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Accidental Demise [Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Default on Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:52 am

Bianca was not at the docks today. In fact, she was nowhere near the docks. But what did today and yesterday have in common? She was working for Reagan, again! She thought she would get out of this, but it was a growing habit and it had started ever since Marigold Theatre. After all, she did not have much to do as a guest in the different towns apart from Oak, so she found herself something to do. This was her way of getting to know the towns, as well as earning money, getting to know with the important characters in every town, although most of the clients she took jobs from were doing illegal things. She was of a dark guild after all, so that was something to be expected. Bianca’s job today resembled one that she took in Marigold, except she would have to make the death look like an accident. As the vampyress left the inn, the innkeeper asked where she was going today, dressed so nicely. Bianca had a feeling she knew what she was up to. She was staying in a normal inn, not one that was run by an illegal organization like in Era.

“The flower market,” said Bianca with a cheerful smile. The innkeeper lady told her to take her on her way or else a thirsty guy would steal her away. Bianca laughed together with her and left the establishment to head to the docks. She was not going to the docks exactly, but she had to roam near it to find Reagan so that she could follow him. She looked at the time and noticed how early it was. Maybe she should eat first? That seemed like a good idea. Her stomach agreed with her thoughts with a soft grumble. Bianca then headed to a breakfast place here in town. Most of the restaurants near the docks or the beach served seafood, which she was not exactly craving or anything, so she went a bit deeper into town to find foods other than seafood. She would also have to think of ways to kill the page while following him around. Maybe she should not have worn a cotton dress today. But that did not really matter. She could use it to appear completely innocent. She planned to think about it at the breakfast place. Maybe some coffee would give her more thinking power.

Arriving at a small restaurant that was not specifically a breakfast place, but more of a mini restaurant, Bianca took a seat next to a large window, so that in case Reagan passed by or something, she could see him, not that she expected to find Reagan in these parts of town. He was usually at the docks anyway, smuggling things. Bianca was deep in thought when a waiter arrived at her table with a menu. She almost jumped out of her seat, but with enough control she kept her butt on the seat. He gave her a weak smile, knowing that he had scared her.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

Default on Tue Jun 06, 2017 11:23 am

Bianca looked through the menu a couple of times before deciding what to eat. What bothered her was the fact that the waiter would not leave her table even though she was taking all the time in the world to make her order. But finally, she came up with something, and coffee. The waiter took her orders and rushed back to the kitchen, taking the menu back with him. She looked around to see who else was inside the restaurant and noticed that not a single table apart from hers had less than two people sitting at it. Just a few nights ago she had met a young girl who asked her in interesting question. Was she lonely? Bianca certainly did not feel lonely. She was honest with her answer on that one. She was not lonely, she just liked being alone. Maybe that was not a good thing, but that was what she was like. The vampyress averted her gaze to see outside, her mind back on the job at hand. How would she kill the page? If there was a page tailing Reagan at all in the first place. It was Reagan’s suspicion after all. They had to make sure of it first. But Bianca liked to think a few steps ahead.

“Here’s your food, miss. Enjoy,” said the waiter from before, serving her hot coffee and bread. Bianca smiled at him and took a bite out of her bread. She added two packets of sugar and slowly started drinking her coffee. As soon as the caffeine entered her system, her eyes felt wider and her brain fresher. She did not drink too much coffee, but she liked it. What she drank more often was tea. Usually jasmine tea, but it changed depending on the situation. She had a bunch of different tea boxes in her room though back in Oak Town. She could not wait to get back, actually. She was just stopping in every town along the way. If she decided to travel all the way it would have taken too long, plus she did not have any events to attend to. She was not needed by the guild for anything either in the time being. What she was excited about going back was to return to her massive collection of books and tea boxes where she could just bury her head in books all day and drink tea until she went to bed.

Her coffee had reached half of the glass it was put in, and her bread was almost gone by the time the waiter came back to her table, asking if she wanted to order anything more. What did he think she was? A pig? A little bit annoyed by the thought as she was having PMS, Bianca simply gave him a look with her eyes narrowed. The waiter understood immediately and left with a bow. She then returned to sipping at her coffee cup and finishing her bread before she got herself some tissue and wiped the tiny bread crumbs near her lips.

