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Fishing Contest [Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Default on Sun May 28, 2017 2:06 pm

A few days after the two previous jobs that required her to break into two different people’s homes by the same client, Bianca was taking a completely different request and this time her client was literally a kid, and her job was to help him win a fishing contest that he was eager to win using illegal methods, for a reason unknown to herself. It was obvious that the kid was not a very good natured person, which is why he was looking to hire a dark mage to fulfill his request. Bianca’s job was to make sure that he won the contest by using any way that she could. She would have to meet him first before the competition, probably to discuss her methods, or for him to give her the methods that he thought was most suitable. As Bianca had never worked with a kid before, but she did not mind. You could not judge a book by its cover, after all. What if the kid had actually good ideas? She would have to do less work, because he would have done the thinking part for her, although she already had a plan of what to do before even meeting the kid.

Jacob wanted to meet somewhere in the park that was rarely visited, which was very child like of him, to think of that. Bianca did not disagree, as it was written in the job sheet, so she had to follow the instructions. As she arrived, she noticed a blue haired young boy standing out from the normal park tones. She moved a bit closer to him and said, “Hello,” to grab his attention. He seemed to be very deep in thought, which was adorable as most children were free of stress while Jacob here had stress lines on his forehead. As soon as he noticed Bianca’s arrival, he stood up from the almost broken branch and greeted her, inviting her to join him in brainstorming. Bianca sat on a clean spot on the bench, making sure it was not going to break down under her weight. “So, what do you have in mind?” she asked. She was not going to scare the kid by telling him that she was a vampire. The reason that she wanted to tell him was because of how she was silent in her movements, which could be useful, but because of the thought that she might scare him, she did not mention her race.

“I have a few ideas, but I’d like to hear yours, too,” said the boy. Bianca nodded and listened to his first before contributing with her own plan that she had come up with while she was walking to the park. Jacob liked her plan, and she liked his as well, so they agreed to follow the plan that suited the situation the most. The contest would begin in about thirty minutes, so Bianca and Jacob left the spot and pretended to be on their own ways.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

Default on Sun May 28, 2017 2:24 pm

After thirty minutes had passed, Bianca had already done her part. All Jacob had to do was not fuck up. As long as he was as good as he claimed to be at fishing, then there was no way this plan could fail. Bianca had replaced the bait of every other contestant with fake ones and also basically made their fishing rods useless. She was not sure how to do it, since he was not an expert at fishing and did not know exactly how fishing equipment worked, but she tried her best to dismantle some of the contestant’s fishing rods, so now there were even lesser participants. Since she was silent and all that given her vampire traits, there was no way anyone could catch her, and to this point her actions had gone completely unnoticed which was great. Jacob, however, noticed her and subtly gave her an appreciative smile. As the contest began, Bianca watched from afar, to make sure that nothing went wrong with their simple yet destructive plan. You could not say it was ‘destructive’ because it was simply a plan to ruin other people’s chances at victory at a freaking fishing contest where most of the contestants were children around Jacob’s age. Bianca did not feel very great doing this, but it was for money after all and she did not care about any of these children’s feelings or goals, or basically anything.

As the contest began, she noticed that the fake bait hooked to the other contestants fishing rods flew into the air and fell into the water, assuring that they were not going to get any fish. Some others had difficulties with their fishing rods and were disqualified on the spot. Jacob however had no problem at all, so it was probably true what he said about himself, that he was great at fishing. With their plan that was not very sophisticated or thoroughly thought of, Jacob was required to be good at fishing. Otherwise it would not have worked. Because Bianca had only ruined the chances of the others winning. If Jacob was shit at fishing then he would also have no chance at winning. The fishing contest was over in no time surprisingly. The spectators were pretty shocked at how almost everyone except Jacob had problems in spite of their preparations for the contest. Apparently Jacob did not have any supporters, so when the competition was over and he had won, Bianca was the only one cheering and clapping for him. It was sad, to be honest, so Bianca did her best to appear supportive. Maybe because of how lonely he was, Jacob resorted to bad deeds such as this. Jacob received his price and gave what he owed to Bianca, though she thought it was too much, returning a few back to him. “Take this. I think you’ll need it more than I do,” she told him with an encouraging smile before leaving the park to continue with her day.

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