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Hot In Here [Seira]

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on Fri May 19, 2017 2:20 pm

Seira woke up around 9am, but remained in bed for another two hours. It was in the middle of the week and even though she had plans for the day, she wasnít exactly looking forward to it. The Sorceress was still in Magnolia, and she planned on staying for another week or two. She was looking for work and the town, which had an excellent location and also a wizard guild, which lured many other mages in, had a lot of job offers for people like her, which was quite fortunate and Seira was really appreciative of that fact. At the same time she was also, however, struggling with muse and although she knew that she had to hurry up and earn a lot of money, the female wizard grew tired of all the work after a few days and wanted to rest for bit longer. Of course there was no way she could do that and perhaps it was also only because of what kind of work she had to do that she was feeling lazy, because Seira wasnít a naturally lazy person. She had been on her own for many years now and learned how to live and sustain herself and although she didnít mind working, Seira came from a wealthy family and sometimes she missed not having to worry about money a little bit. It wasnít a big difference compared to before, she was doing quite well as a mage, however the jobs Seira took were mostly casual and of low rank. She hadnít had the time to invest into her own abilities yet and although she so desperately needed it, Seira hadnít spent much time worrying about her skills and how she could improve them. There was a lot of potential and she did possess immense magical power, but Seira lacked training and without training her magic would remain weak. Because of that she chose to pick up job offers that were simply and mostly didnít require any magical abilities at all and while that wasnít recommended if she ever wanted to improve, Seira couldnít help herself. She was a calm personality, not necessarily a pacifist but something close to it and she deeply disliked conflict and combat. Seira had never been a very aggressive person and as a result she rarely fought or picked up on missions that required her to fight people or be violent around them. For todayís job she fortunately didnít have to do any of those things. Seira was going to work at the Black Anvil again. The Black Anvil was a forge that smithed weapons and armours for people and knights that protected Magnolia and was owned by Barras, a fairly famous smith whose name was well known around town. He had a higher demand for wares than he could produce so he usually worked with a lot of assistants. Barrasí current assistant, however, had fallen ill lately and thus he needed Seira to help him out. She had done that kind of work before, all with the guidance of Barras and his assistant of course, and she figured that she had done a pretty decent job, even though the work was nothing like she was used to doing.

Seira had also, however, received another message from Barras yesterday in the afternoon. It seemed that even though his assistantís arm had healed, he had gotten out of practice and was still a little bit weak when using it, so he wanted Seira to assist him for one more day. The woman had gotten a lot of practice while working there and and she could easily help out, especially since the tasks she needed to fulfill were a little different from the day before. Barras wanted that his assistant focused only on hammering the metal into the right shape and for him to be able to do that he needed Seira to pick up on the remaining tasks. Those tasks were placing the metal into the forge, taking it back out using tongs and carrying it to the anvil where the assistant could practice his work. As soon as the metal was going to cool down Seira had to put it into the forge again, wait for it to heat up properly and then remove it so the assistant could focus on hammering the metal once again. That kind of work was tedious, of course, and extremely boring as well but she would have someone to talk to and that made everything a little easier. Seira left the hotel at around 2pm and picked up something to eat on her way to the black anvil. It was quite hot inside, naturally, and she knew she was going to be very thirsty as well. When Seira arrived Barras quickly introduced her to everything and reminded her of what she had to do, but Seira had studied his note quickly and could start working immediately. She did everything she had to do and smoothly worked together with the assistant, who was very grateful for her help. Together, they managed to improve his skills and even though it seemed that he was out of training and practice, he was doing quite well after a few times and the hammering sessions were slowly leading him back to the same level of skill that he used to have. Seira assisted him the best she could and they exchanged a few words here and then. It seemed that his main struggle was his injured arm, that had healed already but was still weak. The doctor had told him not to overdo it hence why he needed someone else to do the work that could usually be done by one person. The sun went down and the day was coming to an end. Seira an the assistant and also Barras had continued their work relentlessly throughout the day and when it was time to close up Seira was tired and exhausted. Barras rewarded her, as promised, and she thanked both him and the assistant before leaving.


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