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Ex's Closet [Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Default on Thu May 25, 2017 5:03 am

Bianca woke up the next day with one thing in her mind and that was to find more money. It was actually addicting, and she could not stop herself from wanting to take more and more requests. As she looked through the sheets that she pulled from the board the other day, she noticed another one from the same client. He was probably expecting someone else apart from Bianca to to take the other requests, but unfortunately she had taken almost all the request sheets on the board, so it was her again. Bianca took the sheet with her as she left for brunch at a nice brunch place that was called ‘The Brunch Place’, so she was going to a brunch place to have brunch that was called The Brunch Place. Was that not a nice sentence? She wore a simple tee shirt and shorts with sandals after taking a shower and freshening up. She looked quite fresh that day, maybe because she had had a filling meal the day before. She met up with Maxwell at the same place as the day before, where he seemed sort of surprised since he was seeing the same person. “Oh it’s you again. Nice to see you again, I guess,” said Maxwell with a little laugh. Bianca gave him a small smile, allowing him to continue. “So, you’re going to be entering someone’s house without their permission again, but this time there’s an obstacle and that is a dog,” he said, then looked up at Bianca to see how she felt about that. Bianca’s face gave away no emotion, she continued listening attentively so he continued to explain, giving her examples of how to tackle this problem although she had already worked up a mini plan.

“You don’t mind if the dog is dead?” she asked Maxwell in case he had any emotional attachments to the creature. She would not kill it if it was unnecessary, but in case it tried to jeopardize her mission, she would have no other choice. Maxwell looked confused for a bit, but then scratched his head and asked if she planned on killing the puppy. “If it is necessary,” she replied, which brought an even more confused expression to Maxwell’s face. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt it if you don’t want me to,” she said, after seeing the face that Maxwell was making.

“Ahh, no. I don’t care about the dog, just do what you have to do. As long as you bring back what belongs to me,” said Maxwell with an awkward laugh. Bianca gave him a smile and left the meeting place, heading to one of the convenience stores. She bought a small pack of chocolates and doggy treats, and after buying those, she mixed them all up together in one bag and headed to Maxwell’s ex’s place. She put it in a handbag so that she did not seem to be doing something shady. The ex’s house was empty, except for the dog which was the first thing she saw as she arrived.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

Default on Thu May 25, 2017 5:16 am

The dog would have been cute if it was not barking so damn much. Bianca put her index over her lips in an attempt to make it shut up, but to no avail, so she immediately brought out the doggy treats and tossed a few towards it. It growled at Bianca, but after sniffing at the treats, stopped barking and starting nomming on them. Bianca stepped into the house, tossing treat after treat after the dog ate them one by one. She knew exactly where to look, so she headed straight into the ex’s bedroom and opened up her closet, looking for the yellow box that Maxwell wanted. He even told her that it was not too far from the color of his own hair. She did not even have to look too far as it was far behind, covered in some sweaters that looked like they had not been worn in centuries.

The puppy followed Bianca into the bedroom, so she tossed some more of the treats to it and shut the closet, picking up the box and leaving the bedroom. Once she was at the front door, she left the entire bag of treats mixed with chocolates as well. If the dog managed to eat all of it, it would be dead sooner or later, which Bianca did not care either way. She headed back to the meeting place where she would have to give Maxwell the box that belonged to him and collect her reward. She placed the box in the bag she had brought the dog treats in and walked casually back to the spot, ignoring the stares from people since the bag was bulging awkwardly at the sides.

Upon reaching the meeting place, Bianca sat down, placing the bag next to her. Maxwell was not there yet, because he probably thought she would take more time than that to complete the task. He was wrong, however, as it was a simple task and the obstacle he described (the dog) was easily removed by giving it something to do - which in this case was some dog treats to eat. Bianca watched the people walk around in Hargeon Town. Even the way they dressed was different from those in Marigold. Maybe she noticed because she was not from here, but it was only slightly different, so not many people would notice this difference. Maxwell arrived a while later, looking a bit surprised to find Bianca already waiting for him.

The vampyress stood from her seat when she spotted Maxwell, picking up the bag that contained the box from beside her and bring out the box. She handed it to Maxwell who accepted it with both hands as if it was the most precious and delicate thing in the whole world and he could not afford to break or drop it. “Thank you so much,” he said, fishing out some money from his pockets after managing to balance it on one hand. He was doing everything so slowly Bianca even felt like breaking the box, but after collecting her reward, she left with a smile.

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