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Back in town [snowflake/open]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

Default on Thu May 25, 2017 2:38 am

At long last... Home sweet home... No place like it. The lovely seaside town of Hargeon was just as lovely as the last time she'd been there, and Alisa hoped it would remain such for a long time yet.

Just as the proverbial wandering cloud coming home, so did the literal clouds covered the warm, early afternoon sun on random intervals. As Alisa gazed up I to the sky in reverie, she too was reminded of that: She'd leave again eventually. But for now, she had a date with the café next to the guild hall...

Guild mates... Other mages... Ordinary people... Just who would she see today? She stopped by the guild first for a shower and a change of clothes first, she had to after such a long journey.

One hour later, she was finally sitting down peacefully at a table, one arm folded under her generous chest, and the other holding a warm cup of coffee. As for her choice of clothing, she'd picked a dark blue dress with darker hem, tied up front with a little ribbon. She probably didn't need any extra favors in the breast department, that said, it made this one of the few strapless dresses she could realistically wear, a blessing in this warm weather:

"This coffee...", she commented with a smile, inhaling deep of it's aroma, before taking a sip, "...Is truly delicious."

Was it a coincidence that such a talented coffee maker set up shop so close to Blue Pegasus? Probably not, after all their mages are well known for appreciating the finer things in life...


#2Hikari Snow 

Default on Fri May 26, 2017 4:40 am


cold as ice swift as wind the whole world i'll acquire

It has been a week since Snowflake arrived Hargeon – the hometown of Blue Pegasus. So far, she had been enjoying her stay more than her previous experiences and had given the beach a visit while she was on a quest. After constantly travelling from one town to another, the girl was resolved to remain in Hargeon for a while to relax a bit and perhaps, enjoy the beautiful sightings of the city itself. Hargeon had exquisite views to behold upon, much more beautiful than Crocus; a gorgeous town adorned with carpets of wildflowers, or Magnolia, whose land is made up of westernized buildings and sophisticated architecture. Among all the towns she had discovered, Hargeon had been her favourite.

The warm wind blew across the land of Hargeon and while it wasn’t the hottest days of the season, the cold had already drifted away to make way for the next season. Excitement could be heard among the whispers of the people as they prepared themselves for the changing seasons to come. Beads of perspiration glistened on the foreheads of the citizens due to the sweltering heat, some fanning themselves to cool down while other rested underneath the shade of trees and large roofs. If Snow had been in her original body, she would most likely be extremely frustrated about the heat but now that her body has been transformed into a more durable one, she no longer have to worry about the weather.

As usual, Snow was dressed in black from head to toe while her dress hugged tightly around her slender body. The ruffles on her sleeves brought a unique design to her dress and hem of her skirt was flowy enough to billow out every now and then, even with slight movements. The area around her chest was made hollow, revealing her large breasts and immense cleavage and the sides of her skirt was cut until her waist which exposed her long, pale legs. Her appearance was mysterious, unknown to many due to the black piece of cloth that concealed her eyes. To others, she was blind. To her, the cloth was nothing but a visor that helps her define a person with statistics. The numbers that appeared in front of her eyes changed constantly, different for every citizen as she glanced around the area.

Heels clacked loudly against the cobblestones that were paved on the road. The reason she was out in the streets was to search for a café to her liking to spend her time chilling or to read books. Eating desserts and drinking coffee was her hobby, but so was reading books. Within the corner of her eyes, she spotted a bistro that suited her taste and did not hesitate to enter. The scent of coffee and sweet fragrance of desserts wafted into her nose the moment she stepped foot inside the building. Approaching the counter, she would order herself a cup of cappuccino and some croissants for her afternoon snack.

The youth scanned the room, in search for a place to sit before she noticed a familiar face. Her lips parted slightly in surprise and walked towards the table of a young girl who was seated alone. ”Alisa?” She began. It had been a long time since she had last seen her and both of them had lost contact ever since they formed a team together.

