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Travel from Sieghart to Ochida

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Travel from Sieghart to Ochida Empty on Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:28 pm

Amon Irving
After receiving medical treatment after battling Kon, Amon would prepare to take his journey to Ochida Town. A place where hopefully he could start fresh and begin anew. Kon had told him in order to be a Rune Knight he had to have the faith and the backing of the people and so he must do good deeds in order to start his road to redemption. And so Amon would begin his travels, however right as he would leave the mountainous region he would fine an ice cream stand? Yes a ice cream stand who was being ran by a ice mage using a travel cart.

Such a creative and fun way to use magic one would think, and this was something that amazed Amon. Meanwhile Apex thought Amon was growing soft, as he would think back to their time in The Watch. Apex recalled Amon being almost as ruthless and cut throat as him, however this was definitely no longer the case. Apex began to hate Amon more and more with each passing day and each good action he chose to take. How could someone with so much potential and aptitude for evil become so weak and soft he wondered to himself.

Anyway Amon would stop at the ice cream stand as to try some of the magically made good stuff. The ice cream was so good that it tasted like magic. Almost as if someone's grandmother had stuck their foot into it, obviously this was a figure of speech because that would be disgusting if a old person stuck her foot in it. But in any case the ice cream was too good to be true. Although the man gave the ice cream away for free, Amon decided to give the man a donation. "Here take this, its not a lot but hopefully it will help jump start your dreams."

The man would begin to tear up as he thanked Amon for being so kind and generous. Amon would then finish his ice cream and then immediately put his mask back on his face. After which he would walk off countinuing to make his way to Ochida Town. The road ahead would no doubt be a hard one, however it would be nothing Amon couldn't handle. "So Amon what will you do now that you are one of them? One of the good guys that is?"

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