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Visit The Hermit [Seira]

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Visit The Hermit [Seira] Empty on Sun May 21, 2017 7:47 am

Seira yawned and rolled over, quietly whispering something to herself. It was afternoon already and the Sorceress had slept in. Although the streets were busy and filled with people and it was a busy day, just like any other, Seira was getting more and more used to being in Magnolia and the longer she stayed the more comfortable she became around town. She had started sleeping very long and staying up very late. Seira was a person who preferred night time over day time, it had always been like that and while she didn’t mind the busy streets and all the people she also loved being to herself and enjoying the quiet of the night. Besides, Magnolia was full of things to do and there was always a different job, it was quite difficult to get bored here. Seira figured that, as a mage who needed to make a living, a town like Magnolia was quite excellent. The location was good, the weather was friendly and often warm and there were plenty of job offers, even for guildless mages just like herself. In spite of that, Magnolia also had many different shops that were perfect for wizards just like herself and you could find many items here that couldn’t be found anywhere else. There were even shops that were solely dedicated to magic items, potions and the likes and they sold many different and interesting items that any mage could make use of. Seira herself had visited said stores many, many times and she planned on doing so again today. Even though Seira worked a lot she had decided on taking the day off, only today, to get some rest and some things done. The Sorceress had made quite a bit of money and was willing to spend it on things she needed. She had always showed a lot of interests in herbs and potions and she wanted to visit the Mag Drug shop, which was a fairly popular shop selling magical goods located in Magnolia. It was quite a bit of a foot walk there so Seira eventually got out of bed and walked into the bathroom where she would get ready for the day. After finishing up and eating something as well she went outside and travelled to the shop. Seira had met the owner of the shop before and even though she didn’t exactly consider herself his acquaintance, she could recognize him and considered him a friendly, elderly man. His name was Khalash Saton and he was a wizard, just like the people who shopped at his store and said store was what he was most well known for. From what Seira could gather he used to be a travelling merchant but eventually fell in love with Magnolia Town and decided to move here and invest into property. Seira could strongly relate to that and had often thought about buying property in Magnolia Town as well.

When Seira arrived at the store she greeted Khalash and went through her favourite isles. While she was looking through the items she noticed that the was approaching her and turned to him with a smile. “I have seen you before,” he spoke with a friendly voice, “Could you find anything you like?” Seira shook her head. “Not yet, but I’m sure there will be something.” The man seemed as though he wanted to say something so Seira turned her entire attention towards him. “Can I help you with something?” He nodded. “You see, I was wondering if you could perhaps help me out with something. I need someone to deliver a care package with some food and stuff inside it to a friend of mine who lives in the East Forest.. he is known as the old hermit, perhaps you have heard of him before. He’s a good friend of mine and we have this little arrangement where I send him food and all kinds of things he likes every now and then and as a return I receive herbs from him that he picked up in the forest. Usually I would just go there myself but today I have a foot massage scheduled so if you could help me out I would be very grateful.” He smiled kindly and pointed towards a basket filled with food. “Of course you will be rewarded as well!” Seira gave it a quick thought, but she didn’t really have to think about it. She didn’t mind helping out, especially when she got paid so she agreed swiftly to his offer. “Of course, can do that.” Seira had also seen the old hermit before, she had come across his tree house during one of her travels and somewhat knew where it was located. Seira grabbed the parcel of food and went out to travel to the old hermit’s tree house. It was quite the long walk, around 40 minutes from the shop, but the weather was beautiful so she didn’t really mind. She could see his house from afar, a huge tree with a door in it, and carefully knocked on the door, making sure to introduce herself as well so the hermit wouldn’t be confused or worried about the stranger by his door. Even though the hermit had given up on the town and living there itself he was by no means antisocial and quite friendly. He greeted Seira kindly and after she explained why she was here and handed him the parcel of food he was very grateful for her help. In return, as expected, the old hermit gave her a package filled with dried herbs and fresh herbs that she had to deliver back to Khalash, which would be absolutely no problem. He also offered her a piece of licorice root and assured her that it was very tasty and that she definitely had to try it. They bid their farewells and Seira walked back to Magnolia Town with the herbs in her basket. While she walked she chewed on the licorice root stick and noted that it was, in fact, very good and a strange energy rushed through her veins, making her feel more healthy. She headed back to the shop and gave Khalash the package, who thanked her and paid her as promised.


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