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#3Alisa Vollan 

Default on Fri May 26, 2017 10:17 am

Soon after the coffee came the serving of macarons she ordered for herself and Litwick, who promptly hopped onto one end of the table. Owing to her little partner's small hands, she held a pink one out to him with a smile on her face, watching as the cute candle creature beamed with joy, nibbling on the treat presented:

"Kawaii~", commented the sculptress with an even softer tone that she often did, resting her cheek on one hand.

As she returned to sipping her coffee, the crystal mage reclined and uncrossed her shapely legs; crossing them the other way in a single graceful motion that made the dark hem drift a few inches up her thigh.

Baring more alabaster skin to the cool breeze felt as pleasant as ever - yet still remained within acceptable limits suiting her taste and class - but she'd pull her dress back down should it slip much further...  After all, that fine line between sensuality and indecency often hinged on properly picking one's clothes for each environment.

And of course, wearing them correctly...

Alisa casually blew the smoke from her drink, and turned to carving a crystal with one hand and an absent smile on her face. She looked thoroughly absorbed in her thoughts and the beauty surrounding her, the coffee and pastries gracing her taste buds...

That was, until a feminine voice called out to her... Belonging to an even more radiant beauty from her guild.

"Ara, Snowflake...! So lovely to see you.", there was the faintest hint of surprise on her perpetually chill smile...

Yet that was ultimately overshadowed by a welcoming gesture, inviting the bright haired girl to sit with her, Litwick looking up at her warmly. This little candle had helped lead the way during the last mission, but had never presented itself then...

"How have you been? You look...", Ruby eyes scanned down the girl's form, with a curious if admiring hint, before trailing back up into her azure gaze, "Different, somehow..."

That tight black dress looked rather stunning on her, pulling off those frills and bottom cleavage as naturally as breathing. A faint approving hum escaped her lips, but that said, Alisa's admiring of a beautiful person was always as non invasive as possible. For the shallow Crystal mage, while Snow's appearance alone would have made her a welcome company, her personality piqued Alisa's interest just as much, if not more so... Something about her Alisa had yet to put her finger on, something oddly familiar. If she didn't know better, she'd say this girl reminded her of herself...

But truthfully, how could she know any better? Despite being once in a team together, they'd never actually spent time just the two of them.

The raven haired fighter found that essential to properly get to know someone, and this looked like a perfect opportunity...

#4Hikari Snow 

Default on Mon May 29, 2017 5:44 am


cold as ice swift as wind the whole world i'll acquire

The numbers of her fellow comrade’s statistics blinked furiously through her visor as Snow took in the appearance of her friend. The young lady did not change much apart from her bosom, which had grown much larger since she last saw her. Her eyes glided onto a little creature, a candle to be precise, who seemed to be staring up at her. Snow smoothed down her skirt and seated right across Alisa, after she gestured her sit with her. ”How did you know it was me?” She asked, curious. No one has been able to look through her identity after she had gone through countless numbers of procedures to change her appearance – not even Chelvaric.

The android clasped her hands in front of her and crossed her legs underneath the table as a waitress approached to deliver her order. Snow nodded in gratitude towards the waitress and lifted the cup from the plate before blowing away the plumes of smoke that rose from the drink. She took a sip slowly, ensuring herself to not burn her tongue and savouring the bitter yet sweet taste of cappuccino on her taste buds at the same time. Just after she did so, Alisa moved onto the topic of her new appearance and how different she looked compared to before. The young girl froze in her motions and averted her gaze to stare down at her gloved hands. It was not exactly a subject she wanted to share with others, nor talk about and she did not want to mention that she had decided to transform herself into a cyborg.

”…Yes, I went through some procedures to change my appearance.”

She continued to stare at her hands before taking another sip of the coffee, her voice bland and emotionless as she spoke. Using a fork and a knife, she cut away a piece from her croissant and placed it inside her mouth. It was surprisingly good, much better than she had expected and she enjoyed the buttery taste and the soft texture of it.

”I’ve been travelling a lot. What have you been up to lately?”