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#3Bianca Fleur 

Default on Tue Jun 06, 2017 11:41 pm

After cleaning herself up, she called the waiter once again to pay. He seemed a little nervous after receiving what looked like a glare from the vampyress. Bianca brought out the amount of jewels she needed to pay from her pockets and placed it on the glass table, leaving a tip for the waiter since he seemed a bit scared of her now. She wanted him to know that she meant no threat. After all, she was having her PMS, so her mood was totally unpredictable at this point. She got up from her table, patting down any breadcrumbs that might have fallen on her dress while she was eating. White was probably not a good color for going out to eat. Thank god she did not spill her coffee, otherwise it would have been a disaster. Bianca took about an hour at the place, so it was not so early anymore. She would probably find Reagan at the docks now, so that was where she was headed. On the way she noticed how there were not a lot of people outside in the streets. What time was it even? She did not get a chance to check the time at the restaurant, but she would find a clock somewhere near the docks for sure.

Walking all the way back to the docks, Bianca kept her eyes open for an old man with graying hair and a hat. There were not too many people there at this time of day, maybe because it was too hot. She checked the clock in a hut near the docks, it was almost twelve in the afternoon. It seemed she made the right choice by wearing a cotton dress. She did not like to sweat, plus she hated the sun. She was only suffering because of this job. If it weren’t for it, she would probably be somewhere indoors with a cup of tea or something. A few moments of standing around later, she decided to just sit at a bench along the path that led to the docks. She would just sit there and wait for Reagan to show up, and then follow him. He would surely pass by this place, he had to. It was almost like the docks were his home. Bianca had never seen him anywhere else. Maybe he was from a different place that could only have been travelled to by boats and ships, or airships.

Bianca got up as soon as an ice cream coach appeared, parking at the sidewalk near where she was sitting. She needed some ice cream or else she would melt. The ice cream man gave her a smile, it seemed almost as if he was making fun of her, though she doubted it. Maybe he was expecting kids to show up, but a grown up did instead. “Taro, please,” she said impatiently, not wanting to look at the ice cream man’s silly face any longer. She looked around to see if any kids were going to come to the ice cream van.

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#4Bianca Fleur 

Default on Wed Jun 07, 2017 9:56 am

The ice cream man gave her her ice cream and Bianca paid him. The moment she tasted the ice cream, she felt like she had discovered a whole new world. It was the feeling of using magic. At the same moment that she was discovering new magical worlds, she noticed a very familiar looking person pass by. Reagan! Bianca almost dropped her ice cream on the ground when she hurried to follow the old man immediately. He was a bit far but thanks to her keen sight, she was able to spot him clearly. As soon as she started following, she kept herself alert to look for the page who was following Reagan. He was probably in front of her, because she was following from quite a distance. The good thing was that her movements were silent, so there was no way Reagan or the page would notice her, unless they turned back and directly saw her or something.

As they walked, Bianca started to notice that there was indeed a single man in uniform following Reagan basically everywhere he went. So she started to follow this man. Her target was this man, and now she would continue to think of ways to kill him and make it look like an accident. She could not exactly think of ways because it was a situational thing. So she would have to wait for an opportunity to show up. The young knight seemed to have decided to stop following Reagan now as she noticed Reagan was going a different path while he was going a different one. The vampyress followed closely, feeling a bit of freedom now. The page was too focused on something that he didn’t notice her at all, not to mention he couldn’t hear her footsteps much because her movements were silent.

Bianca started to get a little closer to the page, basically standing right behind him. The place he was passing through was a bit crowded as well, so he could not really suspect for anything. The vampyress still had her ice cream, so it made her look even more innocent. She had a young face, so people usually thought she was about nineteen or twenty, twenty one being the oldest, which was good most of the time. So now she looked like a nineteen year old with an ice cream, appearing so innocent in her little white cotton dress. As they came to a road, she noticed that the page was going to cross it and a coach was coming with a bit of speed. He would have to wait of course for the coach to pass. Bianca then thought of a nasty but good idea. The page seemed to be in a bit of a hurry, so he stood close to the road, so if she could give him a push, her mission would have been accomplished. If her calculation was correct, the timing was perfect.

So when she thought the time was right, she created a spear out of blood as quickly as she could and stabbed it into his butthole with not too much force. The page jumped off the sidewalk in shock and pain, then fell straight into the way of the coach. Her blood spear disintegrated immediately after the job was done. She would report back to Reagan at the docks afterwards. He was found sitting at the bench she was sitting at earlier. “It has been done,” she said and received her reward.

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- exit -

Name: 針 — Spear
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Blood Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: -
Range: 5 m
Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: Sustained
Effect: Bianca flicks her wrist, creating a 1.5 m long spear made of blood that shoots out of any part of her body, dealing D-rank piercing damage. She is able to manipulate its path as long as it is within range by using her finger as well as use it as a weapon.

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