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Hargeon - Mermaid Picture [Evangeline]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

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That Photoshoot the other day ultimately proved far more worthwhile than simply getting a few pictures taken and appearing on a magazine for people to fawn over... She met someone really interesting after all, you can't put a price tag on something like that. Her name was Evangeline, a Rune Knight, as well as model and dancer on her spare time. Or was it the other way around? Alisa hadn't quite figure that out really, that girl still had her fair share of mystery to go with her beauty. Part of what made her interesting company really, so much they eventually agreed to team up and do some missions.

Small jobs, nothing too big.

They had their respective organizations to work on the big tasks. For mages like them, minute tasks such as these were better suited to help pass the time than actually making money. For Alisa anyways, though she had a hunch her soon to be partner felt the same. Despite being on a mission for her Guild, Alisa walked outside in a casual outfit consisting of tight white pants and a light pink spargetti strap top. Though dressed like she would for a walk in the park under a warm summer sky, her destination was another one: The docks.

"What a lovely afternoon...", she commented, shielding her eyes from the sun for the briefest moment, until roaming cloud took care of it for her. Only a few clouds wandered the skies, not nearly enough to darken it, but more than enough for a pleasant little shade, a blessing in this heat.

Plenty of people were out and about already, yet most of them walked around around the markets and cafes. The market had it worst of course, though the vendors would hardly see it as such: There was a reason Alisa only went there early in the morning or late in the the afternoon. The docks themselves were hardly busy. A few sailors walked around, raising their anchors, transporting their cargo, or even just cleaning their boats after a journey out to sea.

The boatman she was looking for was one of these guys, an aptly named fisherman named Fischer. It would be hard to miss him considering the guy had blue hair, and predictably Alisa spotted him in less than a minute. She waved and approached him, exchanging names. Apparently this guy was looking for a mermaid and nobody believed him, so he needed somebody else to see her. He asked for help finding her, but what he really wanted was quite obvious: Something else saying the same thing he did, to prove him right.

"...So are you ready to head out?", he asked hurriedly, slowly pulling up his anchor

"Not yet, still waiting for someone.", answered Alisa with a soft smile, to which the guy simply frowned. But she knew just how to convince him to wait a bit longer, crossing her arms under her bust in one graceful movement, "Two extra sets of eyes are better than one, wouldn't you agree?"

Yup, that did it alright...

Strength is also Beauty

"What a pretty ocean~"
- Alisa Vollan

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Eva took long, quick steps to the Hargeon docks. It had been a few days since she arrived at the famous port town and despite her job there being done, she was still sticking around for a while to go sight-seeing or just taking up some quests. The fact that she met someone she can talk to was an added boost. And, while they were in terms that people would normally consider as friends, Eva’s deep and troubled past kept throwing that feeling out the window whenever she found herself smiling at the thought of Alisa. She liked Alisa and that was the truth but not to an extent she would disclose everything.

And as she made her way to the docks that day, she felt the wind gently catch her loose hair while it fled past her. She wore the simplest black T shirt she could find along with some black, ripped jeans and converse shoes. It wasn’t her best attire but she guessed that for a day out in the sun and for a job, it would be a much better option than one of her frilly sundresses.

The request came from a familiar Fischer –fisher- who had a strange obsession to fishes, too. Eva first had the pleasure of knowing him when she accompanied him on a fishing trip where he –stubbornly, should she add- just had to use some magical baits to lure in dangerous –not to mention ugly- looking deep sea fishes. She actually had to hit one of them with a fishing rod to capture it.

Once she reached her destination, Eva quickly found Alisa before her eyes landed on the blue haired boy. They were standing next to each other beside a boat, the one she guessed they would be taking to the sea. It was the same boat they used for fishing the other day and Eva couldn’t help but silently shudder at the thought of ever finding ugly looking fishes like she did again.

“Hello!” Eva swiftly fell back into character as she approached them. “I’m really sorry I made you two wait for so long!” she bowed although she wasn’t really sorry about it. She couldn’t wake up at the time she wanted to and she had to spend a while going through her clothes to pick out some casual ones for a task like this.

Fischer gave her a familiar nod, “Oh! It’s you. I suppose I won’t have to explain much anymore”. He paused for a moment, looked around, cast some infuriated glances at other people, and leaned close to Evangeline and Alisa. “I’ll tell you what I discovered. Those dolts out here are going to flip if they ever saw what I did. There was a mermaid swimming close to the middle of the sea!” he exclaimed with great exaggeration but huffed angrily when one of the fishermen next to them snickered audibly at what he deemed to be just a lie. “We’ll see who is lying once I get proof,” Jacob sounded determined as he got on his boat. “Now what are you two waiting for? Get in!”


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Fortunately, they didn't have to wait long, as Evangeline appeared soon after. Like Alisa, she too had forgone the summer dress over something more towards the snazy and nonchalant, good for a pleasant afternoon stroll. Or in this case, a pleasant afternoon sail.