The girl finally lifted up her gaze and crossed over ruby pools, which seemed to be filled with nothing but joy and happiness. Her attention shifted over the creature once again as she drank her coffee, this time a large gulp down her throat. ”Is that your companion? He’s adorable.” A little candle as a companion was rather strange albeit, she thought it was unique and interesting. Speaking of which, Snow had left Vysella in her room since she was still asleep but if she had known Alisa had a companion, she would have woken her up and brought her as well. Vysella had acquired the splitting personality of her owner, quiet and never willing to talk which was why Snow was eager for Vysella to meet new companions. Perhaps then, Vy might be interested in making friends.

@Alisa Vollan
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#5Alisa Vollan 

Default on Mon May 29, 2017 2:51 pm

Somebody she'd never seen before knowing her name, and adressing her with such familiarity of all things? As a rule Alisa recognized people from their gaze rather than their appearance, essential with the amount of people who could use transformation spells. She betrayed no form of surprise at Alisa's accurate guessing, perhaps other than a faintest hint of curiosity:

"That look in your eyes hasn't changed, as cool and distant as the first time we met.", Alisa smiled and explained as she looked into Snow's shimmering blue, sipping coffee as she fed her partner another macaron. Of course, the bulk of Alisa's quick insight came from having fought alongside this girl once, a veteran fighter could learn a lot about someone by fighting either them or simply alongside them...

The question about her look however... That could very well be the strongest reaction she ever saw this girl give to anything, a subtle warning how this was hardly a subject she was comfortable with. Her words confirmed it. She never felt like the type who'd simply change her appearance on a whim, if she subjected herself to such a radical change, she must have had a reason, and didn't want to share it. Alisa understood of course, she too had her fair share of secrets most people weren't privy too

"Well, I can tell there's a story behind that, but you'll tell me some other time, hmm?", she asked calm but dismissively, giving her guild mate (hopefully friend eventually) the cue she no doubt wanted to change the subject. That said, she couldn't not point out the most blaring thought going through her mind, resting her head on her hand and giving Snow a much needed compliment, "For what it's worth, you look stunning. You always did, but, now... It suits you better, somehow...?"

Though in her mind, it was a genuine opinion rather than flattery.

Alisa was the honest type after all, never too shy to say what was on her mind, even if she herself didn't know why she thought so. With this earnest comment, they moved on to the next topic, travel. Or, in Alisa's case, lack thereof, "I stayed in Crocus for a long time after our job. Had some leads to follow and then i just lost track of time, I guess?", she chuckled softly, with a nonchalant shrug. She was a whimsical girl deep down, and even her usually wandering will could fall prey to those cursory whims...

"Fufu~ She is, isn't she~?", Alisa petted her partner's waxy cheek (or where its cheek might be should it have one, "Her name's Lumen... Or his name, i haven't quite figured that out, in all honesty...", she took another sip of coffee, raising a confused eyebrow at her adorable partner who just hummed happily in return, all but begging to be fed another macaron.

Alisa obliged, of course, however could she not? Yet that same question she had been unable to answer now promised a little bit of insight towards the beautiful white haired beauty sitting across the table. That simple thought prompted Alisa to turn that quizzical look right back into snow's eyes, leaning over the table ever so slightly:

"What would you say, Snow? Is Lumen a he or a she?", she'd ask with a playful chuckle, cocking her head and rubbing her cheek softly with visible intrigue, and plopping a macaron in her own mouth for once.

The answer itself was obviously irrelevant considering the whole indifference with which the creature itself just kept on smiling cute and dopely like it so often did. Alisa too knew her partner well enough to know she cared little, but exactly for this reason would Snow's answer tell Alisa quite a good bit about herself, an impromptu Rorsharch test if you were. It didn't stop the Litwick from looking at Snowflake too, as if genuinely interested in her opinion...

#6Hikari Snow 

Default on Wed May 31, 2017 8:57 am


cold as ice swift as wind the whole world i'll acquire

”Perhaps, yes.”

