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Temporary Aquarist [Seira]

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Default on Sun May 28, 2017 3:33 pm

The sky above Hargeon was cloudy, but the sunlight was peeking through every now and then and the weather reports had said that the weather might improve, but there was also a chance of rain. Seira couldn’t do anything with that information and when she woke up and looked out of the window, seeing the grey clouds above herself she figured that the weather wasn’t going to be as great as it had been during the other days. Yesterday was the first day of rain she had experienced in Hargeon and it seemed that it was not over yet. Although the weather had improved during the day and the rain and actually passed, there was no guarantee that the same thing was going to happen today as well and the sorceress decided to look out for herself by staying inside for now. She woken up a bit earlier than usual, all because she had managed to get a good 8 hours of sleep this time and felt quite refreshed. She took the time out to figure out her finances and count the money she owned. Seira had been working with Raina Burke during the last two days and made a whooping 50.000 Jewels simply by assisting her with very easy tasks. Raina was a marine biologist and a very respected person in Hargeon Town. She was also extremely intelligent and left a very good impression Seira. She was passionate about her work and keen on improving the pollution levels of the oceans and Seira respected that. Even though she sometimes ended up ranting a little bit too much about all the things she hated about the pollution that was harming the oceans and how she wished that some people learned how to treat the sea better since it was needed for them to survive on earth, she was a generally likeable and gentle person. She had a lot of affection for fish as well and Seira knew that because she had been her guest and watched her feed fish at a special pond that could only be reached when taking the boat, where fishing was prohibited and the fish could live happily ever after. Seira had also assisted her in testing the waters and worked in Raina’s lab before, which was quite the enriching experience, albeit being so different from everything she was used to. Granted, it was not the kind of knowledge Seira needed as a wizard but she appreciated it nonetheless. Besides, if you liked a town then making friends with the locals was always a good first step. Today, however, was quite rainy and she had no idea whether or not Raina would require her help again or if she had to stay inside all day. Not that that was a problem, Seira would simply read a book but of course the girl didn’t mind earning some pocket money. Almost as if Raina could read minds, however, the phone that was inside her hotel room started ringing and it was none other than the marine biologist herself on the other end. Seira picked up and greeted her with a smile on her lips.

“Hello Seira, thank you for picking up and I am so sorry to bother you, but I need your help again. Are you free today?” Although she was surprised at first, Seira, of course, responded with a yes. “Absolutely, what can I do for you?” Seira sat down on her bed and listened carefully to the other woman’s words. “Because of all the rain we’ve been having lately, which is a blessing really, the water level has been rising and I need to go out on an expedition to gather some information regarding my studies. It will take me a few hours and I need someone to watch my lab while I’m gone. I have several fish tanks and they all need to be fed and their actions and behavior needs to be maintained, and since my assistant is still sick I would really appreciate if you could help me out and replace me for the day. It’s really simple, I promise. All you need to do is feed some fish and maintain them carefully. I have a list of which fish food belongs to what breed and a general description of everything that needs to be done. Are you in?” Seira nodded and of course agreed to help her out. After they hung up the girl packed her stuff together and grabbed an umbrella before leaving the house. Raina’s lab was about a twenty minute long walk away from her place and when she arrived the biologist was gone already. Seira found the note she had left to explain everything and studied it carefully. Taking care of some fish in a tank was a simple task and the woman realized that, but that did not stop her from doing her work very, very carefully. Raina had about ten different fish tanks with different fish inside and Seira carefully studied all of them. Of course each and every single one of them needed to be fed and not all of them ate the same food so Seira had to make sure that she was getting the right fish food for the right breed, so it wouldn’t cause them any harm. Besides that, the bigger ones of course needed more to eat as well and received bigger portions. Seira made sure to make notes of their behavior, like Raina had asked, before, after and during the feeding and did so step by step for each fish tank that there was. She wrote it all down on a white college block and made sure that it was nicely written and could actually be read and understood afterwards. After Seira finished feeding the fish she kept an eye on the tanks and walked around them every once in awhile to make sure all the fish were okay and happy. She also added a few notes here and there and was glad when Raina came back and inspected everything, only to tell Seira that all the fish were happy and well and that she had done her job properly. She received her reward and was free to leave.


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