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Test The Waters [Seira]

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Default on Sun May 28, 2017 2:24 pm

Hargeon Town was ever so beautifulóespecially this morning. The sun was shining brightly, the weather was excellent and although Seira had expected there to be more rain and wind so close to the coast, she was proven wrong. The port city never failed to amaze her and even though she still prefered places that were bigger, and more within the country, such as Crocus and Magnolia, Hargeon was great in its own way. The port was a very popular place, so was the beach and Seira had, ever since her arrival, been able to relish in unreasonable amounts of seafood, all of which was extraordinarily delicious. The young woman enjoyed her stay, although she felt as if it was ending soon, and decided to make the most out of it while she still had time. For all she knew Seira would be returning to Hargeon Town eventually anyways, and Marigold wasnít too bad of a place to stay at either. The young woman had plans on moving on after hearing from a group of travellers, all of which were mages just like herself, that Marigold was also a good place to find work and Seira was in need of money, just as always. The young woman didnít plan on buying something in particular, but she understood that money was always the easiest and best way to get her where she wanted to be and even though there was no goal yet, there would be one soon and the woman decided to plan ahead. She rolled out of bed with relative ease and walked into the bathroom to get ready for the day. Seira had gotten up quite easy today after getting a full night of sleep. It was around 10am now and the Sorceress was in an excellent mood. There was no particular reason for that but with Hargeonís location the young woman had a feeling that for once she would have the opportunity to find work that was different from other cities and she was hoping to find something interesting at the local request board. It would be Seiraís first visit to the board and she had a flier on her table that described how to get there and where exactly it was. Most jobs in Hargeon Town were completed by the local members of the Blue Pegasus guild, and since this place wasnít as busy as any other big city Seira didnít expect there to be much of a menu, so she would most likely just go with whatever simple option presented itself to her. Even though the sun was shining Seira noted that as soon as she stepped out, there was a cool breeze which would most likely fade during midday. She wore a very thin jacket and started walking through town, stopping by a bakery to get some breakfast and a cup of warm coffee for herself to get her day started. Seira often chose to eat while on her way to work basically, so this was nothing unusual for the white haired woman. She met a few people on the streets, most of them were working in their own shops but it was by far not as populated as the places she had visited before. Compared to Nanuq, however, Hargeon was definitely more lively.

When Seira arrived at the local request board she was the only one there. It seemed that no other mage at the time was looking for work and that was just fine with her. The young woman had always been more of a loner and prefered working by herself, whereas others often teamed up to go on missions that were more difficult. Seira couldnít even imagine to be doing something like that with strangers and she had no clue how other people came up with such an amount of trust in mages they didnít even know. Thatís why the girl stuck to simple stuff for now, simple requests that could easily be done on her own. After she scanned each and every flier carefully, a certain mission peeked her interest. The client was a woman named Raina Burke, who was according to the information given a well known marine biologist in Hargeon Town. Seira was quite impressed by how down to earth that profession seemed, and clearly Ms. Burke had chosen the perfect location for it as well. The flier gave away the address to her lab and revealed that she needed help in the lab, that it would take a day and was relatively simple, simple enough for anyone to pick up on it quickly. Seira took the flier and walked to the address that was given, which took her about twenty minutes to find. Upon knocking on the door she was greeted by a delicate looking woman with pale skin and beautiful, dark blue hair. She had a friendly smile and wore a lab coat and, in Seiraís mind, made the perfect marine biologist. She explained that her assistant is sick and she needed help testing the water samples. Step by step Raina explained to Seira how to test said water samples and after a few tries she had basically figured it out. Seira then spend her day testing the water samples provided by Raina for salt concentration, pollution levels and the like and kept it all written down and in a computer, so Raina could access the information Seira had gained. While the work wasnít too hard, it did take quite some time and Seira and Raina had a few chats about pollution and how it was harming nature, specifically aquatic life. A few hours went by and Seira did her work with utmost care until it got late. Seira eventually finished all the tests and presented the rules to Raina who went over them carefully to make sure she hadnít made any mistakes. Seira had done quite well and Raina was satisfied and eventually paid her the promised reward, also stating that she might need Seiraís assistance again in the next few days.


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