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Travelling To Hargeon | Foot Travel

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#1Hikari Snow 

Default on Tue May 23, 2017 11:55 am

Rays of sunlight beamed through the window as the beige curtains billowed out, casting a shadow on the bed like pale flags. Strands of silver hair were sprawled messily on the pillow and thick, dark eyelashes fluttered open, revealing a pair of electric blue eyes – its’ owner no other than Snowflake. She blinked owlishly while staring up at the bare ceiling that laid above her. Her hands were loosely placed at her side and the blanket hugged around her body to keep her warm from the frigid wind that blew in through the windows. Her lips parted slightly, followed by a long sigh. Snow suddenly felt a tug by her side causing her to lift herself up slightly away from the bed, only to see her little companion nuzzling into her.

A smile curved onto her lips as Snow gently ran her fingers through the soft fur of the fox. Its ears twitched before its eyes opened and big blue hues stared back at her. ”Good sleep?” She patted Vysella and lifted her off the bed before placing her on the carpet that laid on the ground. ”We should get ready. We’re leaving today.” She pushed herself onto her feet and strode towards the bathroom to get herself washed up and ready to set out for the day.

With drenched hair and a towel wrapped around her petite body, the girl came out of the shower and ended up staring at her own reflection in the mirror. She was still not used to the new appearance she had attained. Her body appeared to be of human skin and there was no trace of machinery on her figure however, little did they know that parts of her body were made up from scraps of metal. It was an extraordinary change for her but her final resolution was made after going through numerous number of options and decisions within herself.

The towel dropped on the floor, revealing her pale, naked body before she slid into her usual attire; a black mini dress embedded with grey linings and ruffles at the end. Slipping onto some black tights and high heeled boots, Snow finished off her look with a black headband that restrained her unkempt hair all together. She gave herself one look in the mirror to ensure that she looked representable and wrapped her eyes with a piece of cloth. For a moment, her vision went dark until she opened her eyes again and was immediately introduced by random numbers and words flickering in front of her eyes.

She began cleaning up the room, which had been cluttered up with her pile of clothes that were distributed in the area randomly. Vysella would join to help her out as the fox roamed around the room, collecting the undergarments and shirts and dragging it towards her. Snow ruffled the locks of hair of her companion as a reward and attempted to tidy the room as much as possible. A sigh left her lips, out of exhaustion and relief that she was finally done packing up all the clothes into her luggage, more like – tossing them into her bag. Orchidia Town had been a wonder to her and even though she had failed to explore all the interesting places of the town once again, she was sure she would visit the lovely city again, after she had stopped by every town in Fiore.


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