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Magical Bait | Snowflake

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#1Hikari Snow 

Default on Mon May 29, 2017 8:00 am

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The Blue Pegasus mage frowned slightly and closed the novel shut, disappointed by the fact that the book had ended although she felt accomplished at the same. The girl figured she would return the book at the library on her way back home as she stared out of the window and watched the people passed by the café. Her elbow was propped up on the table where her cheek rested on her palm. Beside her was her companion, Vysella, who seemed to be pawing at the book Snow had just finished reading. While she was enjoying a cup of coffee and desserts inside the air-conditioned building, people were working under the blaring sun – some transporting heavy carriages from one town to another while shopkeepers yell from the top of their lungs to attract customers.

Snow had always been a watcher, curiously studying the movements of people from a distance for some reason. It has been a part of her hobby, other than reading books and travelling. She blew the smoke rising from the hot coffee before taking a final gulp of the liquid down her throat. The plate of matcha crepe cake was gobbled up by a dessert lover who was no other than Snowflake. As much as she loved the cake and wanted to order some more, it was time for her leave the store. Seeing how much she enjoyed the taste of the matcha cake, she was bound to visit the shop again. The girl approached the counter and reached into her dress to fetch some jewels that was stored in her bra before placing it in front of the lady. They bid farewell as she walked out of the store.

With Vysella trailing behind her, they wandered through swirls and eddies of people that crowded the streets of Hargeon. The clamour of market near the sea could be heard even from this distance. The girl ceased in her tracks for a brief moment and pondered with her arms crossed over her chest.

”Do you want fish?”

Her eyes glided down to her companion walking beside her and Vysella would nod in response. And thus, on their way to the market at the docks. The closer she approached the docks, the stronger the smell of fish and the fresh scent of sea was. The girl could be seen with an unpleasant look on her face due to the sour odour of the fishes although her companion seemed to be enjoying the sight of food in front of her. As she walked by, shopkeepers called out for her in an attempt to purchase their merchandise. The young lady would scan the products that were laid out open, searching for the perfect fish to purchase.

The sound of waves crashing could be heard throughout the entire dock and the waves would surge onto the edge of the docks overflowing it with water. People splashed past the puddles on the wooden bridge as men flocked at the harbour, some getting ready to get sail while others located the cargo and other goods on board to be transported.


#2Hikari Snow 

Default on Mon May 29, 2017 8:29 am

In a distance, Snow caught sight of a young boy, not much younger than her. He seemed to be troubled and looked around the parameter as if he was searching for someone. The youth strode towards him, heels clacking against the wooden board that supported her weight and many others who were making a living on the docks. ”Boy, you look distressed.” She spoke, tilting her head to the side to examine is face properly. The child looked up at her with a hint of sadness in his eyes.

”Yes ma’am. I’ve been searching for someone to help me with fishing.”


”I try  to make a living with fishing. I sell all the fishes I catch in the market to get some money.”

”And, why’re you searching for someone?”

”I recently bought a fishing bait from another region, a magical one. They say this bait can be used to catch fishes that are deep down in the sea below. I won’t be able to do it alone.”

Understanding the situation, the silver haired woman nodded and crossed her arms against her healthy bust. ”I can help you with that, however…” She trailed off, looking into the sea that stretched out in front of her and beyond the boundary. Although she may have offered to help the young kid, she was not going to do anything for free. ”You have to give me one of the magical fishes you catch. Deal?”

”Deal!” The boy exclaimed, his lips finally curving into a huge grin. Just like the young boy, Snow was excited to try out a new experience – fishing. Never once in her life had she tried fishing before since she thought it was nothing but a mere waste of time for you are required to just sit and wait until a fish is caught in the bait. There are more interesting things to do around the world, after all. The boy introduced himself as Jacob Fischer before assisting her onto his boat. The boat was not big although 3 people could easily fit on board if they squish their seats together.

They began rowing out into the sea, not far away from the docks. On the way, the boy would begin to mention how amazing and splendid his magical bait was, the one he had purchased with a hefty amount of gold and silver. Despite how Snow ignored his words, he continued on with his incessant blabbering until she could not stand anymore. By the time, they reached the middle of the sea, the young man had entirely shut his mouth.

”How do you want me to help you?”

According to his procedures, they were required to spread the magical net on the surface of the sea and then drop it down. It seemed that the magical lure was truly magical for not long after a few minutes, they received a strong tug from the net forcing them to reel it in. Inside, there were numerous fishes caught inside, approximately around thirties to fifties. The woman grunted as she and her companion struggled to pull the weight on board of the ship and ensured that the fishes were not escaping from the holes of the net. Vysella caught the fishes that attempted to escape from the net with her mouth and tossed them inside the boat. Once they were done, she was rewarded with a couple of fish, enough for the two of them to enjoy their meal for a month.


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