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Orchidia Town to Sieghart Mountains [ Foot Travel ]

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Default on Mon May 22, 2017 8:35 am

Counting her jewels in the pale sunlight that streamed through the room she rented, Andromeda felt strangely satisfied from what she made. It was just enough to get her out of the town and on her way. In all honesty she would have been better off had she not taken that potion and now that she thought about it she didn't have to go home to her family. Standing up she walked over to a mirror and she knew that they wouldn't recognize her. Her own family wouldn't know who she was and without her blessing they would be confused and probably extremely angry. Once again she was thrown into mental turmoil and she could feel her eyes well up with tears. She was going to be alone and her family will never know who she was and even if they did believe her they would probably shun her for losing the blessing her family worked so hard to receive. Even though this was alot she wiped her face and packed the last few items in her bag.

Paying the last oh her bill for the room, Andromeda thanked the innkeep and began her trek to Seighart Mountains. She started the trip during the dead of night, in her mind it was easier to move in the shadows than it was during the bright of light. The trek itself wasn't so bad. She got to enjoy many places including the peaceful Worth Woodsea and the freezing cold Nanuq Town, the latter of which she promised herself to visit again. The trip took three exciting days as she tasted new foods and met new people until she was upon the mountains. She was so young the last time she was here and honestly she couldn't even remember where her family was. That didn't matter though because she was here now and she was going to find them. Even if things didn't go the way she wanted, even if they shunned her, she would at least be at peace and have some closure. By the time she got to the mountains it was night and she set up a sort of camp. She would deal with her next plan when she got some rest. Deep inside she wished and prayed to a god who abandoned her, he could at least show her the way home..

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