some special, magical bait for the express purpose of fishing deep sea creatures, and now hoped to find help getting them. After all, baiting an unknown deep sea fish is only half the problem... The worst half is actually getting it onto the boat. You know, without it capsizing, sinking, or worse: If you bite off more than you can chew, you may very well end up the one getting chewed on.

But Jacob was a brave, hardy man who would have none of that, so long as he had a big bad mage on board to deal with it. Fortuntely for him, Alisa was ready to help out.

With this in mind, Alisa dressed light: She slipped on a bikini just like she would when going to the beach, but added a pair of stylish denim shorts over it. She expected she wouldn't clear this mission without getting wet, so might as well come prepared. Finally, she threw in a pair of sunglasses, a large straw hat, and voilá, ready for a fun little fishing trip. Though whether or not it would indeed prove fun yet remained to be seen, yet Alisa wasn't the kind of girl to fear the unknown.

"Oooh, Alisa-san! Nice seeing you again!", the guy smiled and waved with a giddy look on his face. Predictably he took a good long stare at her bare form, yet not nearly as much as other guys did. Most of his focus stood not on the girl before him, but the ocean and the fishing rods at his feet

"Likewise, Jacob-san.", she greeted right back with an elegant smile, adjusting the edges of her shorts as she walked towards the boat, "Already about to set sail I presume?"

Strength is also Beauty

"Plenty of fish in the sea."
- Alisa Vollan

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on Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:48 am


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"And you presume right! The quicker we head out, the longer we'll have to catch fishes!", he grinned and nodded towards the boat itself, getting to work on the anchor and ropes as Alisa stepped inside and made herself comfortable.

Just as last time, the adventurous sculptress took her place at the prow of the boat, sitting as close as possible to that lovely breeze against her face. Good thing

her hat had a little bow to hold it to her neck though: It got beaten back pretty quickly the instant Alisa stopped holding on to it, more concerned with adjusting her

shades and brushing her hair away from her eyes. They arrived at the fishing spot quickly after

"Here's the magical bait!", boasted the fisherman, grabbing what appeared to be just an ordinary lure.

"Doesn't look like anything special...", she pointed out, raising an eyebrow.

Indeed it didn't. It had a faint glow to it, but that's about it. For a mana charged object, Alisa couldn't actually sense any magic power oozing from the object. Yet all of that changed once Jacob slipped it on his fishing hook and cast the line. It literally took no less than a minute after casting it for the fishing rod to bend, easily the fastest result Alisa had ever seen:

"OOOH, Already got a bite!! HnnnghNGHGG!!!", the guy winced, grunted and strained himself, pulling and reeling the line at separate intervals, while simply holding on

to it as hard as possible at other times. It's clearly a big one!!!, "Quick, Help me out here!!!"

A really big one by how hard he's pulling on it, even Alisa can't help get worked and she's hardly a passionate a fisherwoman as this guy. Though the moment she walks up behind him to grab the rod and presses her bust to his back, he gets something else to be excited about: "Well, that's distracting...", a reaction that makes her bite back a snicker, much to guy's embarassment, "Nevermind that, just pull!!"

And pull they do, with all their might. Wow, how massive can this fish be...? Her eyes widen once he finally yanks it out of the water with one final good pull, The girl pulls the straw hat a bit tighter, narrowing her eyes in a hope to see the creature under the sun's radiant gleam.

But once she walks under it and extends her hand to catch it, all that excitement gives way to something else... Surprise... and disappointment.

"EEEEEH!?", interjects the startled fisherman, eyes boggling at the tiny, palm sized fish Alisa has just grabbed

"Are you sure that bait was really magical...?", asked a doubtful Alisa. After all the expectancy and effort reeling it in, she's not even in any mood to laugh.

"W-well, I totally intended to catch one of those first, hahaha!", he laughs boisterously, crossing his arms with a smug look in an all out attempt at saving face, "That's called fishing for bait, watch and learn!!"

A highly unconvincing attempt at that, one that leaves the mage laughing with one hand over her mouth. Until the guy balls his fists and frowns

"I'm serious, check this out!!", determined to prove something, he pierces the tiny fish they just caught onto his hook and casts the line again. And they wait... And wait...

There's hardly anything to check out as this turns into an actual fishing session, with long boring waits with nothing to do in between... To the point that even Jacob's fishing stories grow interesting by comparison. It takes him the better part of two hours to get another bite, but and he bait fishes with that again. Only once the sun started setting does he finally get a big enough fish, one so big Alisa had to go as far as harden her hands with crystal and help reel in the line by hand, actually amazing the fisherman until he remember the girl he hired was a mage.

Fortunately, the last fish both satisfies his hunger for a good catch and dispels her doubts at the effectiveness of the bait... Indeed she'd never seen any of the fish they hooked even once in her life, so on some level the bait did work as advertised. Jacob rewarded her with Jewels, and a hope she'll join her on a fishing trip. He gets an honest maybe...

Strength is also Beauty

"Plenty of fish in the sea."
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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