"Good afternoon, Evangeline. I see the sporty look suits you just as well.", Alisa greeted and praised all in one, finally uncrossing her arms for a welcoming wave, ruby gaze admiring her head to toe, then back up into her shimmering amber eyes with a cool smile and reassuring shake of her head, "It's no trouble, really~"

Eva truly was a sight for sore eyes with how good she looked in those clothes. Of course she did... Alisa only had to spend time with her once to realize she was one of those people who looked great in just about anything. She'd been told she herself was one of those people too, but then Alisa hardly believed it: There was a reason why she spent so long tending to her appearance. The only thing she needn't spent too long working on was her hair... She used to hate it when she was younger and wanted a voluminous, wavier style, but eventually realized the blessing she had. Hair so naturally hair she seldom needed to comb it. Indeed a blessing many girls would kill for, apparently, and one she initially regarded as a curse...

That said, its not like she had time to dwell on the vicissitudes of beauty with an impatient fisherman waiting for them. Fortunately, he and Eva knew each other and the moment he saw her, all that impatience seemingly eased up as he motioned them closer, all but whispering in the girls' ears. Alisa hardly reacted when he assured he had seen the mermaid already, this was one of those things she'd have to see to believe. She too let out a playful chuckle, not at the man's tale, but at his reaction towards one of the fishermen

"Well, If we don't look, we'll defenitely not find any mermaids~", she told Eva with a playful hint, nodding towards the boat before climbing aboard.

She settled in towards the prow of the small boat, opening her handback and allowing Lumen to climb out. She held him safely in her lap while another hand held on to the edge of the boat. Having her partner provide yet another set of eyes came with a drawback, leaving Alisa with both hands busy, at least so long as the waves kept rocking the boat back and forth, side to side, "We'll look around, you handle the camera, how's that?"

"Keep your eyes peeled girls!", urged Fischer a good bit louder than he probably should, slowing the engine down into a steadier pace.

A pace that finally allowed the vain crystal mage to run a hand over her face, gently brushing her wind drifting hair back whenever it got near her eyes. She'd need those wine red jewels of hers to make this work, taking in the wave's strength and pattern, looking for anything out of the ordinary. Nothing yet, other than a school of fishes nearby, wandering near the surface under a flock of seagulls overhead, "You shouldn't speak up, or you'll scare the fishes... Or the fish girls...", advised Alisa with a calm and collected tone

Words: 1140

Strength is also Beauty

"What a pretty ocean~"
- Alisa Vollan

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Eva had to bite the inside of her lips for a moment to stop herself from laughing at what Alisa said. She could see that the joke was lost on Fischer which only made it funnier. But once she got a hold of herself, Eva climbed in after Alisa and Jacob followed behind her. The boat rocked a bit with unease but Eva managed to keep her balance by shifting her weight to one leg for a little before taking a step forward to stand towards the middle. Fischer took the end part where he could maneuver the boat better. Once they got their ship sailing, Jacob quickly thrust two cameras at Eva and Alisa; his over-excited self was already searching for a glimpse of the mysterious creature.

Eva had to wonder why people didn’t believe in mermaids while they lived in a world were dragons were widely accepted to not be a fable. Of course, she didn’t trust Jacob enough to say he saw something real but the attitude people had towards him irritated her a little. Each discovery had to have started from somewhere, right?

Eva’s eyes lazily fell over the blue water surface, looking for something different and unusual swimming through them. She caught the site of a few small fishes but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Jacob, on the other hand, was starting to take pictures of everything that moved. He kept making Eva –who did not want to move an inch from where she stood from the beginning- move around then and now to let him pass through whenever he thought he found something that looked like a mermaid which, most of the time was some sort of fish or another.

“Why don’t we stop?” Eva finally asked once she placed a comforting hand over Jacob’s shoulder. The sun was starting to kill her and she was starting to get bored from seeing nothing but blue for over two hours. “It doesn’t look like it’s here. Maybe it went away,” Eva tried to make as little damage to Jacob as possible but hoping that he would give up on his search soon enough. It wasn’t getting them anywhere and she was sure that Alisa was starting to get as bored as she was from having to deal with the sun and the wind that constantly kept tugging at their hair.

“But I saw it! It has to be around here somewhere. I told you about the magical lure and that turned out to be true, right?!” he argued. ‘Oh yes…’ Eva thought. The magical bait was a story that Eva would rather forget for the rest of her life but again, being what she was, she wouldn’t tell Jacob that. “Hahaha yeah, that was a wonderful experience. But this isn’t the same, Jacob-san. We have been here for a really long time and even with our three pair of eyes, we couldn’t find it. I think it’s safe to say that maybe you saw something else,” she tried to make him understand and smiled when she found a flicker of doubt pass through Jacob’s eyes.

“Maybe I did see something else…” Jacob sighed, his shoulders sagged, and while he was visibly disappointed, he moved to turn their boat back to the docks. Eva had to let out a sigh that she was holding in for a long time after that. She had other things to do once they got to land. Throwing her hands back to stretch her stiff body, she turned to where Alisa sat to throw a small smile at her when her eyes spotted, at a great distance, what seemed like a luminous tail disappearing just under the water.


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