Snow intended to not tell anyone about her change in appearance but sooner or later, it was likely that people will start to find out either way. Not even her closest friend, Chelvaric, still was not aware of the reason why she had undergone through such a drastic change. The word ’friend’ was still strange to her for she had never been used to the concept of having someone close to communicate and share with. The mage had begun to realise that the life she had started anew had been the best for her: she learnt to become stronger, decide what was for herself and most importantly, she has been making friends gradually despite how her interpersonal skills were undoubtedly, not the best.

The sudden compliment from her comrade had startled her surprisingly as she began to sip on her cappuccino to hide her embarrassment. The girl was never used to compliments, not to mention – ever getting one. Alisa moved onto explain about how she remained in Crocus for a long time, which was probably why Snow never saw her afterwards. The girl nodded while taking another bite from the croissant. Silence reigned supreme for a brief moment as they continued to consume their afternoon snacks until Alisa asked her about the gender of her companion. The youth stared at the little creature, her head tilted to the side at a slight angle whilst her finger rested upon her chin in thought.

”A male, I suppose?”

It was a surprisingly strange question as if she was being asked with some sort of meaning behind the riddle. Snow wouldn’t be able to guess the gender of the creature just by the sight of its figure. However, it wouldn’t hurt to throw in some assumptions. Her eyes were still fastened upon the little creature, their gazes locked together. She couldn’t help but think that it was really adorable, the perfect size to be held within the hands. What peaked her curiosity was the colour of the flame on top of its head. Instead of the colour orange-red, the flame was purple which made her wonder if the flame would be able to hurt others. Her attention would soon shift back towards Alisa, with a question in mind directed to the other girl.

”Now that we meet again, would you like to join our team?”  

The question was mayhap, too sudden. Albeit, by doing so, they could keep in touch and soon, even do quests together. She leaned back in her seat, placing the cup back onto the plate and uncrossed her slender legs only to cross them again on top of each other.

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#7Alisa Vollan 

Default on Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:00 am


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Truly, Alisa had a thing for mysterious people, almost as much as she did towards beautiful people. Almost... Fortunately for her, she had a few people in Blue Pegasus who fit both those categories, and Snowflake was one of them. But even a mysterious girl sometimes let slip hints of who she was deep down, hints Alisa had her senses primed on since the beginning: Like the way she suddenly turned right towards her coffee upon hearing the sculptess' compliment, all but hiding behind the little cup. She too drank a bit more from her coffee, a soft amused chuckle escaping her lips. Unlike when talking to an outgoing person, any emotional response from a girl like Snow - no matter how subtle - came as a welcome addition, one to be admired and appreciated in full. They were indeed quite rare, and for that reason all the more valuable.

"Who knows?", Alisa shrugged when the white haired mage finally answered the rather odd inquiry, indeed it might have come off as more of a riddle than anything else. Lumen himself just smiled happily when the girl took her guess - as if he enjoyed when people assumed her gender - and grinned even more when Alisa fed it another macaron, "I think we may never find out..."

That said, the tall mage asked this question of a lot of people, and comparing the answers gave her quite a bit of insight. With the way she looked right at her fellow Pegasus the whole way, she no doubt made her curiosity as clear as the sky above. Most folks explained their reasoning; Snow, however, did not, like the stoic, taciturn girl she was. Though not needing to explain herself could also be a sign of confidence, though Alisa wouldn't be surprised if the girl had a bit of both. On the other hand, she also worded her answer as a question instead of a statement: Self assured or not, that also displayed a good bit of caution, evident with a topic where attaining certainty was impossible.

Mind you, one could hardly call Psychology an exact science, even if you were a professional at it... Unlike this particular artist...

Alas, Alisa's turn would come soon, the moment this stoic beauty's words reached her ears: Her smiled widened almost instantly, a slight, but noticeable cue should the girl be looking right at her. Yes, the lonely crystal mage had found she actually enjoyed teaming up with her guildmates on occasion. A little change of pace compared to her usual way of doing things:

"That sounds like a wonderful idea actually.", answered Alisan with a nod, finally finshing her coffee and letting her rest her head on her hand, softly rubbing her cheek like she so often did when she was feeling curious, "...So you've been going on other adventures?", she raised an eyebrow, thinking back to the name of their first team, "I'd love to hear about them~"

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#8Hikari Snow 

Default on Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:41 pm


cold as ice swift as wind the whole world i'll acquire

A playful smile danced on her lips, almost barely noticeable upon hearing the answer to her offer. The thought of herself going on trips and doing quests together with her teammates crossed her mind and the possible adventures they could go on excited her like no other. The concept of having friends was unusual for her, not to mention – hanging out with them was almost out of her exceptations. So far, she has been able to make new acquaintances, meeting people every now and then despite how terrible her interpersonal communications are.

