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Beach Gym [Alisa]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

Default on Fri May 26, 2017 5:01 pm

Browsing the request board always proved an amusing past time, especially when one looked at the lower ranked missions. Alisa could technically take all but the highest level ones, but usually she avoided doing so unless nobody else could: fame was hardly in her best interest. So she usually went for the lower rank tasks, more to keep herself entertained then a desperate need for jewels.

Say, this one looked like fun:

Apparently a beach gym regular named Jay Holiday needed a spotter. According to the request, this friendly neighborhood bodybuilder had trained too much and grown too strong. Since he could no longer find anybody capable of helping among his fellow Gym goers, he naturally turned ​to the next best thing, the Blue Pegasus guild mages. Granted, most average mages were stronger than the average person, but Alisa still wondered why couldn't the guy just ask two brawny buddies instead of one...

And when you considered only nearby guild, the answer was clear as the sunny skies above: He had a pretty good chance of getting a prettier girl to help out.

Not that she could blame him after all, she could vouch for her guildmates' beauty, as well as her own.

That said, she'd do this job in the morning, as early as she found her clients willing. So she had a quick, healthy breakfast mainly composed of fruit, then slipped on her gym attire in front of the mirror.

She had few secrets wearing such tight shorts and camisole, but Alisa rather liked this outfit: Light enough to keep the cool lover fresh, yet still modest enough for a confident girl like her. Even that tightness played an important role - together with her sports bra - firmly binding her large bust for the least possible bouncing... Crucial for the kind of long runs she enjoyed.

But, most of all, the red matched her eyes.

Satisfied with her reflection, Alisa smiled at it and headed outside. As her eyes slowly adjusted to the sun's gleam, her stride steadily picked up into a brisk jogging pace. She ran on the sidewalk right by the beach, as always loving how almost deserted the city looked at this hour, said for a few shopkeepers getting ready for another day.

Thus she had worked up a good sweaty sheen by the time she arrived, immediately grabbing a towel to wipe it off her face and upper body.

This little warmup did help bring out the sporty girl's well trained tone, especially her abs and lower body, leaving no doubt in any gym goer's mind how she belonged there. Truly the gym was that one place where oggling and being oggled felt as natural as breathing, for men and women alike, even Alisa found herself turning her head towards some people.

Her client in particular was rather easy on the eyes, sadly for him his whole life seemed to revolve around bodybuilding, which Alisa hardly found attractive. If only he used all that strength for something useful like martial arts... That said, she wasn't one to judge or meddle in another person's life:

"Jay Holiday?", She asked with a faint smile, walking up to the bench pressing guy as she draped her towel around her shoulders.

His reaction made her bite back a chuckle, half wondering if she'd be the right person for the job: Guy actually stopped halfway into his rep, gawking at the girl who'd just addressed him, "Yeah...?", He huffed, suddenly remembering what he was doing and finishing said rep.

"You asked for a spotter.", She rested one hand on her hip and smiled, "And here I am. Nice to meet you, I'm Alisa."

With this, he finished his series and sat up on the bench.

The sculptress saw a hint of doubt in his eyes... Of course... He clearly had no doubt he'd enjoy her company, but with how much he was lifting he obviously wondered if she could actually help. That was, until he gave her a squinty look:

"Wait...", he said, "You're the girl from the heavy bag! You're the girl who busted the heavy bag!"

Truly, she had come to this gym before, but not since joining Blue Pegasus.

"Guilty...", She confessed with an apologetic smile, "I paid for the damage thought."

With this, all the doubt faded from his eyes. Apparently, all those weights he was lifting were merely warmup, and now that she was here he all but quadrupled them, prompting Alisa to take her place behind his head. On more than one occasion she knew he was just staring at his spotter's boobs, using and abusing that excellent angle. Yet all she did was chuckle and point it out at the end of his rep. She didn't really care, after all, that just meant he had good taste.

He got through the first few series that needing very little help from her, save perhaps from a few words and a slight pull at the final rep. But once he increased the weights for the last one, things got trickier...

#2Alisa Vollan 

Default on Sat May 27, 2017 2:47 pm

He actually needed Alisa's support from his fourth rep onwards. She egged the huffing hunk on in more ways than one, urging his hands up as fast as he still could. Yet she devoted most of her effort to helping him lower the bar at a slow pace, keeping it from slamming hard onto his chest whenever his strength wavered.


Even for her this was heavy, gritting her teeth with sheer strain, with that single goal of holding the weights steady... Though plentyiful sweat dripped down her face and onto her chest, the crystal mage still had that faint smile on her face, spreading her feet further aside for a lower, firmer stance:

"Come on now, Jay~ Where are you hiding all of that strength​?", half teasing and half motivating him, Alisa egged the bodybuilder on with that tried and tested trick... It always worked on people who found her attractive, and this time it was no exceptions. Jay pushed through the numbness while the mage filled in for his waning strength, "Keep at it, only two more to go"

And keep at he did, with more willpower than anything else: He hardly had the strength to answer her, puffing heavily, face reddened, elbows trembling as he lifted with every fiber of his being, every strip of muscle stretched to the limit and beyond.

But as he finished the final rep, he'd finally earned his rest, and Alisa guided his weight bearing hands towards towards the stand, letting him safely put the bar back down:

"Well... That was rather impressive.", Praised Alisa, smiling and leaning back against the wall behind, though her heaving chest betrayed her own exhaustion. She'd recover quickly enough though, she wasn't the one doing all the heavy lifting...

Not like the guy himself, who took a whole minute to finally stir from his lying position:

"Likewise...", He grinned, catching his breath but thoroughly satisfied, handing Alisa a full pouch of Jewels, "With any of these guys I might've had to quit... Or worse, get all that dropped on my neck.", He nodded toward the bar with a cringing look.

But with the bulk of his workout over and done with, he fully turned his focus to the rather helpful beauty in front of him, rubbing his sweat slicked hair:

"So... Do you need help with your workout too?"

"Hmm...", Alisa just hummed, rubbing her chin as she weighed her options...


"Oi, oi, oi...", Jay pointed out, looking confusedly between the fighter and the training mitten on his hand, "Sure you don't want a body shield for this?"

Alisa's workout often involved striking a moving partner. True just that little mitten might seem like a small target for her, and inadequate protection for him.

To his credit, he didn't mouth a single objection, not before, and not now, simply holding that hand up in line with his head and presenting it for her kicking pleasure.

"No, I'm training precision.", Alisa smirked, raising her guard and getting ready, "Though you should try to hold that distance."

And suddenly, Whap, Right roundhouse, Whap, left spinning hook kick. With both hits her partner winced and stepped back, keeping that safe distance as Alisa showed no intention of stopping, keeping up that spinning momentum into another kick:


Words: roughly 1500[/color]

Quest: http://www.fairytailrp.com/t41000p25-hargeon-beach-gym#364419

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