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Test The Waters | Snowflake

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#1Hikari Snow 

Default on 01/06/17, 03:19 am

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Snow was awoken by the soft, warm texture on her hand as her eyes fluttered opened, revealing a pair of gorgeous grey-blue eyes. Her lids were still heavy and her attention glided over to her hand which was being licked by her companion, Vysella. The streets had already grown crowded before she knew. She had fallen asleep in the midst of reading a book, her elbow placed on the armrest of the bench and her cheek supported by her palm. On her lap was an open novel that has been left unfinished. The warm weather had made her sleepy and tired which was why she had dozed off while reading. With gentle fingers, she stroked through the soft, white fur of Vysella before closing her book shut.

”Let’s do something interesting today.”

The youth meandered through broad windswept streets paved in concrete and red bricks and carpeted with wildflowers and packed with a large mob of people – citizens and guests alike. Clothes clung to her body like a child to its mother as the harsh gales blew across the land of Hargeon. The roots of her silver hair remained stuck to her neck covered in sweat while she fanned herself to cool down. As she wandered through the streets of Hargeon, her eyes fell upon the sight of the quest board, brought up on the side of the road. A few mages surrounded the board, picking their desired quest. Blue hues quickly scanned over the board pinned with sheets of paper as she searched for a mission that might attract her attention.

”Hmm. I guess this should do.”

She read through the lines written on the sheet and tore the paper from the board before folding it up neatly into four pieces and placed it underneath her breast. The mission required her assistance in collecting some samples at a laboratory. It seemed like something that might help her kill her time. And thus, she began to proceed towards her destination, which does not seem to be quite far from where she was standing. A couple minutes later, she found herself standing in front of a one storey building. Its’ architecture appeared richer than others, built with bricks and concrete and then painted with a solid layer of white paint across the house.

The door creaked open after she rapped upon the door gently with her knuckles. Snow was immediately greeted by the sight of a young lady standing in front of her with a questioning look on her face. The colour of her hair attracted her attention, dark bright blue that was tied into a messy ponytail at the back. The youth would bow down at a slight angle before making her introduction.

”Hello, I’m Snow. I saw that you needed some assistance with collecting the samples. I assume you’re Raina Burke.”

The lady nodded and welcomed Snow inside the building with a gentle smile on her face. The moment she stepped inside, the strong scent of chemicals and other unknown liquids blasted into her face. She was startled by the smell that she almost retreated a few steps back.


#2Hikari Snow 

Default on 01/06/17, 08:51 am

”The smell is a bit strong right?”

The lady chuckled before placing a mask around her lower part of her face and handed a new one over to Snow. Her eyes glided around the room, taking in the appearance of the laboratory. Everything was almost white, with numerous counters and tables. Upon them laid glass beakers and other measuring cups of a different variety filled with all sorts of liquids that was unknown to her. She took off her gloves and slid into a pair of latex gloves that are only used for medical purposes and is easily disposable. The youth scrunched up her fingers, feeling the texture of the gloves that were wrapped tightly around her hands.

”I have a partner but she called in sick today so I had no choice but to request for someone to help me with the samples.”

”I see.” The girl mumbled, her voice barely audible and cold as the wind that blew from the north.

”Do you mind getting those samples for me?”

The android nodded, staring down at the different samples that was distributed in front of her in a wooden holder. She tilted her head to the side at a slight angle, wondering which sample Raina was talking about. Her client seemed to have understood that she was struggling to choose between the glass beakers and told her the specific ones, followed by a soft chuckle. She took the beakers towards her and watched her mix the liquids. Raina instructed how she should test the salt concentration and pollution levels which was still all new to her. It was confusing at first but after being explained Snow seemed to have understood how to work with the samples and testing them.

”Do you not just hate pollution?”

The girl ceased in her motions and lifted up her gaze to meet Raina’s. She was startled with the sudden change of topic but it seemed that the subject had been bothering Raina for quite a while. She could see how her brows were creased into the middle of her forehead as she worked and mumbled about how people are so ungrateful about their own planet.

”Yes, I suppose.”

”I mean, look at how these waters are so polluted. I don’t understand. These are killing the aquatic life, you know.”

Not sure what to say, the youth agreed with her argument. Nevertheless, Raina had a valid point. Pollution was no good for the country nor the planet itself. It did not seem to be a big topic but Raina on the other hand, seemed to be extremely bothered by it. Her brows were creased into the middle of her forehead as she worked and complained about how people are so ungrateful to their own mother planet. Snow lifted up a small beaker from its holder to her eye level and stared at it intently. It was true. She could see all the stuffs that were visible to the naked eye in the water sample that has been collected.

After they were done, Raina thanked her for listening to her rant as well as helping her out with the samples. While they were busy sorting out the all the samples, Vysella just watched them and sat outside of the room for she did not like the scent of the chemicals. Snow couldn’t blame her since she disliked it herself as well. With a hefty amount of jewels in her hand, the two returned home and Snow was glad that she had learnt something new for the day.


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