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Substitute Teacher [Seira]

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Substitute Teacher [Seira] Empty on Sun May 21, 2017 1:39 pm

“It’s delicious, thank you Ma’am,” Seira spoke politely and smiled at the woman working behind the counter. It was morning in Magnolia Town and the Sorceress was enjoying some breakfast. She was having most of her meals in the same inn she was staying in to sleep over the night as well and so far she couldn’t find anything to complain over, the place was practically perfect. The room was big, beautiful and quite comfortable as well. The rent was alright, not too cheap but certainly affordable and she would have no problems staying for several weeks if she wanted to. Seira had thought about buying property in Magnolia before but the woman was a bit of a wanderer after all, she enjoyed travelling too much to settle down in one place and considering how much a flat or a house costed it was surely a waste of money that could be better invested into inns like these. It was early and Seira wanted to earn some money, but first she thought she would have some breakfast and start her day off slow. Lately she had been doing a lot of work, all different kinds of things. From delivering packages to old hermits in the forests over working in the Black Anvil, the woman had gathered quite a lot of experience when it came to these type of things and she was very grateful for the opportunities to do so. Seira eventually finished her meal and got up. She figured that for today it would be the best to simply stroll through town, find a mission/job offer/request board and pick up a flier if she could find something to her liking. Seira, however, took her time when walking through town. There were lots of stores she visited before even making it to the job board and she wasn’t in much of a hurry. The weather was nice, but cloudy and she figured that there would be plenty of jobs even if she took her time showing up to pick one. After a while Seira had finally made it to said board. There were, as expected, a good number of fliers and the woman decided to pick something simple for the day, nothing too harsh, a job that could be done within the city and still would earn her some decent pocket money. Seira wasn’t someone who enjoyed unnecessary violence so the jobs she picked for herself were often peaceful and of good nature. Today it was something innocent like that as well. Someone needed a substitute teacher. Seira had never taught anyone before but it seemed that this class was for children and the easier stuff could be done even by her. The client’s name was Sandine and Seira actually recognized her name. Sandine was a well known teacher of the local school in Magnolia, her popularity was reasonable because she was very passionate about her job and known to be very hard working. She also had little jobs for mages around town every now and then so this was nothing spectacular or out of order. People enjoyed helping her out because she was easy to work with and always paid well.

The note said to contact her and meet her at her apartment so Seira decided to do just that. Her address was close to that of the school, naturally, and finding it wasn’t a problem for her. When she knocked on the door Sandine opened immediately and smiled brightly at the Sorceress. She greeted her and invited her in. “Thank you for coming, you are doing me a big favour. I usually never miss a day of school but today is really an emergency. You see, my mother has fallen ill and she lives alone so I have to visit her and check on her to make sure that she is alright. I left a very detailed lesson plan here for you so it should be a breeze, even if you don’t have any experience in this field. It’s simple math for children. Here, I also prepared some notes for you to use,” she handed Seira a slim stack of papers that included all kinds of notes in regards to the stuff she wanted the children to be taught and after giving it a quick read Seira figured that she could do this without problem. It was only for one day after all. “I think I can do this no problem,” she said and they separated from each other and Seira left to go to school. Seira’s class, for the day, was full of young children. They were said that their teacher wasn’t there but she had raised them well and all of the children were very polite and hard working kids. None of them interrupted Seira and they tried their best to learn the subject she was teaching. Seira explained addition and subtraction first, and provided some examples as well. After about two hours she figured that the kids had understood her and it was time for a break. Everyone enjoyed lunch for about one hour, including Seira, before they continued to study. The next two subjects were multiplication and division and although these were slightly more complicated at first, Sandine had provided Seira with some simple techniques that she could explain to the children that would do the job. After explaining it to them a few times and showing them how easy it was to use multiplication and division, she created some examples and walked around checking whether or not the children had also gotten the right answer. This took about another two hours to completely finish and once it was done Seira provided everyone with the homework that Sandine had prepared. It certainly wasn’t much but it would surely get the job done. When the class was finally done all the kids left and Seira waited in the classroom for a teacher to appear, that was a friend of Sandine’s. She exchanged a few words with him and explained how the day had been before he gave her the promised amount of jewels as a reward and Seira was dismissed.


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