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Searching For An Antique Store [Open]

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on Sat May 27, 2017 1:05 pm

It was a loud morning, much to this young traveller's disappointment, as she roamed the streets of this city. The sun shone down, it's rays off heat rejuvenating the sorceress of light - in training of course. The main reason she was in this area of the country was because Fu was looking for a good antique store, and FuYang was hoping that at least Era would have some, somewhere in it's streets.

Sighing quietly, the teen sat down on a bench somewhere within the streets of Era and frowned.
Holding the scroll in her hand, Fu Yang bit the inside of her cheek pouting a little, as her Alice blue eyes shined a little with sadness, at the meaning of the scroll in her hand. The wind brushing past her, ruffling her white hair, and ruffling the red string around her thigh.

"I wonder where the stores are." Looking left and right, Fu sighed again, as she lifted her head to the blue sky. "I should rest a little more before I begin my search again."


on Sat May 27, 2017 8:02 pm

Noise. It was so noisy.

The blonde's stomach stirred uncomfortably, her face scrunching up, as she walked down the streets of Era. Embarking on her lonesome wasn't idealistic for the tiny lady, but she'd have to begin somewhere to fix her parasitic ways. Although that'd be easier said than done if she knew where she was going perhaps she should ask someone?

Letting out a startled gasp, Rini was almost tossed to the ground with the bump she received from a stranger, their passing apology was muffled out. Thoughts of being swallowed up by the ground seemed welcoming at this particular moment. Her original plan was to purchase an old trinket for her rustic grandmother who always loved to relish in the past in her free time. However, maybe she stepped too far out of bounds for her comfort and safety. Rini would need to regroup and rethink her strategy of attack if she was going to flee or fight; the decision wasn't entirely concrete.

Staggering her way to a bench, she sighed a relief as she plopped her caboose onto the wood. This little excursion for grandma was turning into more trouble than she bargained for... Maybe I'll go home, Rini thought dejectedly as she kicked a pebble from under her foot.

Her back went rigid as she heard a voice sigh out from her side. Eyes fidgeting towards the voice as her throat constricted in anticipation; the figure seemed to be young, almost her age. The mysterious human by her looked like she had the potential to be dangerous, but surely they wouldn't try anything in a crowded public area, right? Or would they? It didn't seem likely, but on the other hand...

Her head swayed side to side in confusion on whether she should leave the bench and find safety elsewhere. She held her head in concentration when she finally came up with her resolution; Are you looking for the stores, too? Her grandmother was the catalyst for this encounter, the reason she was conversing with this potential threat. Thanks grandmother.


on Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:52 pm

Flinching slightly, and looking out the her peripheral vision to the new stranger sitting on the bench with her, Fu seemed slightly nervous. No one spoke to her, although that is probably due to the fact that FuYang never thought the need to speak to anyone anyway. Clearing her throat, the teen nodded once, quick and easy. Didn't have to say a word, but then, she thought a little to herself - maybe she should say something, just in case the girl beside her didn't quite understand right?

"I-I... U-uh." Lowering her gaze back to the scroll, FuYang bit her lip before sighing again, and in a small quiet voice, finished her sentence. "I am... I-I'm trying to f-find different antique s-stores."

Looking at the obviously younger teen, Fu blinked before smiling softly.

"Are... You doing t-the same?"

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