”Adventures…” Her words trailed off as she thought about what she had been doing the past few months. Quite a lot of pleasant things have happened to her, aside from attaining new friends and meeting people, she had explored almost half of the country which had brought her nothing but wonder and fascination. Other than that, she discovered lovely cafes, one in each town that she had been enjoying so much and would possibly return to every one of them to taste the delicious desserts they have in stock. There were some unpleasant events that occurred to her as well, such as being forced to remember the death of her parents by a strange entity that she encountered.

There were many things she would love to tell her so-called friends about her adventures but all that came out of her mouth was, nothing. The android stared down at the table, wondering how she should put her words together, but to no avail. ”My stories aren’t interesting enough to amuse you.” Her voice was flat and emotionless, although she was clearly disappointed in herself for giving an excuse to not share her adventures as much as she wanted to. Being a quiet girl with a terrible attitude, Snowflake was just not used to the thought of telling someone else her stories but rather preferred to listen to them.

Snow reached out for the coffee cup and took a sip once again only to realise that her cup was already empty. As a young waiter passed by their table, she quickly ordered another cup of coffee. Whilst she waited for her order, she took one last bite of her croissants leaving her plate with only small pieces of crust. Her attention glided over to the window as she stared out into a distance, watching the movements of the people that passed by the café. Her mind almost wandered off immediately and silence reigned supreme among the two of them for a brief moment.

”There’s two other members in our team as well. I’m sure you’d get along just well with them.”

Her voice pierced through the stillness that surrounded them while her eyes were still fastened upon the citizens of the town. She observed them carefully, like she always used to. It was a strange hobby but she found it amusing to watch people from afar, studying their actions and wondering what they would do next.

”Here, ma’am—“

The voice approached, followed by a gasp and the sound of chairs shifting on the floor. Hot liquid was poured onto her body, drenching her fine clothing with coffee yet, the girl did not move an inch. She felt a sudden rage building up inside her due to the reason of her dress being spoilt but the features of her face remained still with no glimpse of expression. The young man began to panic, searching for a cloth to wipe the coffee off her body while he continued to apologize repeatedly. All eyes inside the store were now fixated on her and she felt uncomfortable being the center of attention.

The waitress seemed to be surprise by how she was not bothered by the hot temperature of the liquid on her body. After all, she was a cyborg – this sort of heat was almost nothing to her. The man began to clean the mess on her body and when he reached her chest, she felt his hands froze and how she noticed a wave of colour flushing his cheeks and ears and how he averted his gaze away from her cleavage. Snowflake immediately pushed his hand away and her voice stern, with a hint of anger, she demanded, ”Bring me another cup.”

The young man scuttled off, leaving Snowflake to exhale a long sigh of exasperation. Despite of how irritated she was, she did not wish to make a big fuss in the store with people inside, which would even make it worse for her. The customers went back to chatting with their friends and lovers while she stared down at her beloved dress with stained spots on it.

”My dress is ruined.”

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#9Alisa Vollan 

Default on Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:19 am


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She was right. From a withdrawn girl like Snow, every bit of emotion Alisa spotted tugged at her empathy like a beautiful masterpiece, immediately reminding the crystal mage how much fun they had on their last adventure. She didn't know what Silas, Chelvaric and Finn had gotten up to in the meantime - or even if any of them were still in the same team as Snow - but between the two of them they had enough skill to take whatever challenge appeared before them, leaving them free to enjoy themselves in the process.

