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Potion Prepper [Seira]

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Potion Prepper [Seira] Empty on Mon May 22, 2017 7:44 am

Knock. Knock. Seira peeked up from underneath her blanket. It was early in the morning and she wasn’t quite ready to get out of bed just yet. The woman was still sleepy and she didn’t expect any guests—ever. Hearing the sound of someone knocking on her room’s door surprised her and she decided not to respond to it at all. Whoever thought they had business with her could wait. Even though she had been awake already, Seira had plans on going back to sleep simply because there was nothing to do for her, she didn’t think about going to look for her a job until past noon and she was also somewhat tired from the days before. Yesterday she had helped out at a school and acted as a substitute teacher to represent Sandine and while the children had been friendly and easy to work with she still felt exhausted by the end of it. Seira waited until the person left but noticed that something was being shoved under the door. She spotted a white letter and eventually heard the sound of a person leaving. The letter remained on the floor of her hotel room. She figured that it wouldn’t go anywhere and simply went back to sleep. The woman woke up a few hours later, refreshed and much more relaxed this time and even though it took her a few minutes she eventually remembered the letter that had been left by her doorstep. She got out of bed and took a look at it and naturally it was addressed at her. The letter didn’t have much information in it, only that it was from Khalash Saton, the owner of a magic drug store, and that he needed her help with something. She had helped him before and didn’t mind doing so again so Seira slowly got ready and left her room. On her way to his shop she also got herself some breakfast and stopped by a store or two to check out some goods. She wasn’t in a hurry at all. And she knew that Khalash wasn’t going to be in a hurry either. When she arrived at his store he greeted her with open arms, gladly happy about her arrival. They exchanged a few words and then he proceeded to explain to her why exactly he needed her services. Of course, and as always, he also promised her a reward if she chose to help him out. “I’ve been working on this new potion for a while.. I have most things together.. It’s supposed to enrich a mage’s abilities, but in what way I am not sure yet. Either way, I do need three more ingredients that I just so happen to be missing and I would be honoured if you could help me out. you should get all of them in the east forest.” Seira gave the potion and its ingredients a look. He had a lot of things together already but clearly, as he said, something was missing. “I’ll let you try it when I finish it.” He said and Seira nodded. “Yes, I can help you. What exactly do you need?” The man gave her a piece of paper that had three things written on it.

Curly Fern. Blue Lichen. Red leafed vine. Those were the three things he needed. Seira knew somewhat where she could get them and Khalash also said a few things to all of them to help her out. She knew that he was slowly getting too old to be searching around the forest for some herbs and that he eventually needed all the assistance he could get. Besides, he seemed busy with his current potion as well and thus Seira left the shop and went on her little journey to find the ingredients he needed to finish what he had started. The first ingredient, curly fern, wasn’t difficult to find at all. It was fairly common and he had most likely just ran out of it. Seira was carrying a basket around and decided to bring along quite a few in case he needed more for other projects. She also made sure that the curly fern was still fresh because that was when it was the most useful. The next herb Khalash needed her to find was a little bit more difficult, but not impossible. Seira had been walking through the forest for around 20 minutes now and the blue Lichen wasn’t as common as the curly fern. It could most likely be found on rotten logs and Seira had to wander around for a while to find said logs in the forest. Rotten logs had to be old, the better the blue lichen were and after doing some research for quite some fine Seira managed to find two large, rotten logs that had blue lichen growing on them. She carefully collected a good amount and stored it inside her basket. The last thing Khalash needed was a red leafed vine. Although these weren’t as rare as other herbs, they could only be found deep inside the forest where the largest trees grew. The red leafed vines were on said large trees and after wandering around into the deep forest for quite some time Seira eventually spotted them and collected them. She made sure to bring plenty of each ingredient so Khalash wouldn’t run out again so soon and after she had collected everything she returned to the shop where the old wizard was already waiting for her. Seira handed him the herbs and watched as he started preparing them. After a bit of preparation Khalash threw the herbs into a bubbling cauldron and started to stir the potion. It took a while for it to cook and it changed colours quite a few times as well. Eventually it was done and he poured a bit into a vial for Seira to taste. After taking a sip Seira immediately felt a little bit empowered and stronger. Khalash was pleased to find out that his potion worked and paid Seira the promised amount of money, then she was free to leave.


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