That said, the white haired beauty showed no interest in sharing those stories, even with a visibly curious Alisa staring right at her, idly running a finger over the edge of her empty cup. She thought about them, clearly... That reminscing tone, sounding thoroughly lost in her words. It didn't take a genious to realize she must her fair share of stories to tell, and both crystal mage and candle companion looked at her expectantly... But nothing came. Nothing but dismissive words, how Alisa wouldn't be interested in any of them. A disappointing answer, but one Alisa accepted, for now anyways: Before she might have simply thought Snowflake was too reserved to be sharing stories with others, but after what she saw moments ago she could chalk at least some of it up to simple shyness.

"Well, you should try me sometime. I'm sure I'll enjoy hearing them~", reassured Alisa with a soft chuckle, raising one hand up to her mouth

This was true, Alisa was quite a good listener as well: However, to her, the mood the storyteller was in as she spun her tale mattered as much as the story itself. A half baked, uninvested epic wouldn't appeal nearly as much as a genuine anecdote the person had lived and experinced. Thus, that look on Snow's face as she thought to herself spoke volumes in and of itself. She turned to people watching soon after, while Alisa turned to watching her watch others.

How amusing.

Alisa might really be right in having found a kindred spirit in Snowflake, without even looking for one. She too had a tendency of giving into such contemplating pasttimes, looking for the beauty in others. Soon enough she had stopped watching her fellow Pegasus and joined her in this activity

"Oho?", a curious interjection left her lips as she rested her head on her hand, shifting her gaze to her companion and then back outside, "I wonder if I've met any of them before...", she thought out loud, before laughing softly, "Although, you don't have to tell me that, a bit of suspense never hurts~"

Truly, even now she was more interested in Snow's stories: Alisa ate the last Macaron and was just getting ready to start teasing one out of her teammate... Until they were rudely interrupted.

Her eyes widened for a split second at the surprisng mess, a clumsy waiter dropping a mug of hot coffee onto the girl's black dress... And following that up with an even clumsier attempt at cleaning her up, and seriously considering rubbing his towel on her breasts judging from the look on his face. A sight that made the crystal mage's lip twitch, an almost unnoticeable display of annoyance:

"I'd keep my hands off if I were you.", Alisa advised with an earnest but serious faint smile, a bit of that cold, aloof self oozing right out of her ruby gaze. Almost a glare, and clear warning how if he had soaked her, it would be. In a situation like this, she couldn't help but put herself in Snow's shoes, and think how irked such a chain of events would have made her.

Ruin a girl's favorite dress then feel her up afterwards? What a lovely excuse, and what a great way to get your nose kicked in - even cool girls like these two had limits.

Now the truly impressive part was how even though she just had boiling hot coffee poured on her, Snow hardly even flinched. Alisa might have passed it off as an incredible stoicism, but she had this nudging feeling how that wasn't it at all:

"Well, I can point you to a pretty good dry cleaner.", Alisa did her best to give her teammate some measure of relief - no matter how little - by doing what she did best: keep a cool head, "If that fails, I know a good seamstress too... In any case, you should hurry and change out of that dress.", or so she said, but considering Snow had just ordered a new mug of coffee, she clearly had no intention of going anywhere yet. So Alisa leaned back on her chair, raising an eyebrow, "Still, your pain treshold's quite impressive. Not everyone can get boiling liquids poured on them without even wincing."

A healthy mixture of admiration and curiosity, how could she not feel either?

"However did you train something like that, I wonder?"

Strength is also Beauty

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- Alisa Vollan

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#10Hikari Snow 

Default on Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:57 am


cold as ice swift as wind the whole world i'll acquire

Just as Snowflake was about to spill the beans that Alisa had actually met one of the current team members before, she pondered for a brief second and chose to remain silent. Alisa was right. It wouldn’t hurt to leave some suspense for her to wonder. The day was going perfectly fine for her since the reunion of a fellow guild mate until a waiter had to ruin the moment by spilling coffee on her favourite dress – not to mention, he even felt up her breasts, although it was probably not intended.

”I’m going to clean up myself in the washroom.”

The heels of her chair scraped against the marbled floor as Snowflake stood up. The sound pierced through the silence around her and eyes would turn towards her direction. Feeling uncomfortable from the accident that just occurred, she quickly rushed towards the bathroom. Upon entering, her own reflection almost startled her since she was still not used to such a drastic change in her appearance. Every fibre of her being is different from her original body – even the colour of her eyes. The thoughts that ran wild in her head were pushed to the back of her mind as she began cleaning up the dark spots on her dress. The stain will most likely not disappear right away but it would be prevented from leaving a permanent spot on her dress.

The youth sat back in her seat and was soon granted with a brand new cup of coffee on her table. ”I apologize for the inconvenience.” She mumbled and took a sip from her cappuccino after blowing away the heat that rose up from the liquid. The scene that just took place in front of her was probably an appalling sight for her comrade. As Alisa mentioned, the most important thing she needed right now was probably a dry cleaner and a new set of clothes to change into. It would be rather embarrassing to walk into the streets with big splotches all over her dress.

”Yes, I think I’ll need a good dry cleaner somehow.”

The subject that was brought into discussion afterwards completely thrown her off guard. She had not expected Alisa to notice just small details that occurred. The silver haired girl froze in her movements for a brief second, her mind processing to answer her question without any delay. Just then, a smirk made its way upon the pink line of her lips. ”I’m going to travel soon to another town. Perhaps, you’d like to accompany me.” The sudden change in topic would make Alisa think that she was dodging her question albeit, it was not how she originally intended. ”I’ll wait you by the gate at noon tomorrow. My answers to your questions should be ready by then.”

The young mage pushed herself off her seat once again and began walking towards the counter to pay for both of their meals. It would be her treat for this time since she had enjoyed their reunion, much more than she had expected. Heels clacking against the ground, she strode out of the café, hoping to meet her teammate again.

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#11Alisa Vollan 

Default on Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:11 pm


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Yup, Snowflake needed a change of clothes... Desperately. No matter how stunning you are, nobody on Earthland can pull off coffee stains; Alisa doubted even such a beauty could be the exception that proves the rule.

"Good idea~", she smiled and nodded in encouragement; she'd await her return patiently, and in the meantime go back to people watching through the window. Her eyes followed the girl as she left the comfort of her chair in favor of the bathroom. Alisa had been alone in the first place, so clearly she didn't mind much at all. And she could also pet her lovely Litwick companion to help pass the time, it's pretty hard to compete with that.

To her credit, she applied first aid to her dress rather quickly, so the crystal mage didn't really have have to wait long. She had scribbled down an address in the meantime, and when the mysterious Pegasus sat back down at the table, she'd find the relevant information next to her new coffee, "Pretty fast.", she commented, her brow raising for a split second.

A slight, easily missed reaction, yet the kind Alisa seldom missed, such as when she commented on Snow's reaction to the hot coffee: She was right, it wasn't stoicism, not judging from that look on her face. No, Snow's ability was obviously something more than pain threshold: She flinched and tensed once Alisa's question reached her ears, and finally avoided it altogether. Clearly there was a secret she wasn't willing to share, and once she realized this, the crystal mage would stop prying, out of respect for a friend's privacy.

But she couldn't exactly turn off her mind now could she?

Even without actively probing for information, Alisa would instinctively put the puzzle together as the snow haired mage fed her pieces, one by one. Fortunately for the cyborg, the artist hadn't known her nearly long enough that she could instantly associate this uncanny resilience to the drastic change she underwent. Deducing her guildmate's cyberization by herself was still long ways in the future, assuming the girl didn't enlighten Alisa of her own accord...

...Or promise to do so, like she did almost immediately after:

"Oho? You do know how to pique a girl's interest~", she chuckled, folding her arms under her ample bosom and leaning back with an intrigued look in her eyes. She took her proverbial hat off to Snow - and would have taken the literal one if she had it - after all the girl just found her achilles heel, using Alisa's curiosity against her, "Very well, I'll see you tomorrow at noon."

Alisa didn't like others paying for her expenses, but she accepted the gift for what it is, and simply make a mental note to return the favor at a later date...


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